In some countries it’s called a religion whereas, in some it’s just a thrilling sport that unites people. Yes! From Asia to Europe and from Australia to the Caribbean, cricket is a sport that has been played since a century. It all started with test cricket and it was considered to be the ultimate goal of every cricket playing nation to be the best in the game. As time passed several changes were seen in the game like changing test match duration to 5 days from 6 days etc. The ultimate change that occurred in the history of cricket was the introduction of limited overs cricket in the form of One-Day matches. Later they introduced a world cup of One Day cricket as well which further sparked the interest of millions of supporters. Till date there has been a total of 10 World Cup tournaments from 1975 to 2011 and the 11th tournament is starting from February 2015. 14 teams will be contesting for the cricket’s ultimate prize and they are divided into two pools as below:


This year the tournament is being held in Australia & New Zealand and the tournament will kick off from New Zealand with the matches between Sri Lanka and New Zealand and the Ashes competitors Australia and England on 14th February 2015. The next day will be even more exciting with a match between arch rivals India and Pakistan on 15th February. People are predicting that this match is going to be the most viewed match ever in the history of cricket i.e. viewers ranging not in millions but in billions. It is expected that about 1.3 Billion people from the world will see the live telecast of this crunch encounter. India has won all the matches against Pakistan in all the World Cup tournaments so far. Will Pakistan break this trend or India will come up strong again. Note that India are the current reigning champions of the world and it would be extremely difficult for Pakistan to beat a quality side.


4 teams from each pool will qualify for the quarter finals. The pool stage will end by 15th March after which knock out stage of the tournament will start from quarter finals. 8 teams will play each other in a quarter final in order to qualify for semi final. i.e. if a team reaches the quarter final stage, it is just 3 matches away from the ultimate glory. Here is a sneak peak of the World Cup 2015 fixtures:

World Cup 2015 fixtures

World Cup 2015 Fixtures

Here are world cup 2015 fixtures, UAE, Scotland, Afghanistan and Ireland will be playing in this tournament as Associates and will try their best to perform well in the main tournament of the cricket fraternity. Zimbabwe and Bangladesh are the lowly rated teams in both pools and both will try to qualify for the quarter finals. Out of 7 teams within a pool only 4 will go through so this means Zimbabwe and Bangladesh will have to topple a major team of the world. For Zimbabwe the target would be the West Indies who have not been in a good run recently. In order to qualify Zimbabwe will have to beat the other two associates in their pool. For Bangladesh to qualify it would be difficult because the other four teams in its group are all in great winning form. So let’s keep our fingers crossed before the real saga begins.These were world cup 2015 fixtures.