Most Popular Sports in UK
The word Sport refers to all forms of competitive physical activity which provide entertainment to participants and spectators. As every country of the world has different cultural and traditional values same like that all countries have different sports talent and taste.

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United Kingdom is a well known and developed country on the planet. Here in this post I will tell you about the top ten most popular sports in UK.

Top Ten Most Popular Sports in UK

Football (Soccer)

Top Ten Most Popular Sports in UK
Football is the Popular Sports in UK. This game follows the traditional league system and it consists of more than hundred teams. However, the well-known premier league consists of most elite 20 teams which are chosen from all over the U.K. Most famous teams of premier league are the Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Football in UK is backed by a governing body which known as the Football Association. The Football Association and is one of the oldest governing bodies to promote football in all over the world. FA Cup and the Capital One Cup are the two of the most famous football championships in the U.K. 92 professional football clubs participate under 4 main divisions in each of these tournaments each year.

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Top Ten Most Popular Sports in UK
Next on Popular Sports in UK, Anyone who has a very little knowledge of sports knows that the Cricket is the national game of the U.K. Cricket actually first rooted in UK, and now it spread to hundreds of countries in all over the world. During the 18th Century when cricket start very rapid growth and became very popular in all world, researchers and players met at Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) which was located on Lord’s Cricket ground to finalize the legal cricket rules. There are more than 20 cricket club are in the UK and there are also thousands of cricket teams in the country. The first class country championship of UK is the oldest cricket championship in the world and each year many teams plays in this first class championship.

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Top Ten Most Popular Sports in UK
Next on Popular Sports in UK,  Rugby is also a most popular sport. In earlier time the rugby used to be played only by the elite class people but now it increased its popularity and is played by many peoples in U.K. this game is now played in all around the country. Same like football, rugby is also promoted by the Government of U.K. and is run by the Rugby Football League, commonly known as RFL. Yorkshire, North West England and Cumbria are some of the places where Rugby is very popular and major games are held in these regions.


Top Ten Most Popular Sports in UK

Next on Popular Sports in UK, If we consider the racket games then badminton is ranked as the most popular racket game in U.K history. Badminton has considered as a long heritage in UK. The Badminton Association of England was established in the year 1893. This Badminton Association grew gradually and now it is known as Badminton England. It is the governing body of Badminton in all over U.K and it also has an international presence. Badminton England is also the founding member of the International Badminton Federation. This federation is responsible for providing support to 41 countries of England in league structure and club structure.

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  • HenryOB

    Number 3 is wrong, rugby is divided into 2 separate sports, Rugby League, and Rugby Union; Union is the more popular sport and is the second most popular in the UK, the governing body for Union is the RFU (Rugby Football Union) and the RFL is for League.

    • PaulMcG

      I was going to say exactly the same thing about the governing bodies. If you search the total number of registered players for both codes is about 2,750,000 ish (2.5mill RFU and 250,000 RFL) whereas for cricket it is about 280,000 so rugby has 10 times more participating.

  • Britophile

    No Formula 1? That is just wrong.


    I think Cycling should be number two popular sport in England. No one has not spoken about this Fantastic Sport Cycling. Bredly Wigins, Mark Cavandish and chrish Froom brought lots of winning to England. Cricket is not a world Famous Sport.

    • PepperJack

      Cricket isn’t a world famous sport? It’s the second most popular sport in the world!

    • momin

      Are you made cricket is the second most popular sports in the world

    • Sidd

      Cricket is world second most sport by numuber of followers. basketball by number of countries. Rugby comes at 6.Soccer,Cricket,Basketball,Volleyball,Hockey,Rugby that’s the order.


    anyway cycling is booming in England, now people realize what is the Hard and nice sport in the World, i am from Sri Lanka who is a Fan of Mark Cavandish.

  • Jdeane

    How is ice hockey on the list but not normal hockey wtf?

  • john london

    Cricket no.2 offcourseeee😁

  • john london

    Cricket is one of the emerging sport in the world globaly.china. Japan. South Korea. Thailand malysia indonesia italy Denmark astonia grecce netherlands jersy Gibraltar. Uganda rwanda namibia nigeria zambia ghana morroco argentina brazil peru chile panama colombia. Soooo many coutries progressing very fast. in last 5 years….. england no.2 but english peoples more love cricket than soccer. Mind it.