1. Jo – Wilfried Tsonga

Top Rackets used by Tennis Players

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a French professional tennis player and also a member of Tennis Club de Paris. He is ranked as No. 12 in World’s Best Players. In his career-high singles he was ranked as No. 5 in February 2012.  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is currently using a “Babolat stick”. 

Top Rackets used by Tennis Players

This racket was also used by Top ranked Rafael Nadal and other Pure Strike series. Tsonga also used Pure Strike in Fall 2013 which also includes the U.S Open. It is an ideal racket for Tsonga to play tennis. This racket has a slim frame with 16×19 pattern of string and 100 sq in head size, which allows the players to spin it with power. Tsonga used this racket also in 2014 and even now he is using Pure Strike series may be this will help him to win a major game.

These were the Top Rackets used by Tennis Players.

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