Which themed slots are the most popular?

Unless you are new to the online casino market, you will know that themed slot titles are among the most popular modern-day games. These games fuse the very best of popular culture with rapid, high-volume gambling, as players seek out winnings in an immersive environment.

While this segment of the market looks likely to continue its growth over the next five years, you may not be aware which so-called themes are the most popular among slot game developers. This is important; however, as it offers some insight as to how the market is likely to grow in the future.

Which themed slots are the most Popular in 2016?

With this in mind, which type of themed-slot titles are among the most popular in 2016? Here are our top picks: –

1. Sports Themed Slot titles

World sports themed slots
World sports themed slots

As a diverse and globally popular entity, sport underpins the biggest growth segment within the themed slot market at present. With numerous activities ranging from football and tennis to horse racing and basketball, you can Play Centre Court Video Slot at Royal Vegas Casino and similar entities while enjoying the individual merits of two diverse worlds. Sports fans are sure to find a slot-title to suit their preferences, for example, while the number of iterations within this theme continues to multiply.

2. Marvel and Comic book Themed Slot titles

Marvel themed slots of 2016

When comic book hero Batman first exploded onto the silver screen in 1989, few could have imagined how big brands such as Marvel and DC would become over the course of the next 25 years. These are now multi-billion pound entities, however, as they continue to create iconic characters and breakdown the traditional boundaries of pop-culture.

These characters are also a huge inspiration for themed slots, as developers look to leverage the popularity of television and film icons such as the Incredible Hulk to create immersive, online games. With clever comic book narratives also used to create innovative bonus rounds and triggers, the emergence of comic book themed online slots means that wagering your hard earned money has never been more fun than it is today.

3. Television Themed slots

While music slots such as the impressive Guns ‘n Roses title are growing in popularity, it is television-themed games that are next up on our list. The fun and interactive Family Guy slot has become particularly popular in recent months, featuring major characters and typically hilarious narratives within a fast-paced gaming environment.

Television slots are popularity as the majority of us can easily identify with them, especially if we find an iteration that is based on our favourite show or television memory. With such a diverse range of themes to choose from, developers also have considerable creative license when structuring these titles to optimise the experience and potential winnings for players.