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Most Useful Tips to Choose Tennis Rackets

Are you a tennis player looking for the right tennis racket? When it comes to mastering a sport, the equipment you use plays an important role. For this reason, you will need to be very careful when investing in sports goods especially for a sport that you truly love. Below are some tips which will guide you on to how to buy the perfect tennis racket for the play. Let’s get started:

Most Useful Tips to Choose Tennis Rackets

Grip Size

The first thing you must look at when choosing a racket is its grip size. An adult grip size ranges between 4 and 5/8ths. Grip size is actually a measure in inches which matches the handle size to the line arising from the middle crease of your palm to the point that is equal to the height of your ring finger’s tip. If you have two options for the size, choose the one that is smaller for you can always increase the circumference by adding tape.

Size of the Racket

Next comes the head size of the racket. This will largely depend on what sort of a game you are accustomed to playing. Bigger rackets have a head size of 105 and 130 sq. inches which is perfect for beginners and new players. However, professional players on the other hand use rackets that have a surface area oh 85 and 105 sq. inches.

Material of Racket

When buying a racket, its weight and material matters too. Often you will find rackets that are made using graphite. These are light weight and will give you more control over the game. If you are new to tennis, choose a light weight racket which will do the job well.

Racket length

Racket length is the next big thing when you are out and about looking for the perfect one for yourself. A traditional racket length ranges between 27 to 28 inches however you can find rackets which are longer up to 29 inches. You must remember that the longer your racket is, the greater leverage you will have on the swing thereby giving you enhanced power to play the shot.


Finally, the price factor cannot be ignored. Of course you would not want to spend a fortune on buying a racket which will depreciate with time, however you can always decide your budget before hitting the stores.

Furthermore, if you are playing for fun and do not wish to extend the game to a professional level then you could begin with some used rackets. These will not only teach you how to use the racket but will increase your understanding of the game as well. Use the above mentioned tips in order to get the best racket at a great price. These will help your purchase result in a profitable deal!

  • Matt

    Choosing a Tennis Racket can be daunting task for some people. I am sure these tips will make it easier for them.