Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World

Richest Football Clubs

Real Madrid C.F have retained their #1 place as the most valuable football team in the world for a third straight year, according to Forbes List of:  Richest Football Clubs 2015.

The reigning European champions’  total value has dropped five percent to $3,260 million (£2.13 billion) this year, but their $746 million (£489 million) revenue is the highest of any sports team in the world.

The Earch Rivals F.C Barcelona are second in the 2015 list with a total value of $3,160 million (£2.07 billion) after a one percent drop, followed by Manchester United at $3,100 million (£2.03 billion), who, unlike Real and Barca, recorded 10 percent increase in value from last year. Bayern Munich are fourth at $2,350 million after a whopping 27 percent increase in value.

In addition to Real Madrid’s record take-in, Forbes estimates revenue for 2013-14 was $657 million (£431 million) for F.C Barcelona, $703 million (£461 million) for Manchester United and $661 million (£434 million) for Bayern Munich.

Value is estimated using April 22 exchange rates and revenue with average rates for the 2013-14 season.

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