Tallest Cricketers

Usually Cricket is the Game Skills and Talent. it’s Mean, You Don’t Need to Have Big Body Structure or huge height. Cricketers Like Sechin Tendulkar With Height of 5.5 feet Lot More Successful than many Others who are taller than Sachin Tendulkar. ( Top 10 Shortest Cricketers of All Time)
in history of Cricket there are Some “Big man”. in this article we will discover Top 12 Tallest Cricketers in the History.


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  • Johan

    South African fast bowler Peter van der Bijl ( 1970s-1980s) was 6′ 8

  • good point, but he didn’t played international cricket. i have made list for international cricketers

  • Dont_think_so

    Just to point out that Morne Morkel (196) and Ishant Sharma (192) have a 4cm difference in height, this is over 1.5 inches. Incidently Glen McGrath and Morkel are the same height, you missed him too…

  • Aus boy

    I think you also forgot the 198cm Courtney Walsh and the 196cm Colin Croft. Two great bowlers and big men

  • Gokul Dravid

    wheres Stuart Broad Steven Finn and Boyd Rankin

  • Sharang Nimonkar

    where is mitchell starc and peter george from austrlia

    • Thank You Sir. List Has Been Updated. Peter George has bee Included, but mitchell starc has 196cm height so he can’t make this list. Starc is 14th Tallest along with some others.

  • Boom boom

    Pakistan is great

  • Nouman Younas

    Andrew Caddick with Height, 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)

  • monish pidugu

    where is kevin pieterson

  • Shmulik

    You forgot Irish and English international Boyd Rankin (6 ft 8), and West Indies fast bowler Jason Holder (6 ft 7). Another name to look out for is Papua New Guinea U19 bowler Nosaina Pokana, who stands at 6 ft 9, and might still grow more!

    • your absolutely right. and thank a lot for correction. correction will take place in some time.

  • mashhood

    Shabbir Ahmad -Pak (196) 6.5 inches

  • Sean

    Nuwan Zoysa was around 6’6 and deserves a mention

  • Chris Gibson

    Mitch Starc… so good he is two of the tallest! at 16 and 21

  • Wesley

    David Frederick Larter, a Scottish cricketer played for England in the sixties in 10 tests.his name too could be added to this list.

  • Michael

    What about Vince van der Bijl of South Africa at almost 6’8″? http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/player/47683.html

  • Thanks for pointing out. he didn’t played international cricket. in this we have included player who represented their countries at international level.
    anyway thank you.

  • Aniruddha Dhara

    You misses Andrew Caddick, Steve Harmison from England and Chris Gayle from W.I. too.

  • Karthik Kishore

    mohammed irfan
    pakistan is tallest cricketer