Top Sports Villains in History

Top Sports Villains in History

Sports is the 3rd biggest industry in the world. From Soccer to Basketball and from Cricket to Baseball a number of sports have earned great popularity in the world.

When we talk in detail about it there are several heroes and several villains and we will be discussing the top sports villains.

Top Sports Villains in History


6. Zinedine Zidane

Next on top sports villains, The famous Zinedine Zidane was an Algeriean born French Footballer who is considered as the greatest football players ever played. He played for several major clubs like Real Madrid etc. and till his retirement he was in attention of every club of the world. Zidane was once one of the most expensive players in the football fraternity and his skill and talent both led him reach the highest ranks in the footballing world. Zidane helped France win the 1998 football world cup. France again reached the final of World Cup in 2006 against Italy which it lost. Zidane has attached a famous incident of this game to himself. Italians were extremely rugged in playing and the score was 1-1 and the match was near to its closure. Italians by nature are aggressive in nature it came out as Materezzi an Italian Player used some abusive language for Zidane just to demoralize him and Zidane got extremely angry. He out of now where struck Materezzi with his head so hard that he fell a meter away on the ground almost half fainted. When the referee saw this he quickly gave the RED card to Zidane which was the most unfortunate way of ending his career since he was playing his last world cup and international match. After this incident France were a man down and were defeated on Penalties against Italy. Zidan who was once a hero became a villain for the people of France on that day and due to that specific incident he is on the list of the top villains in sports.

Top sports villians

5. Mohammed Asif

Next on top sports villains, Mohammed Asif the Pakistan International fast bowler was one of the greatest swing bowler Pakistan has ever produced. He had a natural ability to swing with an old cricket ball both ways and troubled all time great batsmen. He also was a major player who was involved in the famous spot fixing scandal in 2010 when Pakistan were touring England. He along with Mohammed Amir and Salman Butt were banned by International Cricket Council’s Anti Corruption Unit from playing cricket. Mohammed Asif was banned from playing for 7 years and also served jail sentence for some time in England. He truly was another Villain in the history of the greatest game that Pakistanis follow.

Muhammad Asif

4. Salman Butt

Salman Butt the International Cricketer of Pakistan and former Test cricket captain was an extremely talented batsman who had made his name as a consistent Pakistan Batsman. He was also involved in the spot fixing scandal on Pakistan tour of England in 2010. He was considered as the main culprit who planned this spot fixing with other players. He was banned for a period of 10 years by ICC and detention in British prison for some time. He also was a great villain for Pakistan Cricket team as his banishment from the game struck them big and gave the team a huge dent in their performance. That is a reason he is on this list of top sports villains.

Salman Butt

3. Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens is known as one of the most aggressive and dangerous top sports villains. He ranks on number 3 in our list because of his breadth-taking performance which was against Dallas Cowboys. During this match he slammed the ball down on their famous star logo. This was merely the start of his magic which was again witnessed two years later, in the Monday Night Football where he took out a pen from his sock and signed the ball which he had just caught for a touchdown. These properties are borne by a true star.

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