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10 Top Swimmers of all Time | Best Olympic Swimmers

Playing underwater is difficult yet much impressive. Swimming is one sport which is popular among many and the ones playing it are highly enthralled by it. Here, we bring to you an exciting article about top swimmers that are worth browsing through. The lovers of swimming will surely love reading it. We bring to you a list […]

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10 Athletes with Terrible Criminal Records (UPDATED)

Tax manipulation, betting, drug peddling, sexual assault, child trafficking, burglary, murder – these are some of the crimes which were committed by star athletes. Many of the reputed sports stars had already spent their nights behind the bar, whereas many of them didn’t get the permit to see the outside world for the rest of […]

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10 Best Ballstrikers on the PGA Tour (UPDATED)

Ballstriker is a term that essentially means every golf player. However, when we specifically refer to a particular golfer as a good ball-striker, we refer particularly to the golfer’s capabilities in full swing. Looking at the greens-in-regulation leaders each often helps to have a brief idea about the best ball-strikers in golf. However, during any […]

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Top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Sports History (UPDATED)

Sports history is full of rivalries spanning generations of players and teams; pitting neighbors against neighbors, fist against face alike. It is precisely due to these rivalries that legends are made, and players write their names in book of sports lore. When it is about the Greatest Rivalries in Sports, one can’t skip the mighty encounters like […]

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The 5 Fattest Athletes in The World (UPDATED)

Sports, certainly, bring the best out of a person. Playing any kind of sport is always,  Fattest Athletes in the World, healthy, and makes one, both,  physically and mentally strong. It keeps you active and makes you smarter. This is what goes for all the athletes present across the globe. But, if, on one hand […]

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