Venus Williams Net Worth 2016 – Exclusive

It is of no surprise that the Williams sisters have together empowered the incredible influence of female tennis. Venus Williams is certainly no less important than her champion sister. Let’s take a look at the Venus Williams Net Worth 2016.

Venus Williams Net Worth 2016

One of the most iconic American professional tennis player, Venus Williams, enjoys an estimated net worth of handsome $75 million. She was born Venus Ebony Starr Williams on June 17, in 1980, in Lynwood, California. Being one of Richard and Oracene Williams’ total five daughters, Venus, together with her younger sister, Serena, has truly redefined women’s tennis with her amazing strength and superb skill and athleticism, truly earning a staggering Venus Williams Net Worth 2016.

Venus Williams Net Worth 2016
Venus Williams

Venus was introduced to the game of tennis by her father on the public courts in Los Angeles, near to the family’s home in Compton. Richard Williams, being a former sharecropper from Louisiana, used what he’d managed to learn from tennis books and videos to instruct his girls sincerely on the different aspects of this game. Since turning pro in 1994, Venus has earned a total tally of 21 Grand Slam titles, everything vouching for the incredible Venus Williams Net Worth 2016.

Venus Williams Net Worth 2016
Williams Net Worth 2016

Williams continues to be a formidable player despite in her 30s which is somewhat ancient in tennis terms. She designs herself her own clothing line, Eleven, and also sells it through the Gilte Groupe. Other prominent endorsement partners include: Wilson, Electronic Arts, Kraft, Ralph Lauren and Tide. Williams also owns a small interest in the Miami Dolphins along with her sister Serena. Venus Williams has been proudly ranked number one in the world three times and is also the first African-American to be ranked number one in the period of open tennis, all testifying to the Venus Williams Net Worth 2016. She happened to be the 2nd highest earning female athlete only behind her sister, Serena and has been victorious with two Gold Medals in the Olympics.

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Venus Williams Net Worth 2016

Venus Williams has been rightfully credited with making a reform of the female tennis world and thereby proving that women can also be truly successful in this sports branch. Venus Williams is also popularly regarded as one of the best female athletes of her generation, and rightfully boasting of a handsome Venus Williams Net Worth 2016.

Talking about Grand Slam titles, she holds a fabulous seven of them. And talking about her participation in Olympic games, Venus Williams also has four gold medals, one of them being from singles and the rest of three of them from doubles.

Venus Williams Net Worth 2016
Venus Net Worth 2016

It has been stated that the total amount of Venus Williams net worth reaches an amazing estimate of 60 million dollars. She is in general opinion considered to be one of the best female tennis players of all time. Williams has accumulated her gross worth through her prize money and also her endorsement deals, all of which culminated to produce a mouth-opening Venus Williams Net Worth 2016.

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