English Premier League Fantasy 2017/18 is the detailed guidelines for how to score points and how to select the fantasy team with each position’s top selection in the league.

EPL is an annual event which goes on for months and this is a global phenomenon. Millions of people relate to the games, clubs and teams. Football fanatics have got this amazing way of living the games that their favourite teams/players play on the field. The fantasy football or FPL (Fantasy premier league) is one of the most popular fandom celebratory things. And as a new and fresh season is approaching us, Football fanatics are nothing but amazingly excited to put their probabilities to check as they engage in the FPL. In this following article, we shall look at some of the aspects of English Premier League Fantasy 2017/18.

English Premier League Fantasy 2017/18

English premier league fantasy 2017/18
English premier league fantasy 2017/18

Description of the Fantasy Football

So fantasy football is something that has been here for decades and has only improved with age like fine wine. The audience or the viewer can be in control of a whole team in virtual life and be awarded points for it as the real matches’ progress. For the sake of fair play in the game, each person has the permit to only enter one team. However, one may enter the same team in other leagues and compete against different groups of friends using it.

Also, the person who is playing may have unlimited free transfers before the next deadline. The transfers are free of charge before the start of the season.

English premier league fantasy
English premier league fantasy

How it works is that the Player points are updated as soon as the matches take place. The team points, as well as the Premier League tables, are updated approximately 2 hours after the last whistle in the final match of the day. The additional bonus points are usually awarded 1 hour after the final whistle of the last match of any given day.

However, there is a catch, which is that once the season has begun, the player prices may change by £0.1m a day (this usually is based on activity in the transfer market). The formula which is used to calculate this change, as well as the time of the change, contain variable factors which won’t be given out to game players.

Nowadays the most number of fantasy football leagues, allow participants to select 11 players, keeping in mind a price budget. Usually, there is a restriction on the number of players one can choose per club. Most leagues allow the player to select 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 4 or 3 midfielders and 2 or 3 forwards. On the other hand, some games turn out to be squad-based. This basically means that participants choose not just the best 11 but also a set of substitute players.

Points Scoring

fantasy football scoring
fantasy football scoring

If you are new to fantasy premier league, then you must be wondering how the scoring system works. Well, Points are gained or deducted depending on players’ performances in real life for a particular match. Each one of the scoring regulations may not be similar. Usually, points are awarded for these following achievements:

♦ Playing in a match (or part of a match e.g. at least 60 minutes)
♦ Scoring a goal
♦ Making an assist (the pass or touch leading to the goal)
♦ Keeping a clean sheet (goalkeepers, midfielders and defenders only)
♦ Saving a penalty
♦ Goalkeeper saves 3 shots or more
♦ Win of the team

And similarly score can be reduced and points are usually deducted which these following situations occur:

♦ Conceding a goal (goalkeepers, defenders and defenders only)
♦ Receiving a yellow or red card
♦ Missing a penalty kick
♦ Scoring an own goal
♦ Getting substituted
♦ Loss of the team

Now, almost all of the fantasy football games provide a decent choice of joining private or public leagues. As evident, the Public leagues are open to everyone and most of the times there are leagues for each club or leagues for each country in public fantasy league. In here, the League members compete against each other and in some cases there are even cash prizes for the winner in those leagues.

However, the Private leagues let the manager play with their friends only. It is not as open as the public league. Here, Some games combine this with having unique teams in the leagues. This basically means that each and every Premier League player is available only once. This is why there is a huge amount of-of activity on the transfer market if and when the players are exchanged in between the members of the community.

The Team Selection

According to recent stats and seeing the recent form of the players, there is a lot to figure out while choosing a team for your fantasy premier league. In the following segment, let’s take a look at the best-suited players for most probable wins in English premier league fantasy 2017/18.


Cesar Azpilicueta
Cesar Azpilicueta

If we seek reliability, Cesar Azpilicueta can be the man. ‘Dave’ was last season’s finest points scorer, and with last season’s Premier League winner Chelsea making a comeback to the Champions League next season, the Spaniard will have even more opportunities to pick up points in English premier league fantasy 2017/18.

Cesar Azpilicueta has already been Chelsea’s Mr Consistent, while pacy full-back Danny Rose will hopefully be fit and ready to move forward down Spurs’ left flank and could bring in the abundance of clean sheets a few tasty assists. Danny Rose could be a suitable choice next season – if he remains fit, that is.


Harry Kane
Harry Kane

The attack lineup must be very strong for a team to have winning possibilities. These are the ones who will get your goals – so we can easily start with none other than Harry Kane. The big Spurs man won the Premier League Golden Boot award for a second consecutive season and ended last season in tremendous form.

The other very popular player is Alexis Sanchez, who had topped the Team points table in most fantasy leagues. The Arsenal man provides you with goals and assists, with 30 goals and 13 assists in all competitions last season. He has the potential to be the best-picked athlete in English premier league fantasy 2017/18. That’s if he stays with the Gunners, though. On the other hand, Josh King, the Bournemouth man bagged an impressive 16 goals last season. He might discover himself moving to a bigger club next season, with Spurs being a possible destination.


Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris

Based on their latest performance, the very obvious choice for this role is Spurs man Hugo Lloris, who conceded just 24 goals last season, only nine of those arriving at White Hart Lane. He will be an excellent addition to the team in English Premier league fantasy 2017/18. However, no one knows how Spurs’ efficiency at home will be affected by their temporary move to Wembley upcoming season so be mindful of that fantasy managers. Although, If we are soliciting guaranteed consistency, another option is Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois, who could have an even better defence in front of him next season. Considering a bargain option, Burnley’s Tom Heaton suits the demand. The England shot-stopper made 141 saves last season, in fact, the most of anyone in the top-flight, keeping outstanding 10 clean sheets in the process. Tom Heaton has been well consistent for Burnley.


N’Golo Kante
N’Golo Kante

While N’Golo Kante and Victor Wanyama are the midfield men many managers can only dream of, they’re not exactly prolific points getters for Dream Team. This essentially brings us to midfield showman Christian Eriksen, the fellow topping the midfield points ranking last season and it cannot be explained why he wouldn’t be a consistent performer next term.

Christian Eriksen is also a top points scorer with his goals and assists. Also, Sadio Mane could be a decent pick. The winger (when he’s fit) can be a real match-winner for Liverpool and could be a significant player for their season in the Champions League.  Everton player Tom Davies is even more excited for the winning next season, with his lethal technique and movements, he is likely to only get better during their Premier League and Europa League runs.

English Premier League Fantasy 2017/18 can only turn up to be a great thing because of the awesome Premier League fixtures between the clubs. The field is set to witness the legendary teams come face to face. While the players earn themselves some awesome trophies and awards, fantasy football league can win you a lot of cash or if nothing, bragging rights. So, play responsibly and make correct decisions. Hope this Piece of advice helped. If you have any queries regarding the topic, leave them down in the comment section below. As the matches progress, the updates will be posted here so keep an eye out for this space.