FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 is the full details of the match timing of each game starting from the group stages, the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals to the finals.

With a few days in hand, the future footballing talents will compete with each other in the FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 hosted by India in 6 different states. FIFA and the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) have already released the official FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 and have also disclosed the slogan for this tournament.

FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017

fifa world cup time table 2017
FIFA WorldCup Time Table 2017 FIFA LOGO

The competition will begin in New Delhi and Navi Mumbai from the 6th of October 2017. The Quarter-finals will be held in the cities of Goa, Guwahati, Kochi and Kolkata. The Semi-finals would be hosted by Navi Mumbai and Guwahati whereas the Finals would take place in Kolkata’s archetypal Salt Lake Stadium.

Salt Lake Stadium where the final match will be hosted
FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 Salt Lake Stadium

As FIFA believes that the U17 World Cup is an exciting milestone for the growth of international football in India. It has now reached a very important stage as the FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 has been created following a detailed analysis of competition format, team movements, players’ health, local festivities, weather, geography and other factors.

Indian football players celebrating
FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 Indian players celebrating

Each of the locations would be hosting atleast eight matches. Taking the infrastructure and local enthusiasm into account the FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 is fixed in such manner. As this is the first FIFA championship hosted by India and also the first FIFA competition played by an Indian team, the appropriate slogan of FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 is “Football Takes Over”.

Slogan of this time's U17 World Cup
FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 Slogan

Now, in this article of FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017, we bring to you the comprehensive match schedule, day by day, according to the Indian Local Time (IST). The times of the matches held are generally 17:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs. They are given below after the Groups of this year’s competition.


Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
India(H) Paraguay Iran North Korea Honduras Iraq
United States Mali Guinea Niger Japan Mexico
Columbia New Zealand Germany Brazil New Caledonia Chile
Ghana Turkey Costa Rica Spain France England

According to the FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017,

The list of Group Stage matches played at 17:00 IST is:

DATE Match Number                    Matches Place
6th Oct 1 Columbia Ghana New Delhi
6th Oct 3 New Zealand Turkey Navi Mumbai
7th Oct 5 Germany Costa Rica Goa
7th Oct 7 Brazil Spain Kochi
8th Oct 9 New Caledonia France Guwahati
8th Oct 11 Chile England Kolkata
9th Oct 13 Ghana United States New Delhi
9th Oct 15 Turkey Mali Navi Mumbai
10th Oct 17 Costa Rica Guinea Goa
10th Oct 19 Spain Niger Kochi
11th Oct 21 France Japan Guwahati
11th Oct 23 England Mexico Kolkata
12th Oct 27 Mali New Zealand New Delhi
12th Oct 28 Turkey Paraguay Navi Mumbai
13th Oct 29 Costa Rica Iran Goa
13th Oct 30 Guinea Germany Kochi
14th Oct 33 France Honduras Guwahati
14th Oct 34 Japan New Caledonia Kolkata

The list of Group Stage matches played at 20:00 IST is:

DATE Match Number                    Matches Place
6th Oct 2 India United States New Delhi
6th Oct 4 Paraguay Mali Navi Mumbai
7th Oct 6 Iran Guinea Goa
7th Oct 8 North Korea Niger Kochi
8th Oct 10 Honduras Japan Guwahati
8th Oct 12 Iraq Mexico Kolkata
9th Oct 14 India Columbia New Delhi
9th Oct 16 Paraguay New Zealand Navi Mumbai
10th Oct 18 Iran Germany Goa
10th Oct 20 North Korea Brazil Kochi
11th Oct 22 Honduras New Caledonia Guwahati
11th Oct 24 Iraq Chile Kolkata
12th Oct 25 Ghana India New Delhi
12th Oct 26 United States Columbia Navi Mumbai
13th Oct 31 Niger Brazil Goa
13th Oct 32 Spain North Korea Kochi
14th Oct 35 Mexico Chile Guwahati
14th Oct 36 England Iraq Kolkata

The list of Round Of 16 matches at 17:00 IST:

16th Oct 37 Columbia Germany New Delhi
17th Oct 39 France Spain Goa
17th Oct 40 Iran Mexico Guwahati
18th Oct 42 Ghana Niger Navi Mumbai

The list of Round Of 16 matches at 20:00 IST:

16th Oct 38 Paraguay USA New Delhi
17th Oct 41 England Japan Kolkata
17th Oct 43 Mali Iraq Goa
18th Oct 44 Brazil Honduras Kochi

Quarter-final matches at 17:00 IST:

21st Oct 48 Mali Ghana Guwahati
22nd Oct 47 Spain Iran Kochi

Quarter-final matches at 20:00 IST:

21st Oct 45 USA England Goa
22nd Oct 46 Germany Brazil Kolkata

Semi-finals and Third-place matches on 17:00 IST respectively:

25th Oct 49 Brazil England Guwahati
28th Oct 51 Loser 49 Loser 50 Kolkata

Lastly, the FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 for the Semi-finals and Final matches on 20:00 IST respectively:

25th Oct 50 Mali Spain Navi Mumbai
28th Oct 52 Winner 49 Winner 50 Kolkata
FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 held in India this time
FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 in India

This edition of the 2017 FIFA U17 World Cup held in India is filled with sheer entertainment. It will be the first time that the world’s 2nd most thronged country will host this global football event. All you have to do is follow the FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017 given above and check out for any new notifications on our website. A solid hunch tells us that most of the teams this time are going to play an extra ordinary game of football. We know you all will be glued to your seats and take this ride of an enthralling adventure that is coming your way. Please give your valuable comments below on the article of FIFA U17 World Cup Time Table 2017.

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