Top 10 Upsets in the NCAA

Upsets are the reason why NCAA tournaments are so eagerly watched; people get to see their teams getting thrashed against all favorable odds, and nothing gives them a bigger thrill than to see the action unfold in front of them. The NCAA games provide the public with some much needed drama and performances that keep them talking for a long time afterwards.


To celebrate the start of another NCAA season in March, we’ve gathered together a list of the top 10 NCAA upsets of all time. These matches solidify the reality that even the most calculated and foreseeable of matches can fluke at the last minute and keep players guessing where they went wrong.

Top 10 Upsets in the NCAA Tournament

#10- Princeton Vs UCLA – 1996

Princeton Vs UCLA - 1996 - sporteology

10th in Top 10 Upsets in the NCAA Tournament: The UCLA gave Pete Carril an unwelcome parting gift as he coached them during his final year, the No. 4 seeds were doomed by a last minute basket by Princeton during the first round. A lead they would regain in the subsequent round.

#9- Valparaiso Vs Mississippi- 1998

Top 10 Upsets in the NCAA Tournament9th in Top 10 Upsets in the NCAA Tournament: If there’s one match that was turned over right at the last second, this is it! Mississippi were leading Valparaiso by two points, and with literally 2.5 seconds left on the clock, Bryce Drew was miraculously able to swing in a 3-pointer that changed the fate of his team to victory.

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