La Liga criticizes Real Madrid fans for shouting profanities at Messi and Pique

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Real Madrid fans were earlier criticized by none other than the team’s lead player, Cristiano Ronaldo for shouting obscene words at him from the gallery. But the trouble-makers in the gallery from Real Madrid are back, and this time, they have been spotted shouting profanities at Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique, the two leading players of Real’s arch rival team, Barcelona. And, reportedly, La Liga has blasted the team’s fans for calling Messi ‘re****ed’ and Pique, an ‘a**hole’. And now La Liga criticizes Real Madrid fans for shouting profanities in a strong manner.

La Liga criticizes Real Madrid fans for shouting profanities at Messi and Pique

La Liga criticizes Real Madrid

La Liga criticizes Real Madrid fans

The chants by the unsporting fans in the gallery were heard during the December match played between the two teams, in which Barcelona won with a score of 3-0. In the disciplinary issue report of the Spanish League for the match days of 2017 and 2018, there was major attention paid to the specific chants of the fans during the last El Clasico match of 2017. The report says that in the 64th min of the match, around 1000 fans of Real Madrid in the north stand of the home stadium started chanting “Messi, Messi, re****ed”, and it continued for about 10 seconds. Later during the same match, other Real Madrid supporters targeted Spanish player Gerard Pique, and started chanting “Pique, you a**hole, Spain is your country.”

La Liga criticism

Real Madrid heavily criticized by La Liga

Messi, along with Luis Suarez and Aleix Vidal got on the scoreboard as Barcelona left the home team Real Madrid humiliated with their 3 goals. After gaining the 3-0 win against Levante recently, Barcelona now leads the La Liga table, and sits 16 points ahead of Real Madrid who are in the 16th place on the table. They continue to lead the table, with Atletico Madrid in the second place. The team is expecting a massive boost with the addition of Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool. Real Madrid, meanwhile, might gain some ground if they manage a win against Villarreal in the upcoming match.

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