List of Top 30 Fastest Centuries ODIs

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What happens when a batsman scores a century? He takes his team a little closer to their dream of winning a match. It is true that a player’s hundred does not always mean that there will be a victory, but his efforts make the opponents sweat. More importantly, a good game with memorable century is remembered by the spectators for many years. This beauty of scoring a century reaches another level when the player manages to score it fast, in just a few balls. Here’s a countdown of the fastest centuries ODIs cricket.

Fastest Centuries ODIs

Top 30 Players with Fastest Centuries ODIs

List of Fastest Centuries ODIs Cricket

South African star, AB de Villiers is number one in the ranking  of fastest centuries ODIs with the smashing century of just 31 balls. Corey Anderson also made his presence in the list earlier with a an astonishing 131* runs, his 100 came in just 36 balls which made him stand second in the list. Previously Shahid Afridi was the owner of this record, who scored a century of just 37 balls against Sri Lanka in 1996. While Jessi Ryder scoring a century of just 46 balls, which put him ahead of Sanath jayasuriya. Anderson, who was then playing only 7th ODI of his career scored a massive 131 not out innings of just 47 balls. He destroyed the West Indies bowling attack with his massive hitting while tearing down the bowling attack apart. Anderson hit 14 sixes during his record breaking innings.

10. Kevin O’Brien

Batsmen with Fastest ODI centuries

Kevin O’Brien – 50 Balls

The tenth place on the list for players to score the fastest centuries ODIs cricket is Kevin O’Brien, the all-rounder from Ireland international cricket team. O’Brien scored the fastest century in his career in 50 balls, during a match played 2nd March 2011, played between Ireland and England in Bangalore. He secured a total of 113 runs in the match, including 6 sixes and 13 fours. This century is one of only two 100s that he has scored in ODI cricket. He has a strike rate of 86.53 in his ODI career.

9. Sanath Jayasuriya

Fastest century in ODI cricket

Sanath Jayasuriya – 48 Balls

The player who has scored the ninth fastest century in the history of One Day International cricket is Sri Lanka’s former batting sensation, Sanath Jayasuriya, who faced only 48 balls to score the historic 100. It was a match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, played at Singapore on 2nd April 1996. By the end of his innings in the match, Jayasuriya had scored a total of 134 runs that included 11 sixes and 11 fours. This is the fastest among his huge record 28 centuries in his ODI career, during which, his strike rate was 91.20.

8. Jos Buttler

Players with fastest ODI Centuries

Jos Buttler – 46 Balls

England’s Jos Buttler, who is England’s right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper, is in the next place on the list of players with the fastest centuries in One Day International cricket. He scored the fastest 10 of his life as a One Day International cricketer was scored in just 46 balls, during a match on 20th Novemer 2015 in Dubai, where England faced Pakistan, and Buttler scored a total of 116 runs, with 8 sixes and 10 fours. Buttler has gathered 4 centuries in total in ODI cricket, while his massive strike rate is 117.93.

7. Jesse Ryder

Fastest 100 in ODI Cricket

Jesse Ryder – 46 Balls

Before Buttler, the cricketer to score a century in 46 balls was Jesse Ryder, the left-handed batting all-rounder of New Zealand. He scored this memorably speedy 100 of his career in a match against West Indies in Queenstown, played on 1st January 2014. During this match, Ryder just managed to cross the 100-mark with 104, which has 5 sixes and 12 fours. During his One Day International cricketing career, Ryder has scored a total of just 3 centuries, and his overall ODI strike rate is a an impressive 95.31.

6. Shahid Afridi

Fastest 100 in One Day Internationals

Shahid Afridi – 45 Balls

The next cricketer to be featured on the countdown of the players who have scored the fastest 100 in ODI is none other than Pakistan’s former powerhouse batting all-rounder, Shahid Afridi, who scored his fastest century in only 45 balls by India, in Kanpur on 15th April 2005. In this match, he scored 102, and adorned the century with 9 sixes and 10 fours. He has only 6 ODI 100, and his ODi strike rate is 117.00.

5. Brian Lara

Fastest centuries in ODI

Brian Lara – 45 Balls

Before Afridi, the cricket player to score one of the fastest centuries ODIs in 45 balls is the former left-handed batsman of West Indies, Brian Lara, who is noted as one of the best in the world. Lara scored the 100 in a game against Bangladesh, played in Dhaka on 9th October 1999. During this match, Lara succeeded in scoring a total of 117, a score that included some memorable smashes like 4 sixes and a striking 18 fours. Lara’s record in ODI has an impressive 19 centuries, along with a strike rate of 79.31.

4. Mark Boucher

Quickest 100 in ODI Cricket

Mark Boucher – 44 Balls

The cricketer to secure the fourth place on the list of players with the fastest centuries ODIs is Mark Boucher, the former South African player who scored his superfast 100 in just 44 balls. The right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper scored the 100 in a match between South Africa and Zimbabwe on 20th September 2006 in Potchefstroom. Boucher secured score of 147, and his attractive score had 6 sixers and 8 boundaries. Interestingly, this is his only 100 in ODI, and his strike rate in one day cricket is 84.76.

3. Shahid Afridi

Quickest ODI cricket centuries

Shahid Afridi – 37 Balls

It’s no surprise that Pakistan’s former right-handed batsman Shahid Afridi appears on this list twice, having scored the third fastest century in the history of ODI cricket. He scored this incredible 100 in just 37 balls, in a game against Sri Lanka, played on 4th October 1996 in Nairobi. In this match, Afridi scored a total of 102 runs. Boom Boom Afridi’s 100 in the match included smashing hits of 11 sixes and 6 fours.

2. Corey Anderson

Quickest Centuries in ODI

Corey Anderson – 36 Balls

In the second place on the list of players who have scored the fastest centuries ODIs in New Zealand’s left-handed batting all-rounder Corey Anderson. He scored the fastest century of his career in just 36 ball, and it was seen in a game between New Zealand and West Indies. The match was played on 1st January 2014 in Queenstown, and in this match, Corey managed to score a remarkable 131 runs, with 14 sixers and 6 fours. This is the only century Anderson has scored in ODI, in which his strike rate is 108.72.

1. AB de Villiers

Centuries in few balls ODI

AB de Villiers – 31 Balls

The fastest ever century in One Day International cricket is scored by AB de Villiers, the right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper of South Africa. He scored the century in an incredible 31 balls, during a match against West Indies in Johannesburg on 18th January, 2015. The first 50 runs of this century became the fastest half-century in ODI history, having scored it in just 16 balls. He scored 149 in the match, with 16 sixes and 9 fours. He has a record of 25 centuries in ODI, and his ODI strike rate is 101.07.

List of Fastest Centuries ODIs Cricket [Updated Table]

Rank Player Total Runs Balls taken for 100 6s 4s Match Date
1 AB de Villiers 149 31 16 9 South Africa v West Indies 18/01/2015
2 Corey Anderson 131* 36 14 6 New Zealand v West Indies 01/01/2014
3 Shahid Afridi 102 37 11 6 Pakistan v Sri Lanka 04/10/1996
4 Mark Boucher 147* 44 10 8 South Africa v Zimbabwe 20/09/2006
5 Brian Lara 117 45 4 18 West Indies v Bangladesh 09/10/1999
6 Shahid Afridi 102 45 9 10 Pakistan v India 15/04/2005
7 Jesse Ryder 104 46 5 12 New Zealand v West Indies 01/01/2014
8 Jos Buttler 116* 46 8 10 England v Pakistan 20/11/2015
9 Sanath Jayasuriya 134 48 11 11 Sri Lanka v Pakistan 02/04/1996
10 Kevin O’Brien 113 50 6 13 Ireland v England 02/03/2011
11 Glenn Maxwell 102 51 4 10 Australia v Sri Lanka 08/03/2015
12 Virat Kohli 100* 52 7 8 India v Australia 16/10/2013
13 AB de Villiers 162* 52 8 17 South Africa v West Indies 27/02/2015
14 Shahid Afridi 124 53 4 17 Pakistan v Bangladesh 21/06/2010
15 Moeen Ali 102 53 8 7 England v West Indies 24/09/2017
16 Sanath Jayasuriya 130 55 6 16 Sri Lanka v Bangladesh 30/06/2008
17 James Faulkner 116 57 6 11 Australia v India 02/11/2013
18 AB de Villiers 119 57 11 3 South Africa v India 25/10/2015
19 AB de Villiers 102 58 3 11 South Africa v India 27/02/2010
20 Virender Sehwag 125* 60 6 14 India v New Zealand 11/03/2009
21 Virat Kohli 115* 61 1 18 India v Australia 30/10/2013
22 Jos Buttler 121 61 4 11 England v Sri Lanka 31/05/2014
23 Sharjeel Khan 152 61 9 16 Pakistan v Ireland 18/08/2016
24 Mohammad Azharuddin 108 62 3 10 India v New Zealand 17/12/1988
25 Shakib Al Hasan 104 63 4 8 Bangladesh v Zimbabwe 11/08/2009
26 Sanath Jayasuriya 157 64 1 23 Sri Lanka v Netherlands 04/07/2006
27 Yuvraj Singh 138* 64 6 16 India v England 14/11/2008
28 Kedar Jadhav 120 65 4 12 India v England 15/01/2017
29 Matthew Hayden 101 66 4 14 Australia v South Africa 24/03/2007
30 Suresh Raina 101 66 5 7 India v Hong Kong 25/06/2008

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On January 18th 2015 one of the best finishers and one of the most dangerous batsmen in cricket world, AB de Villiers, smashes fastest ODI fifty and hundred. AB de Villiers is one of those players who played multiple sports at International level and also equaled the record of Most Sixes in An Inning Of ODI by any Batsmen, hitting 16 sixes in his 149 runs Innings. He completed his fifty in 16 balls and 100 in 31 balls.

As One Day International present the best of both worlds of the longest and shortest cricket matches, with the technical perfection in the displays by the players and their high strike rates with which they score some high scores in a short number of overs, we get to see some amazing centuries. The ones listed above have formed records that the new cricketers will struggle to break. And which one out of the Fastest Centuries ODIs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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