Top Goal Keepers in Football

Soccer, commonly known as football is a game of much energy and thrill. It is one such sport that benefits the player, both, mentally and physically. It keeps you active and nourishes and get your body to work. Its not only the work of players running all over the field but what else holds importance is the position of the one standing at the keepers end.


Yes, certainly, the goalkeepers have a crucial role to play in football. These are the ultimate defenders at the goal post upon which the whole team highly depends. So, here, in our today’s post we bring to you the 5 Top Goal Keepers in Football. Take a sneak peak and enjoy browsing!!

5 Top Goal Keepers in Football

Keeper #5: David De Gea

5 Top Goal Keepers in Football

David De Gea is Spain’s football team goalkeeper and also plays for Manchester United. He is at no. 5 on our list of the Top 5 Best Keepers in Football. Possessing fine talent, he is a great goalkeeper who started his career at Old Trafford. He is young, skilled and technical at the game. He plays really well and is an important team member on the field. When it comes to defending the goal post, he is always seen much active and defending.

Keeper #4: Thibaut Courtois

5 Top Goal Keepers in Football

Thibaut Courtois, one of the best goalkeepers, plays for Atletico Madrid and Belgium. He is considered among the biggest stoppers in the world. At present he is 21, and with young vibes he has still got a long way to go. His keeping abilities are worth appreciation and he hardly gives the opponents a chance to hit the goal post. Thibaut Coutois is young, talented and has got the moves of a competent goalkeeper. His goal keeping abilities are difficult to challenge, and he is at number 4 on our list of the Top 5 Best Keepers in Football.

Keeper #3: Marc-Andre ter Stegen

5 Top Goal Keepers in Football

Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who plays for Borussia Monchengladbach and Germany, he is at number 3 on our list of the Top 5 Best Keepers in Football. He is also 21 and is among the most talented players of football. The Barcelona Football Club wish to want this young star in the team as a replacement for Valdes, who is set to leave the Nou Camp on a free transfer this summer. He has got the moves of a professional football keeper and is much popular in the football world. Marc-Andre ter Stegen has played several matches and, in every match, he has showed up really well. He has always defended well and has given a tough time to the opponents. 

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  • Harshit

    Are you out of your mind ? Courtois And Ter Stegen are one of the best but you didn’t include Manuel Neuer ? Or Iker Casillias ? Or even Buffon ? There are dozens and dozens of goalkeepers who are better than De Gea