Records are made forbreak; it is a common saying, so did with Afridi’s fastest one day international century. After 17 years; a Kiwi all-rounder Corey Playing against West Indies, he scored his ton in just 36 balls breaking Shahid Afridi’s record of scoring a century in 37 deliveries in 1996 against Sri Lanka. The record has been broken; no matter its 50 overs match or 21 overs.
The question is now, who will break Anderson’s record? Will Shaid Afridi regain the record or any other batsman has the ability to break this record?So, who can break this record? It is not astonishing for anyone to see any other name occupying this record, because today’s cricket is much faster than the earlier one. Especially introduction of twenty-20 format and super sixes makes it more fast and thrilling. So many batsmen have the ability to break this record like Chris Gayle, James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, Jesse Ryder or someone else.One thing is clear that no genuine batsman can break this record, only hitter has the ability to break this. Honestly, I am not going to include above mention player in this list, I have a genuine reason for this; all of these are openers or no. three or four position players. At that position there is no rush to play such an explosive innings; so I have following choices in this regard … you can also check here list of top 30 fastest centuries in odi history.

Who’ll break Corey Anderson’s Fastest Century Record?

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1.    Cory Anderson

My first choice is Core Anderson itself. The type of hitter he is, he can break any record. At number six position, when there is few overs left, everyone tries to hit maximum runs. The type of batsman he is, with strong arms and excellent use of bottom hands, it is not surprise for anyone to see him to renew own record. Critics said that it was by chance, the ground was smaller but I think Anderson has this potential. He has the ability to hit any type of bowling at any venue.

2.    Shaid Khan Afridi

My second choice is Shaid Khan Afridi; many people say that Afridi is getting old, he is a little bit slower,other say he should come as opener or at one down position, but for me he is a strong candidate to break this record. Afridi can hit any team at any position, the position at he comes is most suitable for such a type of hitting. I don’t agree with this that he should open or come at one down position; I think number five, six or seven is most suitable position for this purpose. When there is no more balls to waste. You come and hit it out of the ground and Afridi has did it so many times. I am optimistic that Afridi will regain the title soon, if the opponent team is Sri Lanka or West Indies, the chances are brighter.

3.    Glenn Maxwell

Apart from these two; the third strong candidate is Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell.In other words Maxwell is my first choice because former two are record holders. Maxwell is a type of batsman who starts hitting from first ball he faced. In my opinion he is a strong candidate for this record. he is one of the most dangerous hard hitters in the world.

4.    Kieron Pollard

My 4th choice in this regard is Carrabin All-rounder Kieron Pollard. This “giant” has the ability to hit massive hits. The position where he is batting also suits for such a type of record. May be he is the guy with world fastest century maker in ODIs.

5.    Umer Akmal

Many people will surprise on this selection. Actually, they are not aware of Umer Akmal’s talent. They are underestimating him. He is one of the most dangerous batsmen in the world. Only problem is that he does not do justice to his talent. He can hit any bowler at any time.For me, itwill not a surprise to see him as a fastest century maker in ODI in near future.
Anyhow, any one of them or someone else will break this record, but good news is that the record is going to break in near future. For cricket lover’s point of view, the more thrill has to come…