Cristiano Ronaldo bleeds after injury during match against Deportivo, but scores anyway!

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Real Madrid has been having a tough time defending their La Liga title this season, and their star player has not been able to play well either. However, their match against Deportivo La Coruna turned out to be quite a comeback, as the team scored 7 goals, as opposed to the opponent’s single goal. Cristiano Ronaldo bleeds after injury but scored two goals in the match, and in the process of scoring one of them, Ronaldo got badly hurt.

Cristiano Ronaldo bleeds after injury during match against Deportivo, but scores anyway!

Cristiano Ronaldo bleeds

Cristiano Ronaldo bleeds after horrific injury

Ronaldo fell flat on the ground with his face covered in blood after he took the cleats on his face while hitting the ball with his head. Thankfully for Real Madrid, this header went straight into the opponent’s box, adding a goal! It was quite an unlikely delivery that Ronaldo faced, and the fact that it turned into a goal was also quite a surprise. But, Ronaldo did it anyway, winning against such an unlikely delivery, in the final minutes of the match against Deportivo.

The Real Madrid striker jumped to make a header, and the ball bounced off his skull.  Meanwhile, a clash with the opponent forward left him with a gash on the forehead. But, Ronaldo went down with a goal for his team, and the bloody gash was not for nothing. His bloody goal pushed the score to 7-1. The physician came running to patch him up. He soon had to be taken off the field. And while he sat on the bench, being taken care of by the doctor, his team inched closer towards a win.

Cristiano Ronaldo got badly hurt

Cristiano Ronaldo got badly hurt during the match against Deportivo

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is on the posters of some of the biggest brands, is known for his incredible face, and the player himself was concerned about it, which is why he was seen staring at his own reflection on the phone. We can only hope that our favourite face of football is left with nothing more than a memorable scar.

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