FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017 will give you the full details of the results, stats, records and prediction on the 10 matches of this edition of the U17 football world cup.

“The World Cup is a very important way to measure the good players and the great ones. It is a test of a great player.”- Pele. The FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 hosted by India is such a test for the Global youth and the superstars of tomorrow. With few months left to go, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 is doing all the drudgery possible to make this event a success. In this article of the FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017 we bring to you the various teams and the predictions of the first ten matches.

FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017

fifa u17 world cup results 2017
FIFA U17 World Cup India Official Draw

The Groups of FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 are:

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
India(H) Paraguay Iran North Korea Honduras Iraq
United States Mali Guinea Niger Japan Mexico
Columbia New Zealand Germany Brazil New Caledonia Chile
Ghana Turkey Costa Rica Spain France England

In FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017 we will try to give the predictions of the first ten matches based on the research conducted by us.

Nigeria Last Champions
FIFA U17 World Cup Nigeria Last year’s Champions

1st Match- Columbia vs Ghana, 6th Oct(17:00), New Delhi

Ghana vs Nigeria
FIFA U17 World Cup Ghana vs Nigeria Results

Both the teams have a fair record to go with in the past. Columbia U17’s last 5 match statistics are LLWWD whereas on the other hand, the last five matches of the Ghana U17 team are: LLWWW. Their nip and tuck encounter took place only once in 2007 and that match was won by Ghana. Ghana (2) – Columbia (1). Although the Columbian team also have a strong squad and a fighting spirit as they have already proved it before. In this piece of FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017, we anticipate that Ghana is going to win this match by a narrow margin.

2nd Match- India vs USA, 6th Oct (20:00), New Delhi

Indian Team
FIFA U17 World Cup Indian Team

This match is being played between two teams with huge potential and fighting spirit. As for India U17, the team has great talented players this time showcasing their utmost skills. On the other hand, the United States U17 team has also a fairly good record, they didn’t win the competition anytime and their highest achievement was to gain a Fourth place in this tournament in 1999. We conclude by saying that, the India U17 football team, as India is the host country combining with young talents has a slight upper hand than the Yanks.

3rd Match- New Zealand vs Turkey, 6th Oct (17:00), Navi Mumbai

New Zealand Celebrating
FIFA U17 New Zealand celebrating

This competition is being held on the same date and time at a different place. It’s match number 3 between these two antagonists. The Turkish have a lot of achievement in the UEFA U17 and they were qualified as semifinalists this year whereas, on the other hand, the Young All Whites are a little bit on the greener side of the grass than the Turkish Nationals because of their previous records. So, in this article of FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017, we think that New Zealand will win this game although we can assure that it will be a tough competition.

4th Match- Paraguay vs Mali, 6th Oct (20:00), Navi Mumbai

Mali Celebrating
FIFA U17 World Cup Mali Celebrating

Here is another interesting fixture between the South American underdog vs the African dark horse who were the finalists last time. Both of them didn’t have an encounter before but to be true, the previous statistics say that the Paraguay U17 may lose to Mali U17 as they are the African champions consecutively for two times. It should be a good match to watch as the skill of the South Americans take on the strength and power of the Africans. Fortune favors the brave as we all know.

5th Match- Germany vs Costa Rica, 7th Oct (17:00), Goa

Germany celebrating goal
FIFA U17 World Cup Results Germany

Again it is going to be an exciting match to watch but here the Germans prevail over the Costa Ricans in the last 5 matches played. The Germans have a wonderful record of WWWLW in their last 5 matches, on the other hand, Costa Ricans have a passable record of LWLDW. We know Football is a match filled with thrill but in this article of FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017 we foresee a German victory.

6th Match- Iran vs Guinea, 7th Oct (20:00), Goa

Iran Squad
FIFA U17 World Cup Iran team

The Iran U17 National team or “The New Youngsters” as they are called, have a decent record in their past AFC Championship, the Asian Confederation. Then, the Africans have a middling record in their past. They have a competitive attitude but the last 3 matches’ statistics are disheartening with LLD and Iran’s are WLL. Therefore the prediction goes in favor of the Asians this time.

7th Match- Brazil vs Spain, 7th Oct (17:00), Kochi

Brazil celebrating goal
FIFA U17 World Cup Brazil celbrating goal

This will be one hell of a competition as both the European and South American U17 giants take on each other. The last 5 matches record for Brazil are LWWWL and for the Spaniards are WLWWW. The Brazilians have won almost every CONMEBOL Championship and the FIFA U17 World Cup 3 times. This competition against the Spaniards is going to be the best match to look out for in the FIFA U17 World Cup 2017. Our predictions in this article of the FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017 say that there will be a noxious fight between these two teams but there is a meager chance that the Brazilians will triumph.

8th Match- North Korea vs Niger, 7th Oct (20:00), Kochi

North Korea vs Mali
FIFA U17 World Cup Korea DPR

The second match at Kochi will be another African team versus the Korea DPR or simply known as North Korea for their actions globally. The Niger Republic is a team different from the most time champions Nigeria. Everyone confuses them with Nigeria but this time they defeated the champions in the African U17 Championship to qualify for the FIFA U17 World Cup 2017. North Korea, on the other hand, are a worthy opponent as they have a nice record in their Confederation competitions. We are a little bit confused with our predictions in this match but there is a very little difference of the North Koreans to win more than that of the Africans.

9th Match- New Caledonia vs France, 8th Oct (17:00), Guwahati

France UEFA Champions
FIFA U17 France Champions

The Kagus or the New Caledonians are a side with less experience in the OFC Championship as well as the FIFA U17 World Cup. They have a decent team but their first match is against the 2 times European Champions and 1 time World Champions French. Their U17 team is called “The Little Blues” and we all know from the game of their senior team that they are a class. In this article of the FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017, we envision a French win.

10th Match- Honduras vs Japan, 8th Oct (20:00), Guwahati

Japan Player
FIFA U17 World Cup Results Japan

“The Mini H” as the U17 team of Honduras is generally called, don’t have a decent history in the competitions, World Cup as well as CONCACAF yet they qualified and it means they have got a splendid spirit within them for the game of football. Their match is against the samurais, who have a great past record. Thus we anticipate a good match and Japanese victory.

The predictions of the first 10 matches are given in this article of FIFA U17 World Cup Results 2017. We are excited to give you all the updates of the matches. Please feel free to comment on your predictions and enjoy reading.

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