shortest Basketball players in history

shortest Basketball players: As we have always seen and heard, Basketball is played by tall players. In fact tall height is the key factor considered in the selection of basketball players. The average height of basketball players used to be 6’7” from the era of 1985 to 2006. The two of the tallest players to make appearance in basketball belonged to Romania’s team mates Gheorghe Muresan and Sudan’s Manute Bol who both towered at 7’7”. Still there are rule breakers who played basketball with shorter height.

The following list contains the names of 10 basketball players who pushed themselves beyond the NBA limits and lived up their dreams. Although they were greatly disadvantaged by their height but still they played professional Basketball at international level. Even after retirement, a few of them became coaches. The stories of these 10 players will motivate and energizes your souls to liven up your dreams. let’s have a look at shortest Basketball players.

Top 10 shortest Basketball players in history

Charlie Criss (5’8”):

Top 10 shortest Basketball players in history

Charlie Criss is not the only player to have played in NBA with a height of 5’8”. There are others as well like Don Dino Martin and Willie Sommerset who gave power packed performances in their tenure with the same height. Criss however faced many challenges in his basketball career. He played in the Continental Basketball Association after graduating from New Mexico State University. He always wanted to move up and play in the NBA although he was voted as the Most Valuable Player twice in the association.

Seven years after Criss graduated from college, in 1977, his long awaited dream came true and he was just 28 when he joined Atlanta Hawks as guard. He was labelles as NBA’s smallest player and oldest rookie. He was selected in the NBA because of his sharp shooting and passing skills. He was always very quick with the ball and his coach Hubie Brown was very proud of him.

Keith “Mister” Jennings (5’7”):

Top 10 shortest Basketball players in history

shortest Basketball players: With a height of 5’7”, Jennings did wonders with the basketball. Although he did face immense criticism, still he didn’t lose hope and his perseverance led him to NBA.

In 1991, this star graduated from East Tennessee State University. From 1992 to 1995 he played for California’s Golden State Warriors as a point guard. He also played for renowned teams like Germany, Turkey, Spain, Russia and France. After he got retirement, he served as coach for various schools in Tennessee and Virginia. Recently he is serving at Bluefield College in Bluefield, Virginia as an assistant coach. He was also included in East Tennessee State University Athletics Hall of Fame in 2013.

Monte Towe (5’7”):

Top 10 shortest Basketball players in history

shortest Basketball players: Monte Towe was underestimated for his height but his exceptional performance in the court proved everyone wrong. He registered at the North Carolina State University for graduation but ended up joining the NC State Wolfpack team. Norm Sloan, the head coach of the team, had fears regarding Monte Towe, but he proved them wrong with his brilliance and excellence in the court. Towe was soon made the team lead and managed to bring a national championship win for his university.

His team mate David Thompson, admitted that Towe brought a never dying and a never give up attitude to the team. Towe was never taken aback by his height. He was always confident of his skills. Towe played for Denver Nuggets from 1976 to 1977. Towe served as acoach for many institutions after his playing career. He was also nominated for the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002.

Wataru “Wat” Misaka (5’7”):

Top 10 shortest Basketball players in history

shortest Basketball players: This boy from Japanese ancestry had a tough life throughout. Despite his short stature, he helped his fellow players from Utah Utes at the University of Utah win the 1944 NCAA Championship. He spent two years in Army after college. After serving for two years in the army he returned to his University at Utah and made his team win National Invitation Tournament Championship.

From 1947 to 1948 Misaka joined New York Knicks as point guard. He is also the first Asian-American player who participated in the NBA contest. He was a part of Utah Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.

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