ICC Champions Trophy Song 2017 | ICC Champions Trophy Theme Song

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ICC Champions Trophy Song 

One of the things that we have seen over the years is the amalgamation of sports and music. It seems that almost all the major sporting events have their theme songs. Be it Fifa football world cup, or the ICC Cricket World Cup, the theme song is a must. And this time when ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is taking place in England and Wales, we have seen a pretty impressive theme song. The ICC Champions Trophy song 2017 has gone viral on the social media. However, one thing that should be mentioned is that ICC has not released any official song for the tournament. But there is an unofficial ICC Champions Trophy Song 2017 that has gone viral on the Internet. The song has been made by Star Sports which is one of the biggest sports channels in India.

ICC Champions Trophy Song 2017 | ICC Champions Trophy Theme Song

Here is this amazing ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Song that has made quite a lot of impact on the cricket fans.

The song is not in English and it is in Hindi. So for the people who cannot understand Hindi, we will give a brief translation of this song. The song starts with random kids name and says that everyone will watch this time. Even the students will watch and even the religious people will watch it. Then it shows different people from different backgrounds and an elderly man while sitting on a chair and reading a newspaper asks that what will everyone watch? Then the song continues and tells that everyone will watch the sixes of Virat Kohli. Everyone will watch the amazing hits of AB Diviliers. Everyone will watch the fast paced bowling of Muhammad Amir. Then it rhymes in Hindi and says that everyone will watch the stance of Joe Root and everyone will watch the glance of Smith. Everyone will watch this incredible tournament of cricket.

The ICC Champions Trophy song 2017 surely has quite interesting lyrics. And equally interesting tune. As the song has been made by an Indian channel, so it is for the Indian audience primarily and that is why it is in Hindi. However, people from other nationalities who do not understand the Hindi language will also find this song quite impressive and would be able to relate to it. The video of the song is also pretty impressive and not only it has glimpses of Indian culture but some amazing action from cricket as well.

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Some people might argue that the song of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 should have been in English. However, the truth is that a vast majority of the people who play and watch cricket can understand the language Hindi/Urdu and they will enjoy this theme song. Also, we should keep in mind that this is not the official theme song released by the ICC. Perhaps it would have been better if ICC would have released ICC Champions Trophy Song 2017 officially. However, as it has not done so, we have to settle for this unofficial theme song. And to be honest, this theme song of the Champions Trophy 2017 is quite impressive, to say the least.

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