Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide

There are a few ways of going about mapping the most popular sports in the world. On the one hand, we could define the term “popular” as “most watched” – in which case we would try to measure the fan base for each type of sport. Another option could be to measure the “most played” sports in the world – in which case we would have a much more difficult time, as we’d have to somehow determine how many people are playing each sport, on average, per country. Here are Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide. Let’s have a look.

Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide

10. Rugby:

Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide

Rugby was always an elite sport. It was formerly created by public schools boys (so was football for that matter) to be played to prove actually how manly they were. However, while football flourished, rugby’s popularity was somewhat hindered by some factors. Still it is one of the most played sports in the world unarguably  and stands on 10th position in Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide .

9. Badminton:

Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide

The game may have originally been developed among expatriate officers in British India, where it was immensely popular by the 1870s. Ball badminton, a form of the game that is played with a wool ball instead of a shuttlecock, was being played back in Thanjavur as early as the 1850s and was initially played interchangeably with badminton by the British natives, the woolen ball being preferred in windy or also wet weather.This one on Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide has gained enormous popularity through these years.

8. Volleyball:

Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide

8th on Top 10 Popular Sports Worldwide,  Volleyball is also a team sport which happens to be popular across the globe, partly due to its different types of variants (it can be played indoor as well as outdoors). Volleyball is popular among both men as well women. Officially, the sport is played between teams of six players for each. Volleyball was invented in 1895, in Massachusetts by Dr. William Morgan and beach volleyball also caught up a couple of decades later.

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