Searched Female Athletes 2013

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Another year, another few bazillion Google searches. As is our annual tradition, we look back on the year to give everyone a fairly comprehensive overview of which female athletes were at the forefront of the public consciousness. Some of these women are here for their achievements on the field/court/track/whatever, and some make this list because they’re extremely easy on the eyes. Often, both.

We’re not here to judge, but just to report the numbers, put some faces to the name, then get back to our New Year’s Eve planning. So let us present our standard boilerplate language on the process here, then get to the women.
The Google search results listed with each athlete were yielded by searching the person’s name and limiting the results to the past 12 months. Also, we’re switching things up this year a little by including retired and semi-retired athletes. If they’re being Googled to a huge extent, we see that as relevance, and grounds for inclusion. If you don’t like it, write your local Congressman, Member of Parliament, or elected dogcatcher.

Top 10 Most Searched Female Athletes 2013

10. Danica Patrick

Google Results from Past Year: 7,290,000

Top 10 Most Searched Female Athletes can probably be credited with some of the heavy lifting here, but Danica has been a stalwart of professional racing for over a decade, and has held strong. She may be known more as a spokesperson than she is a driver, but her groundbreaking entry into the male dominated world of racing speaks volumes as to her presence on this list. with search result of 7,290,000, she is 10th most googled female athlete 2013.

9. Maria Sharapova

Google Results from Past Year: 7,450,000

Top 10 Most Searched Female Athletes 2013

As the sun rises and sets, Maria appears on this list. Famous for being famous, and a killer tennis player, Sharapova will probably be on this list long after tennis is even a sport. Welcome home Maria, and see you next year. Maria, who is also the highest paid female tennis player is Enjoying he place at #9 in list of Top 10 Most Searched Female Athletes 2013.

8. Lindsey Vonn

Google Results from Past Year: 11,600,000

Top 10 Most Searched Female Athletes 2013The woman who had made a name for herself on the slopes has managed to reach a new audience by dating noted golfer and husband Tiger Woods. As a result of cancellations of races, and supreme early performances by Vonn, she picked up here sixth season title in 2013. Lindsey Vonn is 8th most searched female sports star on google in 2013.

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  • Sammy

    So you pick glamor shots of all of the other female athletes, but you couldn’t find one for the #1 most searched athlete, or heck even one of the #4 searched athlete taken in the last DECADE?