Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Sports World

Every athlete undergoes rigorous practice and training, to ensure that when he is on the field, he can give his best performance. But, even with huge amounts of training and diligence, there is no telling if a player will actually be able to perform as well as he or his team hopes.

Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Sports World

Mistakes happen on the field more often than we care to remember, and some of these mistakes are almost as memorable as the most mind-boggling records by the most efficient players. Here is a list of the Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Sports World. Let us take a quick look at it, and see how many we can remember.

Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Sports World

10. Jean van de Velde

Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Sports World
Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Sports History

Golfer Jean van de Velde reached the hole with a three stroke lead at the 1999 British Open, eventually he did something which deserves a place in our list of top 10 worst mistakes of sports world. Jean van de Velde took out his driver rather than playing it safe in the final hole. Till he finished the final hole in the 1999 British Open, his triple bogey 7 dropped him into a three-way playoff. Eventually he lost the playoff due to irresponsible decision while reaching the final hole. Jean van de Velde has got just one chance in that open which he lost by a terrible decision and till now he has never achieved a Major golf tournament title.

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9. Roy Riegels aka “Wrong-Way” Riegels

Top 10 Mistakes of Sports World

Roy Riegels is a well-known Rose Bowl California’s All-American center during the 1920s. But irrespective of his reputation on ground, he did something hilarious which deserves its place in our list of top 10 worst mistakes of sports world. Roy Riegels picked up a fumble against Georgia Tech and ran in the wrong direction towards their own end zone. Miraculously he was tackled at the first stop. Georgia Tech scored a safety on the next play after the terrible mistake of Roy Riegels and eventually won the game by 8-7. With his terrible mistake on the national circuit, Roy Riegels was nicknamed forever as the “Wrong-Way” Riegels.

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8. 10-Cent Beer Night

History of Modern Sports – Biggest Mistakes

Cleveland Indians planned quite a surprise for their fans as they declared their overwhelming idea of staging a “10-cent beer night” in a game against the Texas Rangers at Cleveland Stadium on Tuesday, June 4, 1974. The promotion was to attract more fans while offering 12 U.S. fl oz of 3.2% beer for just 10 cents where the actual price is nearly 65 cents. Something terrible happened that day due to drunken fans, even normal people who came to watch the game for cheap beers, which is one of the hilarious mistakes in our list of top 10 worst mistakes of the sports world. Fans became heavily intoxicated which ended up in a drunken riot which in turn forced the Indians to forfeit the game to Texas.

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