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Top 10 Batsmen With Highest ODI Sixes

In the few countries where cricket is played, a sport is like a religion, and the players are revered like Gods. Every shot, every throw of the ball, every shout of appeal on the field is a thrilling experience for the onlookers. One of the most exciting things that can happen in a match is […]

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Top 10 Highest Paid Cricketers in the World

The gentleman’s sport, cricket, has never really managed to gain the same international glory of football or other team sports. Out of all the countries in the world, only 12 play this sport. And, in all of them, the sport is hugely celebrated, while the cricketers are worshipped by the people. Over the years, cricket […]

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Most Career Sixes ODIs and Fours

First ODI was played between England and Australia in January 1971. Since then there have been over 4,000 ODIs played by 25 teams. The trend of ODI’s increase the number of boundaries, more sixes and fours, batter always like to dominate the bowlers through the big shots. Records for most sixes and fours dominated by […]

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Top 10 Best Spin Bowlers in Current Cricket

Spin bowlers, because of their proven abilities, have gained much popularity in the world of one of the most watched sports cricket, and their presence in the game holds core importance. Spinners, with their cracking spin attack on the opponent batsmen, have become the team’s leading heads. They do not just deviate the ball off […]

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Top 10 Fastest Fifty in One Day Internationals

Gone are the days when cricket used to be a slow sport, in which players used to pay a lot of attention to the grammar of playing. Now is the time for 20-over matches, with boundaries and sixers raining down. It’s the One Day International matches that still catch the fancy of all cricket lovers, […]

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Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket of All Time

Among the most exciting moments on the cricket field are the sixes scored by the batsmen on the crease. Whether it’s a small sixer or a big one makes little difference to the viewers once the ball starts to fly. But, when the ball flies really long and high, it’s always a sweeter deal. Seconds […]

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List of Top 30 Fastest Centuries ODIs

What happens when a batsman scores a century? He takes his team a little closer to their dream of winning a match. It is true that a player’s hundred does not always mean that there will be a victory, but his efforts make the opponents sweat. More importantly, a good game with memorable century is […]

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Top 10 Most Important Athletes Right Now [2018]

Sports, whether team or individual, give a platform to athletes and sports lovers to come together so that the athletes can entertain the audience with their sporting skills, and their fans can appreciate their prowess. Yes, entertainers have the power to make people smile and to inspire them in more ways than we can comprehend. […]

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