Here We are Going To Compile a List of Greatest Batsmen of All Time. Cricket is An outdoor game played on a large grass field with ball, bats, and two wickets, between teams of eleven players. after introduction of Cricket has created a huge influence on people of all ages, particularly in South Asia. Batting is more popular in cricket than bowling and so are batsman than bowler. But, still there are few batsman in the world who are recognized in cricket history due to their Great Performances. we are Going to Make The List of Top 10 Greatest Batsmen of All Time. It will be pertiennet to mention here that Gentleman’s game mostly witnessed the dominance of batsmen, here we have got some of the bestout of them. Feel Free To Post Your Opinion About The List in comment section below the post. don’t forget to like us on facebook, and also follow us on twitter.

Top 10 Greatest Batsmen

Don Bradman

Greatest Batsmen of all time

If we Describe greatest batsman then, he does not need explanation to remain in 2nd spot of Greatest Batsmen of All Time. when he was in form, no one could stop him. It was like an honor for bowler to take the wicket of Don Bradman. his batting average of 99.94 tells the whole story of his Greatness. He scored 29 Test centuries from 80 innings. his Amazing Average in test career remains One of the Seven Wonders in Cricket History. no need to mention that he is the all time greatest batsmen in history of the game.

Sachin Tendulkar

Greatest Batsmen

With No Surprise Sachin Has Topped the List of Greatest Batsmen. although Wisden has listed Sachin as the second best batsmen in Test cricket after Don Bradman, and the second best batsmen in ODIs after Viv Richards. But, in Modern Cricket Sachin Tendulkar is No. 1, both Formats, Tests and ODIs. Records of ODI’s and Test Batting is totally dominated by Sachin Tendulkar. Records Like Most Centuries and Most Runs in both ODIs and Test Matches. Sachin has also the world record of Most Man of the Match Awards in ODI’s Cricket History. he has scored 15,921 runs in test cricket and 18426 runs in ODI’s. truly a legend who deserved to #2 in Greatest Batsmen List.

Viv Richards

Greatest Batsmen

He is almost unequivocally regarded as the greatest ODI’s batsman of all time, as also the most destructive and feared ever, man who gave “swagger” new meaning in cricket. and as one of the very greatest to have ever played the game. Viv Richards was voted one of the five Cricketers of the Century in 2000, by a 100-member panel of experts, along with Sir Donald Bradman, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Jack Hobbs and Shane Warne. Some Experts Regarded him Best Ever Batsmen Against Fast Bowlers. he is the 3rd Greatest Batsmen in our list.

Garfield Sobers

Greatest Batsmen

Another batsman for Caribbean in the List of greatest batsman. Sobers is the One of greatest all rounder in cricket history. also the one the best batsman in cricket world ever seen. Garfield Sobers had very elegant shots and great pair of hands. He has Achieved the batting average of 57.78 in test cricket with an highest score of 365* runs. He Has Scored 26 centuries in 93 test matches he played. a true legend, an great batsmen.

Jacques Kallis

Greatest Batsmen

Jacques Kallis is one of the greatest batsman in world. He is not only a good batsman but, is an excellent all rounder as well. he is the only cricketer in the history of the game to hold more than 11,000 runs and 250 wickets in both one day and Test match cricket. with Average of 45 in ODIs and 57 in Tests he is the fifth Greatest Batsmen in Our List. Kallis is Now Retired From Cricket. he scored 13,289 runs in test cricket and 11,574 in ODI’s cricket.

Ricky Ponting

Greatest Batsmen

One of the most successful Australian captains and one of the All Time Successful Captain in Cricket History, Ricky Ponting is in 6 spot among the Greatest Batsmen of all time. One of the highest run makers in his era. he scored 41 tests and 30 ODIs Tons in His Career. He Found His Place at No. 6 in List of Top 10 Greatest Batsmen of All Time.

Brian Lara

Greatest Batsmen

Who does not know Brian Lara in cricket. 3rd West Indian in this list. Brian Lara was always known for his long inning in test cricket. he has record for highest individual runs in test cricket 400* runs and in first class cricket 501* runs. He topped the Test batting rankings on several occasions and holds several cricketing records. this classical batsmen with 34 tests 19 ODIs Centuries is in the list of Greatest Batsman of all time at 7th spot.

Wally Hammond

Greatest Batsmen

at 8 Position in List of Greatest Batsmen of All Time is the great cricketer from England Wally Hammound. He is the best batsman ever in England team. With an average of 58.45 and 7249 runs. he was the simply invaluable to the team during the Bradman era. he scored 22 tons in his 85 test match career.

Javed Miandad

Greatest Batsmen

He is Pakistan’s leading run scorer in Test cricket. “the greatest batsman Pakistan ever produced”. Javed is widely known for his historic last ball big sixer against India in 1986, when 4 runs were required to win, winning an international game in that fashion for the first time. with 23 tests and 8 ODIs Centuries Javed Found 9th Spot in our List of Top 10 Greatest Batsmen of All Time.

Rahul Dravid

Greatest Batsmen

Widely Known as “The Wall”, Rahul Dravid has all the favor to be in the list of top 10 Greatest Batsman. He has amazing ability in defense and play with patience. He has played lots of crucial innings in test cricket and ODIs. with 53 Test Career average and 40 ODIs average he Secure his Place at No 10 in list of Top 10 Greatest Batsmen of All Time.

Conclusion: Players Like Virat Kohli, AB de Villiars and Hashim Amla. These Players Perhaps Could be Included in All Time Greatest. as They Are Performing at the moment or performed through out their careers, they surly will make into this list.

Top 10 Greatest Batsmen of All Time.

  • 1. Don Bradman
  • 2. Sachin Tendulkar
  • 3. Viv Richards
  • 4. Garfield Sobers
  • 5. Jacques Kallis
  • 6. Ricky Ponting
  • 7. Brian Lara
  • 8. Wally Hammond
  • 9. Javed Miandad
  • 10. Rahul Dravid

So What You Think About Top 10 Greatest Batsmen List ?

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  • Allan

    Very Good Pick

  • Sneha Dixit

    Jawed Miadaad? WTF.. Dravid should come in last five boss..

    • faliqkhudadost

      fuk this bias sachin asslicker list ….. kumar sangakara record is better then sachin tendulkar ……….. after bredmen tendulkar who didnt make tripple century dafuq kumar sanga kara 134 test 12400 avarage 57.somthing compare to pussy tendulkar who chalage olanga in his whole career 200 test for 15900 avarage 53 ,,,,

      • Vikas

        TENDULKAR STARTED TOO EARLY…. He struggled in the start

  • Really ?

    • reveller

      Hanif Mohammed was far better than Miandad. And where’s Mr. Gavaskar in that list??

  • piyu2cool

    Tendulkar and Viv Richards are tied for first spot in ODI. In tests we have a difficult choice but it has to be Bradman or Lara…

    • Shiv

      Lara will always be a better batsman than tendulkar

  • jj

    im sorry – bradman averaged 100 and tendulkar 50 odd. How is Tendulkar possibly better?

  • Jon Low

    No Barry Richards or Graeme Pollock?

  • Saptarshi Nag

    Where is Sunil Gavaskar?And Rahul Dravid should be at 8th position.

  • Chamara Wijegunawardhane

    it should be Brian Lara @ no # position

  • hariprasad

    sachin is great and he will no 1

    • am

      only 4 indians who doesnt even like to speak real cricket legends names

  • Tashan

    Gavaskar in place of Miandad.

  • Tashan

    W.G. Grace and Wally Hammond were very good. People are not aware of them much.

  • shshank

    here we are talking about the best players, nd here we have PONTING the biggest cheater but not GAVASKAR. what a joke. 😛

  • Lynchpin

    Kumar Sangakkara?

  • charith

    don bradman’s avg was 100, but after he got out for a duck (0) against sri lanka it dropped to 99.94

  • javed meadad nice player

  • Sokker1008 AD

    Here the top 10 batsman that i have seen while batting

    1. Sachin Tandulkar

    2. Brian Lara

    3. Viv Richards

    4. Ricky Ponting

    5. Jacques Kallis

    6. Sunil Gavaskar

    7. Rahul Dravid

    8. Sanath Jaysuria

    9. Matthew Hayden


    Mahela Jayawardene

    • my goodness: Jayasuriya in all time greatest ?

    • Naveen

      Common yaar.. If it all jaywardane is there y Sangakkara is not there. Go compare their stats both in home and away matches.

      • reveller

        Jaysuriya sitting at 8th position is a big joke first of all. I’d rather include Arvinda De Silva there.

    • hkjhkhj


    • Marven


  • AH

    Look at the test Averages of Sangakkara. His test averages as a batsman (over 70) (not as keeper is second to Don) . All the others except Sobers are below 56. Tendulkar is below 55.
    In my view he is no 2 after Bradman

  • Sampoline

    Why are you comparing Lara and Bradman lol? Not even a single doubt it is Bradman. Tendulkar even is slighly higher in my book over Lara in tests. Only just.

    • crudador

      but why the name of Md.Azharaddin is taken here.

  • Naveen

    Where is sangakkara

  • Nirantha

    Haven’t you heard about Kumar Sangakkara while you preparing this list.

    • am

      this man wathes indian matches only
      dats it
      a typical indian

  • Pat Willshire

    What about Sir Jack Hobbs – and no covering the wickets back when he was playing, nor the huge clubs they use for bats these days!

    • his record in first class cricket is untouchable but he played less international cricket i mean test cricket

  • Brian

    Kumar Sangakkara should be near the top of this list. Sangakkara has a test average of almost 59, more than 5 runs higher than Tendulkar, Ponting, Lara, Kallis, Dravid or Miandad. He has the highest average in history for anyone playing 100 or more tests and also had the added pressure of being keeper for much of his career.

  • sandip

    Sachin, played
    six World Cups, was the leading run-getter in the 1996 and 2003 editions.

  • sandip

    2nd run getter in 2011

  • cricketfan

    Tendulkar is not even the greatest Indian batsman of all time so how can he be number 2 lol

    • pondre

      man I agree with u

    • am

      thats bcz he his the favourit batsman of this ranker.nothing can b else

    • SuperSanga

      Yeah he is

    • Akhil Kumar Patnaik

      Are you drunk?

    • sunny

      Who do you think is the greatest indian cricketer then?

  • supun

    this is a lol. no 1 is sanga

  • sitendra kumar yadav

    i think the best batsman in the world should be and must be as

    no1????????????????????? have u ever noticed that sachin made his first odi century in and after 70 match of his early career …….y he took 70 match to make his first centuary in his career,because he was not given the opportunity to bat at no1 to no 4 position in his early career he always came in at no5 or no 6 position in early careers matches ….so imagine people if he had got the chance to bat at no1 position from his first match so add 10 centuries more to his career statistics 51 it could be 61 to 63 odi centuries

    sachin tendulkar and donald bradman shares equal position at no 1

    no2 brian lara

    no3 ricky ponting

    no4 jack kallis

    no5 vivian richardsan

    no6 garfield sobers

    no7 william haymond

    no8 allan border

    no9 sangakara

    no10 rahul dravid

  • Margaret B. Lowry

    worlds no1 batsman in the world who teached the whole world how to do batting is SACHIN TENDULKAR

  • Cricketer

    Top 50 who did not retire
    1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    2. AB de villiers
    3.Virat Kohli
    4.Chris Gayle
    5.Kumar Sangakkara

  • NSRajaram

    George Headley of West Indies should be No 2 and Sachin No.3. Viv Richards doesn’t belong. Virendra Sehwag was at least his equal. Rahul Dravid no lower than 5.

  • Marven

    Best batsmen I’ve seen:

    Sachin Tendulkar #1

    Viv Richards #2

    Sir Don Bradman #3

    Brian Lara #4

    Garfield Sobers #5

    Rahul Dravid #6

    Ricky Ponting #7

    Kumar Sangakkara #8

    Abraham Benjamin de Villiers #9

    Virat Kohli #10

  • Arpit Prusty

    sachin ought to be at no.1 as he bagged numerous records,most by any batsman in the history of cricket as well as has a good average both in odi and tests,most consistent player for nearly 18 years and a good bowler in early 2000,as long as those records are not being broken.He must stay at 1.never a single batsman could be able to break all these records together.
    sr.don has had only a highest average 99 in tests at that time ,how advanced the cricket has become in 21st century that we are witnessing in any field of cricket like bowling,fielding etc.
    on the basis of unbreakable records,

    10 all time greatest cricketers
    1-s tendulkar.
    2-sr don bradman.
    rest what given above.

    • casc

      You sir, are a fucking idiot, did you see the pitches they were batting on? No Helmets, bigger boundaries, Bats with the thickness of 15mm… not to mention that the bowlers back then easily bowled 90mp/h + e.g. Larwood.

      Even Sachin Tendulka said that Sir Donald Bradman is the best batsman of all-time, its only you monkey’s that think otherwise because you cannot handle that Your “God” Sachin Was never as good as Bradman

  • sam

    adam glishshirt??????????

  • jeff

    I think sangakarra is better then dravid or miadaad personally. Deserves a spot on this list

  • faliqkhudadost

    fuk this bias sachin asslicker list ….. kumar sangakara record is better then sachin tendulkar ……….. after bredmen tendulkar who didnt make tripple century dafuq kumar sanga kara 134 test 12400 avarage 57.somthing compare to pussy tendulkar who chalage olanga in his whole career 200 test for 15900 avarage 53

  • raj

    tendulakar is and will remain the greatest of all test batsman …….!!!! he played as a lone warrior in his team .

  • rakesh

    Where is sangkara,11 double century.sud be at 2nd.Mike hussy.

  • rakesh

    Sachin sud be at no 1,,when he batted ,fielding and bowling standard very high

  • Telbabu

    Javed Miandad is a gully cicketer and can only score runs in Sharjah..,howcome his name is here.