What Can Floyd Mayweather Do With His Money?

Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao in the most anticipated fight in decades, held at Las Vegas. It was a clean sweep, and Floyd earned himself the easiest paycheck of his career. Even Floyd himself was overwhelmed, and couldn’t help showing off his $100 million to the reporters.

“No pictures, though,” he said. “Don’t want any pictures of it.”
I am rich (Floyd Mayweather throwing money)

The boxer, who goes by the nickname ‘Money‘ seemed to be sailing through the fight to score all the brownie points, and hence, the 38-year old undefeated boxer managed to earn himself a massive £116,554,424. Reportedly, Floyd has an estimated net worth of $300 million, and has always worn his wealthy status on his sleeves, with collections of lavish cars, remarkable watches, Louboutin shoes and apparels from the biggest brands.

He lives his life, king-size. We can only assume he has enough money stashed up even after paying his bills. What if he decided to be a little creative with his money-spending spree? Here’s how he could ditch his clichéd shopping list, and put some things at the top of his shopping list.

What Can Floyd Mayweather Do With His Money?

◊ Nearly all of a Jackson Pollock

What Can Floyd Mayweather Do With His Money?
Mayweather And 2/3 of Jackson Pollock

With the hope that Floyd is a connoisseur of art – though there is no specific idea as to why we have such a hope – our final chosen item for Floyd’s shopping cart is the most expensive painting ever, i.e. No.5, 1948 by flick-painter Jackson Pollock. It was auctioned for a massive $08 million. Now priced at £140 million, Floyd could afford to buy like two thirds of it. We gave this shopping cart a no.6 ranking on ‘what can Floyd Mayweather do with his money?’

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◊ 100 Parking Spaces In Downtown Manhattan

Floyd Mayweather – The Buying Guide

Manhattan is one of the poshest areas of New York, which is again one of the most expensive places in the world to park a car in. It has one particularly remarkable spot in a luxury condominium building of eight-stories at 66 E. 11th Street in downtown Manhattan, which costs ONE MILLION DOLALRS! Floyd could hire that spot for 100 years. He could get 99 other spaces in New York City too. He already has a collection of probably 100 cars, and it would make perfect sense to do that. Our stuffs gave this shopping cart a no.5 ranking on what can Floyd Mayweather do with his money?

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