Greatest tennis players

Tennis is the one of Most popular sport. and mostly known as the game of rich people is an Olympic sport played at all levels both individually and now in pair of two mostly known as doubles.


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Different players ruled in the tennis at different times. in this post we are going to tell you about the greatest players of the game.  Here is our list of top 10 Greatest Tennis players of all time.

Top 10 All Time Greatest Tennis Players

10. Jimmy Connors

#10 All Time Greatest tennis players (men)

He was shorter than the great players of his time but he was more swift then all of his rivals. He won 5 U.S. Open titles two Wimbledon titles and then he also won one Australian open. At his peak he was ranked for more than 159 weeks as the No 1 player in tennis. Besides all this the most amazing thing to place him in the list of top ten tennis players was to reach in the semifinals of great U.S. Open in at the age of 39 when most of the tennis star are not able to run swiftly.

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9. Ivan Lendl

#9 All Time Greatest tennis players (men)

Ivan Lendl a legendary player of 1980s won the Grand Slam 8 times and played over all 19 Grand Slam finals and given a place in the top ten tennis players. He is the third to have more weeks as No 1 player in the history after Sampras and Federer. After retirement he worked with Andy Murray and because of this Murray became popular as well.

8. John McEnroe

#8 All Time Greatest tennis players (men)

John McEnroe was the finest left handed serve player ever born and included in the list of top ten tennis players because he won 7 singles Grand Slam and 9 doubles title. He ruled foe more than 5 years from 1979 to 1984 when he won all the Grand Slam of that time which ended when he loose a match against Ivan Lendl in 1984 and his best match was in 1980 against the world’s best Borg.

7. Novak Djokovic

Top 10 All Time Greatest tennis players (men)
#7 All Time Greatest tennis players (men)

Djokovic won only 8 Grand Slam but to place him in the list of top ten tennis players is his excellence because he played in an era when Federer, Nadal and Murry were playing at their peaks so Novak is called as the best player to win titles in their presence. His career best year was 2011 when he won ten titles including three Grand Slams. he is the only player in open era to won 5 Australian open.

with career prize money of $72,444,493 and 609–141 (81.2%) career record he is on of the greatest of the game.

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    I am surprised this article made it past editors and proof readers to be frankly honest, poor sentence structure and grammar contribute to this poor excuse of reading material.

    • Any Mistake In Ranking?

      • OttawaGuy9

        I’d put Lendl a bit higher, maybe ahead of McEnroe – He was just so consistent throughout his career and his haul of 22 Masters Series titles was a record until a few years ago, and he also won ALL of them. Nobody else ever appeared in 8 straight US Open Finals. Amazingly, Roger is still chasing a few of his records – he’s at 85 titles now but I don’t know if he’ll ever catch Lendl at 94. I’d also put Laver at #2 and Sampras at #3 – Nothing against Nadal but the majority of his success has been on clay. Sampras finished #1 in the world 6 straight years and dominated 2 of the 4 slams. Laver won 200 career titles if you count every tournament he ever played. He also achieved the holy grail of tennis by winning the 4 slams during a calendar year in the open era. Otherwise this is a great list.

  • Noah Yan

    1. rafa
    2. roger
    3. Sampras
    4. Borg
    5. Laver

    • Game of Phones

      Why do you think Rafa is better than Roger?

      • Noah Yan

        he won only 3 less slams with far more competition, federer won in a weak era

        • Filbur Wagnarf

          Could you name any of Rod Laver’s rivals? I think he was in a weak era too. We shouldn’t count any of his slams as well.

  • PE FE

    Fedrer vs nadal face to face who has won more?

    • Noah Yan

      rafa, in fact last time federer beat rafa in a slam it was 2006 and rafa was super young

  • Udayan Khurana

    Boris Becker not in top 10???

  • isiah thomas

    no signs of djokovic??? haha wow i am out..

  • vidyut

    haha, what a joke…..all americans at the top….another biased list….over-rated americans!

  • tokoloshiman

    Pancho Gonzales? John Newcombe?

  • Justin LeGross

    1. Federer
    2. Djokovic/Sampras
    3. Nadal
    4. Borg
    5. Lendl
    6. Laver
    7. McEnroe
    8. Agassi
    9. Edberg/Becker
    10. Emerson

    Federer is first on account of GS records and completness of his game, altough he’s got negative h2h with both Nadal and Djokovic, and in his prime I can argue that Sampras would obliterate him more times than not.

    Djokovic is a freak athlete, stubborn and refuses to lose, elevates his game to the point that he’s almost untouchable for everyone, with Federer and Wawrinka sometimes biting chunks left from him.
    The man completely transformed the game of today’s play to the point that Nadal, one of the greatest warriors of men’s tennis ever, can’t even hope of defeating him.

    Sampras was just a machine. He had everything developed to the max – serve, forehand, volley, backhand. Only thing that was lacking was his clay game.

    Nadal is a monster player, his work etic and resilience are unmached, but his results are vastly on clay, that’s why he can’t be higher on list. Still, his top spin and backhand drive are things to watch.