Top 10 Sports Controversies  2016

Controversy in sports is nothing new but in 2016, the scandals somehow seemed supersized. In 2016, that attention was in high demand. Every week a fresh sports controversy arrived for talking heads and bloggers to separate like a formaldehyde soaking guzzler fetus. As 2016 wraps up with another senseless sports controversy, let’s reexamine the most silly non-stories that dominated the sports pages this year.

Top 10 Sports Controversies 2016

Check out our list of the most top 10 sports Controversies 2016 calls in sports are given below.

10. Pakistan spotted fixing: the endless controversy

Top 10 Sports Controversies 2016

Cricket might be the noblemen’s game, but  in 2010 re-exposed the blacker side of the sport. The International Cricket Council suspended Salman Butt, Mohammad Asi and Mohammad Aamer after a British shocking newspaper blamed them of bowling no-balls at pre-determined times during a Test against England at Lord’s. This controversy was famous and is in last position from the list of top 10 sports controversies 2016.

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9. The fall of FIFA

Top 10 Sports Controversies 2016

On the grand measure, the FIFA captors and Sepp Blatter drama would be a rich No. 1, but saying that FIFA is corrupt is like saying Liberace’s house was rich. This comes as a shock to completely no one, especially those preparing for the forthcoming World Cup in Qatar.

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8. Melbourne Storm the mutable salary cap snaps

Melbourne Storm

When Melbourne Storm was ousted for paying players meaningfully more than the NRL salary cap allowed, the club was punished a record $1.6 million, had its 2007 and 2009 premierships canceled and the 2006- 2008 minor premierships removed from the record books. Melbourne Storm controversies is on 8th position from the list of top 10 sports controversies 2016. The final tack in the Storm coffin came when bureaucrats were told the team would not be playing for leadership points for the rest of 2010.

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