Cristiano Ronaldo checks face injury on phone after his bloody goal against Deportivo

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Cristiano Ronaldo is, undoubtedly, the prettiest face in football. Besides his amazing soccer skills and his incredible physical condition, it is his face that’s the reason why brands want him on their posters and Instagram posts. And the player himself is aware of that. Perhaps that is the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo checks face injury hurriedly on a phone on his way out of the match against Deportivo.

Cristiano Ronaldo checks face injury on phone after his bloody goal against Deportivo

Cristiano Ronaldo checks face injury

Cristiano Ronaldo checks face injury on phone

In the 84th minute of the match, Cristiano Ronaldo sustained a head injury when he tried to make a header and succeeded in not only scoring a goal but also in hurting himself, when the cleats of the opponent’s forward hit him in the face. The team medic rushed to help him immediately. They cleaned him up, after he started bleeding profusely, and escorted him out of the field.

With blood covering the left part of his face, he walked out of the match immediately after his incredible goal. On his way out, he checked his reflection on the doctor’s phone to see the extent of the gash that he had just suffered in the process of netting the ball for Real Madrid, which translated to his second goal, and the team’s seventh, for the night. As he sat on the bench, the doctor patched him up. He had to get stitches for the same, and he stayed out of the match for the remaining few minutes left of the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo hurt against Deportivo

Cristiano Ronaldo badly hurt during the La Liga match

Ronaldo’s unbelievable goal was the last one of the match, and Real Madrid won the match with a score of 7-1, with one more goal scored by Ronaldo he dived to take a delivery by Lucas Vazquez and turned it into a goal. Ronaldo, one of the richest players in the world, makes a large sum of money each year as a brand representative for big names, and that’s not just because of his amazing soccer skills and well-chiseled body, but also his pretty face. So, quite obviously, Ronaldo eagerly checked how much injury his money-making faced had sustained.

When he saw his injury, it seemed that he was quite shocked, as he grimaced at it, and shook the head, while dabbing tissue on the gash. Post-treatment pictures show that the cut is right beside his eyes, and he missed an eye injury by an inch or so.

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