Zidane celebrates once again after the final whistle at the end of Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon match

Real Madrid came face to face with Sporting Gijon for the La Liga match at Bernabeu. After a successful first match for Zinedine Zidane as the coach of Real, there were a lot of speculations regarding the Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon match.

Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon [Highlights]


The game began, surrounded by many empty seats in the gallery, and there was hardly any action in the initial minutes of the match. But, the 7th min. of the match came as a sudden surprise, as Bale beat Cueller to the ball, and scored the first goal of the match for the home team!

Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon [All Goals]

Before the guests got the chance to recover from the first upset, Benzema sent the ball in the way of Ronaldo, and the number 7 player diligently sent the ball into the top corner, scoring yet another goal for Real Madrid in the 9th min. And, around 3 mins. later, Bale was seen sending over a cross from the right byline, and Benzema acrobatically sent it skidding into the bottom corner, scoring the 3rd goal of the Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon match, in favour of his team!

Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon
Gareth Bale showing his areal skill

It was evident that this would be a long night for Sporting, and Real proved it once again, in the 18th min., when Ronaldo scored his second one in the contest. It was an easy goal, as he received a delivery from Carvajal who bombed down the right wing and slid in a low cross, and sent the delivery into the net. Not even half an hour had passed of the Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon match, and there were four goals on the scoreboard! 3 min. later, Navas and Varane had a collision, leaving the goal keeper in need of treatment, and his teammate in considerable pain.

Cristiano Ronaldo
CR7 showing his spectacular skill

With about 6 min. left till the first half an hour of the match, Ronaldo was seen making a pass at Benzema, who deceived one defender, but his powerful effort to make a clean goal fell through. Despite 4 fast goals, the action on the field was not exactly nail-biting. But the tame match kept yielding goals for the home team, and, after a save by Cueller, Real score increased again, as Benzema flung the ball into the net, after a tremendous delivery by Isco. This was about 4 min. before the first half of the Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon match came to an end. After the first half, and 2 additional min., the scoreboard read Real Madrid 5-0 Sporting Gijon.

Gareth Bale
Bale celebrating his awesome goal

The second half of the Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon match began, without Bale, who had some muscle problems, and Jese took his place. The match continued in an uneventful manner, In the 55th min., an opening of sorts came for Ronaldo, but it didn’t lead to anything. The hosts continued to dominate the possession, but there was very little intensity left in the match. Perhaps, the host team was a little too casual, and in the 62nd min., Lopez sent the ball past Navas, and scored the first goal for Gijon. The match continued, without anything worth mentioning.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo celebrating his goals

In the 85th min. of the Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon match, the first sight of Jese was available, as he danced his way into the opponent’s penalty area, showing great footwork. But, his shot was tame, and got easily collected by Cueller. The first half came to an end 5 min. later, and 2 min. were added, during which no significant changes came to the match. The match ended with the scoreboard reading Real Madrid 5-1 Sporting Gijon. Once again, it was Zidane who celebrated with the final whistle.

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