Cricket is often called “Gentleman’s Game” but even the in famed title, at times, cannot keep the angers from running high. Following is the list of 10 most short-tempered cricketers of the world:

Top 10 Most Short-Tempered Cricketers of the World

Top 10 Most Short-Tempered Cricketers of the World

10. Curtly Ambrose (West Indies)

With his 6 feet 7 inch frame, Ambrose was the persona of intimidation. One memorable incident happened back in 1995, when the gigantic pacer was throwing, what might be meteors at the Australian legend Steve Waugh. It would have been a whole lot better if Waugh had just focused on the game but he didn’t and swore at the bowler. This drove Ambrose crazy, who came charging in to maul Steve Waugh with what would have been a memorable beating. But thanks to the team mates he survived the day.

9. Balaji Rao (Canada)

Some of you might remember the Canadian cricketer named Balaji Rao. Known for his rather eccentric actions on the field, Balaji Rao is famously remembered for an incident which took place in the 2011 cricket world cup. During a match against Pakistan, probably the players went too far to tease the Canadian leading to an eruption of swear words from Balaji Rao at the whole Pakistani team.

8. Ian Botham (England)

The English all-rounder is well known for his outspoken nature and anger management issues. Whether it was fighting with the passengers on the plane or getting into scuffles with fellow cricketers, Botham managed to stay in the headlines during his era.

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