Sports, certainly, bring the best out of a person. Playing any kind of sport is always healthy, and makes one, both,  physically and mentally strong. It keeps you active and makes you smarter. This is what goes for all the athletes present across the globe. But, if, on one hand we find strong, smart athletes, on the other we also see few fatty chunks. Here we are teaming up 5 Fattest  Athletes from the history. Despite their being obese, these athletes still perform very well with their undeniable skills.


History has many such names and these are the people who have showed up tremendously well, having a pizza-burger diet. The fat bellies, the chubby physique is what makes them the fattest among the rest. Here, we bring to you an article that will throw light upon The 5 fattest Athletes in the World. So, without much ado, scroll down and get a sneak peak through it. Enjoy Browsing!!

Fattest Athletes in the World

Eric “Butterbean” Esch

The 5 Fattest Athletes in the World

Eric Esch commonly known as “Butterbean,” is one of the great players of the sports world. He has topped our list of the 5 fattest athletes in sports history. He’s a tubby boxer that has weighed in at 405.5 lbs. who manages to be seasoned in all of the fight sports including wrestling, kickboxing, K-1, as well as toughman contests. Butterbean held the IBA boxing super heavyweight title on several occasions and defeated the former world champ Larry Holmes. Mr. Butterbean is a mixed artist. Out of all his achievements, another surprising one is, when,He gave Johnny Knoxville a heavy blow in the middle of a department store in Jackass: The Movie. So we see Butterbean not only an athlete but also a hero who has been starred for the movie Jackass.

John Kruk

The 5 Fattest Athletes in the World

John Kruk is another fatty baseball player who is at number 2 on our list of the fattest athletes in sports history. He has spent a good part of his playing career analysing menus and dissecting steaks, ultimately putting on weight. But his skills at the game are worth acknowledged. This baseball player, with his chubby body structure, has remained popular among many of his fans.

By now, you would have come known to personalities who, despite their obese body structure, have had a good successful career. But being fat is, certainly, no good and no healthy. To have a balanced diet is what actually required for a smart and healthy life.

William “The Refrigerator” Perry

The 5 Fattest Athletes in the World

William Perry who is known as “The Refrigerator” was one of the big busters of professional football. With the highest playing weight of 382 lbs, he won a Super Bowl in 1986 during his days with the Chicago Bears. He is considered to have the largest Super Bowl ring size. However, William Perry didn’t experience the same level of success off the field. As, because of his being overweight, he has had health issues. He is at number 3 on our list of the 5 fattest athletes in sports history.

David Wells

The 5 Fattest Athletes in the World

David Wells who is at number 4 on our list of the fattest athletes, was a remarkable pitcher. This got to limelight by marquee seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees. He was 225 lbs with a height of 6’4″, when he hit the first perfect game for the Yankees. To more of his achievements, he won two World Series rings, was a three-time All Star, an ALCS MVP and totalled 2,201 strikeouts.

Babe Ruth

The 5 Fattest Athletes in the World

Babe Ruth is  one of the most legendary players in baseball.  During his ball-playing days, he hit a smashing 714 home runs that showed his sport ability. He even managed to collect 123 bases over the course of his career, with the Red Sox and the Yankees. Babe Ruth became overweight and out of shape in about 1933. He is at number 5 on our list of the fattest athletes in sports history.

The 5 Fattest Athletes in the World

Athlete #01 – Eric “Butterbean” Esch
Athlete #02 – John Kruk
Athlete #03 – William “The Refrigerator” Perry
Athlete #04 – David Wells
Athlete #05 – Babe Ruth

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  • sardar Tabasim

    WWE star big show is the world’s largest athlete having mass about 200 kg (441lbs)