Top Decathlon and Heptathlon Athletes

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Top Decathlon and Heptathlon Athletes

5 Top Decathlon and Heptathlon Athletes in the World will be revealed to you in the forthcoming article. Take a sneak peak and enjoy!!

Top Decathlon and Heptathlon Athletes in the World


Decathlon Number 5: Tomas Dvorak – Czech Republic

Tomas Dvorak belongs to Czech Republic who has won gold medal in the decathlon in three consecutive World Championships. This 42-year-old great decathlon got retired in 2008 and won the medals in Athens in 1997, Seville in 1999, and Edmonton in 2001. He is the only athlete to have scored over 8900 points three times, with his highest score of 8994 points a world record at the time. He is, thus, at number 5 on our list of the best decathlon and heptathlon athletes of the past 20 years.

Top Decathlon and Heptathlon Athletes

Heptathlon Number 4: Jessica Ennis-HIll – Great Britain

Jessica Ennis-Hill of Great Britain is one of the best heptathletes in the world. She is the ‘Golden Girl’ of Great Britain who has led his country to much heights. This 28 years old young star has not only won gold medal in front of her home fans in 2012, but is also a gold medal holder in both the indoor and outdoor world championships. Other than this, she has also won a European triumph. Ennis-Hill, a much versatile heptathlon, has a personal best of 6955 points, the fifth highest of all time. It’s because of these awards and achievements why Ennis-Hill has so much pressure on her, but the way she handles it is the reflection of her true abilities.

Top Decathlon and Heptathlon Athletes

Decathlon Number 3: Roman Sebrle – Czech Repubic

Roman Sebrle belongs to Czech Republic and is one of the best decathlon of all time. He has only won one Olympic gold, in Athens in 2004, but his long service at the top of the sport is what made him come at number 3 on our list. Sebrle has won a gold medal that he achieved four years after winning a silver medal in Sydney, and three years before another first place in the World Championships in Osaka. To add more to his achievements, he was the first man to pass the magic 7000 point mark in competition, at a meet in Gotzis, Austria, in 2001. His score of 9026 points took him ahead of his fellow countryman Tomas Dvorak and earned him the world record.

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