Unbreakable Records of Hitting in Major League Baseball

Major league Baseball is the oldest, and one of the most popular professional baseball leagues in the countries of North America. It is followed with great zest and excitement by the people of the countries, especially the United States of America and Canada.

In this tournament, the Top players have played and shown their talents, as well as created some exceptional moments. Records have been set by some of the greatest batters, which are hard to match. Let us take a look at the Unbreakable Records of Hitting in Major League Baseball.

Unbreakable Records of Hitting in Major League Baseball

Most career hits – 4,256

Unbreakable Records of Hitting in Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball – Unbreakable Records of Hitting

Pete Rose set the record of most career hits with his total hits of 4,256 in his baseball career between 1963 and 1986 which is one of the unbreakable records of hitting in major league baseball. The closest contender of this unbreakable record is Derek Jeter with his 3,465 hits at the end of the 2014 baseball season. 39-year-old Alex Rodriguez becomes the active MLB leader with 2,939 hits at the end of the 2013 season after the retirement of Derek Jeter, but sadly Rodriguez was suspended for the 2014 season for his connections with the Biogenesis baseball scandal. To match the record of Pete Rose a baseball player has to collect 250 hits over 17 consecutive seasons or above 200 hits over 21 consecutive seasons. A close prospect, Miguel Cabrera, has 2,186 hits after spending 12 seasons in MLB. To match the record of Pete Rose, Cabrera has to collect more than 201 hits over 10 more additional seasons.

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Most consecutive seasons with 200 hits – 10

Unbreakable Records of Hitting in MLB

Japanese baseball player Ichiro Suzuki set the record over the course of his career from 2001 to 2010 which is one of the unbreakable records of hitting in major league baseball. He won the 2001 AL Rookie of the Year and MVP awards just after his transfer to Seattle Mariners from Nippon Professional Baseball at the age of 27. Ichiro Suzuki achieved the AL batting title in 2001 and 2004, and became the hitting leader of AL in seven seasons. He also broke the 84 year-old single-season hits record of George Sisler with his 262 hits in 2004 MLB season. The closest achievement of this marvelous record was made by Willie Keeler who had 8 consecutive seasons with more than 200 hits, but sadly the Willie Keeler’s story has occurred almost a century before the dead-ball era. It is amazingly tough to achieve more than 200 hits in single season as only two baseball players, José Altuve and Michael Brantley, had 200 or more hits in 2014 season.

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