Unbreakable Records of Pitching in Major League Baseball

In baseball, pitching means the act of throwing the ball toward the home plate, and beginning a play. Originally started as a move in which the ball had to be literally pitched underhand, and the use of underhand throws came later in 1884. Some of the greatest pitches have been seen in the Major League Basketball, the oldest of the four major baseball professional sports leagues in the US and Canada, and the baseball fans of the North American countries wait with bated breaths for this league to start.

Pitchers are among the favorites, and they have created some mind-blowing records in the league. Let us take a look at the Unbreakable Records of Pitching in Major League Baseball.

Unbreakable Records of Pitching in Major League Baseball


◊ Most career wins – 511

Unbreakable Records of Pitching in Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball – Unbreakable Records of Pitching

The record for the most career wins, one of the most remarkable of the unbreakable records of pitching in Major League Baseball, belongs to Cy Young, during his career as a baseball player from 1890 to 1911, which includes five 30-win seasons and fifteen 20-win seasons. He was closely followed by Walter Johnson, who was 94 wins behind, at 417, and was the only other player to reach 400. The player with his entire career played in the post-1920 live-ball era to have the highest number of wins is Warren Spahn, with 363 wins. For any player to just get to the 500 mark, he would have to achieve an average of 25 wins in 20 seasons. In the last 33 years, only three players have managed to finish a single season with 25 wins: Ron Guidry in 1978, Bob Welch in 1990, and Steve Stone in 1980. The Major League pitching leaders between 2000 and 2009 have all been noticed to finish their tears with an average of 21 wins or above. As of the end of the 204 season, Tim Hudson with 214 wins is the winningest active pitcher is the 39-year-old.

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◊ Most wins in a season – 59

MLB – Unbreakable Records of Pitching

In 1884, Old Hoss Radbourn set one of the most astounding of the unbreakable records of pitching in Major League Baseball, i.e. the most wins in a season, with 59 wins. In the current scenario, most pitchers manage to start 30-35 games per season, and hence do not get the opportunity to break this record, as they do not start enough number of games to do that. Even if a pitcher gets to start every game started, in the current scenario, he would still start about 25 games less, and hence be 25 wins short of reaching Radbourn’s record. Relief pitchers often appear in more than the necessary number of games, but they hardly acquire 10 wins in a season. The last pitcher who won 30 games in a season was Denny McLain in the year 1968, and the last pitcher to have 25 wins in a single season was Bob Welch in 1990. The most number of wins in a single season in the 21st century is 24, and the record was set by Randy Johnson in 2002 and Justin Verlander in 2011. Other players have only been able to win 22 games at best.

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