Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016

WWE is the world’s largest wrestling Promotion Company in the world with a viewership of 36 million across 150 countries. WWE matches are not actually legit matches but are entertainment and story driven where the matches are scripted, still that hasn’t stopped millions from tuning into WWE for more than a quarter decade. Though scripted, WWE wrestlers are some of the most popular and highly paid athletes in the world. And there are many great wrestlers and hottest WWE Divas who made millions out of this profession. Here is a look at the Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016.

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016

10. Antonio Cesaro

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016

At number 10 in Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016 is Antonio Cesaro. Antonio is definitely one of the better fighters of the current roster with awesome physical strength and speed. His moves are sharp and fast. A consistent performer, his matches John Cena were particularly spectacular. There is only one area where he falls behind and that is in promotions, not the usual flashy superstar type has made WWE not to push him into limelight yet.

9. Randy Ortan

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016

At number 9 in Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016 is the Viper, Randy Ortan. The Viper is a WWE veteran and one of the most popular active WWE stars. He was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion 8 times and a tag-team champion as well. Known for his famous finishing move RKO and his personality, Ortan feud with Seth Rollins was one of the best storylines last year and had they had to awesome matches, one at Wrestlemania 31 and another at Extreme Rules. Though his hype is not as high, he is still one of the best WWE stars out there.

8. Finn Balor

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016

At number 8 in Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016 is Finn Balor. Finn performs in the NXT which is a part of WWE and he is the current NXT Champion. Talented, hard working and flashy (due to his demon body paint) he has had a great year and might as well be the next big thing in WWE. There is couple of things that are holding him back though; his promo abilities, relatively small size and his ordinary looks without the body paint. Apart from that, he is as good as any other star.

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  • ŪXmâñ Råjpùt

    Roman is the best this list is made by stephanie mcmahon

  • Charlie C

    Lesnar and Cena should not be in this list. Ambrose should be ranked higher as he has pretty much carried the company for most of 2016. Rollins can be on it, but NOT as #1, he was injured for half of the year!