10 Totally Impressive Female Bodybuilders

It was in the late 1970s when women began to take part in bodybuilding competitions which has for long been considered male-only sports. But even before this, in the late nineteenth century there are records of circuses performing what is called ‘strong women acts’. Around 1977, female bodybuilding began being promoted with the belief that women should be allowed the opportunity to display their physiques, the way men has done for years.


Therefore on August 18, 1978, the female bodybuilding contest known as “The Best in the World contest” was organised. On that account, today we bring you 10 totally impressive female bodybuilders who’ll low your mind away.

10 Totally Impressive Female Bodybuilders

10. Denise Masino (America)

Impressive Female Bodybuilders
Denise Masino

Denise Sánchez otherwise known as Denise Masino, had her first big win in 1995 at the NPC Nationals. After that she was featured in various prominent fitness and bodybuilding magazines. She won the Night of Champions in 2003. Over years, she has competed gloriously and won prominent places in many competitions like she came second in Ms. International (2003), IFBB Ms. Olympia (2004) etc.

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9. Gladys Portugues (America)

Impressive Female Bodybuilders

In her bodybuilding career, Portugues’ most significant achievement was when she managed a spot among the top-10 in the Ms. Olympia. Portugues was inspired by Ms. Olympian winner Rachel McLish. After watching McLish on television, she decided that she’d take bodybuilding seriously. Portugues has made appearances in three films and once on television.

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8. Rachel McLish (America)

Impressive Female Bodybuilders

When studying physiology and health & nutrition, Rachel Livia Elizondo McLish started working in a health club and later got inspired to compete in bodybuilding championships after seeing magazines of female bodybuilders.

McLish’s breakthrough victory came in 1980 when she won the inaugural United States Championships and IFBB Ms. Olympia contest. For the next five year, no other woman appeared in more magazine covers than McLish did. Although, her career spanned only four years, every competition that McLish entered, she never got placed lower than third. She has written two New York Times bestseller on weight training for women.

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