Top 10 Sports Movies 2016

Nothing inspires anyone like a good biopic or a story about an underdog who fights against all odds and as such sports movies have always been inspirational as they are able to tell stories that are inspiring and thought-provoking. Sport Movies have helped fans across the globe see the stories of their favorite superstars or behind the scenes action of a trophy winning campaign so it’s no wonder that good sport movies are often rated highly by critic and public alike and rake in millions of dollars. Here we countdown the Top 10 Sports Movies 2016.

Top 10 Sports Movies 2016


10. The Blind Side

Top 10 Sports Movies 2016
the blind side

At number 10 in Top 10 Sports Movies 2016 is The Blind Side which was released back in 2009 telling the story of Michael Oher, current offensive lineman of Carolina Panthers. The story follows Oher’s story from his improvised childhood, schooling, adopting by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy who give him proper life and education and finally becoming a first round draft pick by Ravens. The movie was heartwarming and emotional. It was received well by critics and audience and grossed US$ 300 million at box office and won several awards.

9. Murderball

Top 10 Sports Movies 2016

At number 9 in Top 10 Sports Movies 2016 is Murderball that was released in 2005 and is a documentary on quadriplegic athletes who play wheelchair rugby. This movie is one of the lesser known sport movies out there but it is a hidden gem of a movie. The movie basically focuses on the US Canada rivalry in Paralympics and was also nominated for Best Documentary at the 2006 Academy Awards.

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8. The Rookie

Top 10 Sports Movies 2016
the rookie

At number is The Rookie which was released in 2002 and shows the story of Jim Morris who had a lifelong dream to become a baseball player but couldn’t and finally at the age of 35 he signs a professional contract. Based on a real story, the movie shows that if a person is really passionate about his dreams then he can fulfill them no matter what. The movie received favorable reviews from critics and was loved by baseball aficionados.