A List About the Tennis Queens Who Played Tennis As A Passion. and Dominates the World Throughout Their Careers. These tennis stars have also been an inspiration for women across the globe. Their determination has awarded them an unforgettable name in their respective field.

Top 10 Greatest Female Tennis Players of all Time

Martina Hingis

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 5 Grand Slam, 548–133 (80.5%) Prize money $20,130,657
No need to justify the score here. Hingis has almost done it all in tennis, with her accomplishments being surpassed by a select few. Five Grand Slam titles, 40 career titles and a win-loss record of 463-95 since she turned pro in 1994 at the age of 14. she is a Swiss former professional tennis player who spent a total of 209 weeks as World No. 1. Hingis set a series of “youngest-ever” records before ligament injuries in both ankles forced her to withdraw temporarily from professional tennis in 2002 at the age of 22 years. she leads the 2013 class for the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

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Monica Seles

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has Nine Grand Slams, 53 titles, 595/122 @82.98% win, Prize money $14,891,762
former Yugoslav World No. 1 professional tennis player and a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. She won nine Grand Slam singles titles, winning eight of them while a citizen of Yugoslavia and one while a citizen of the United States. You were never sure if Monica Seles was hitting a forehand or a backhand, not that it mattered. You were sure you were seeing the greatest sensation in her sport.
In 1990, at the age of 16, Seles became the youngest-ever French Open champion. She went on to win eight Grand Slam singles titles before her 20th birthday and was the year-end World No. 1 in 1991 and 1992. Before the tragic stabbing that kept her out of the sport for two years, Seles was on her way to becoming one of the top players ever in history of tennis.

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Venus Williams

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 7 Grand Slams, 46 titles, 675–180 (78.95%) win career Prize money $31,007,596
American professional tennis player who is a former World No. 1 and is ranked World No. 20 in singles as of March 4, 2013. She has been ranked World No. 1 in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) on three separate occasions.
If not for her sister, Venus would doubtlessly have another handful of Grand Slams. As it is, she’s been sort of a one-trick pony: five of her seven Slams have come at Wimbledon and the other two were at the U.S. Open. That’s not too bad of a trick to have.

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Margaret Court

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 24 Grand Slams, 92 titles, 91% win Prize Money Over $200,000
The best Australian female tennis player of all time, Nicknamed ‘The Aussie Amazon,’ her weight, circuit and cardio training gave her a physical advantage and ensured her stokes and serve were the most powerful of her time. It is because of Court that female players began to take physical training seriously. she has collected more Grand Slam singles titles than anyone, securing twenty-four majors from 1960 to 1973, also has the highest ever career match winning percentage at 91.74%. All this despite giving birth to three of her four children during her career. Part of the reason for her success, longevity and ability to bounce back after childbirth breaks was her commitment to fitness training, something that wasn’t viewed as particularly important in the women’s game in the 1960s.

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Maria Sharapova


One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 5 Grand Slams, 35 WTA titles, 592–142 (80.65%) win Prize money $34,898,240
No need to justify the score here. Sharapova has almost done it all in tennis, with her accomplishments being surpassed by a select few. Five Grand Slam titles and a win-loss record of 592–142 since she turned pro in 2001 at the age of 14. She is a Russian professional tennis player who spent a total of 21 weeks as World No. 1 for WTA. Sharapova has set a series of records, and is one of the most favourites among the sports brands as a marketable athlete. She is also noted off the court as one of the most beautiful, stylish and successful athletes.

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Chris Evert

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 18 Grand Slams, 157 titles, 1309–145 (90.05%) win Prize money $8,895,195
A powerful baseline player, Chris Evert was the undisputed female star of the 1970s. In the latter half of the 70s she dominated the women’s game and in her career amassed an amazing 90% match wins. Her two-handed backhand was legendary and opponents soon knew not to attempt to come to the net for fear of being passed time and time again. In fifty-six career Grand Slam tournament appearances, she missed the semifinal cut only four times. In nineteen consecutive U.S. Open appearances, she never failed to advance to at least the quarterfinals. For thirteen consecutive seasons 1974 to 1986 she set a record that may never be broken by winning at least one major title every year. She collected a record seven French Open championships and Evert was the Queen of clay and can claim 125 consecutive matches on the surface, with a loss of only seven sets, a record which is yet to be beaten by any player in the world. No woman in history has played the game better for longer than Evert.

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Billie Jean King

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 12 Grand Slams, 84 titles 695–155 (81.76%) win Prize money $1,966,487.
If we were ranking the most influential tennis players ever, King would be a clear No. 1 and she’d be up there on a list of all athletes as well. Her pioneering efforts in gender equality and her win over Bobby Riggs in 1973’s Battle of the Sexes often make people forget that she was a 12-time Slam winner. She won six Wimbledon singles championships and twelve majors altogether, joining the career Grand Slam club. A brilliant volleyer, she controlled points with an intelligent attacking style and a powerful personality. Had she not been driven by a multitude of causes, she might have added even more luster to her record.

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Martina Navratilova

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 18 Grand Slams, 167 WTA titles 1,442–219 (86.8%) win Prize money $21,626,089
No woman player has had a more complete game. A magnificent athlete, and The fittest player on the tour in her time, her honed physique and incredible conditioning, she was virtually unbeatable for five years in her prime. From 1982-86, she lost only fourteen matches. She secured a record nine Wimbledon singles championships, 1,442 wins, 167 titles, a 74-match win streak, playing in 23 consecutive singles finals, 18 singles titles at Grand Slams, 59 total titles at the Slams, nine victories at Wimbledon. Even as a 53-year-old breast-cancer survivor, Martina could probably hold her own on tour today. a True champion deserve the No:2 spot in the all time list.

Steffi Graf

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 22 Grand Slams, 107 titles, 900–115 (88.67%) win Prize money $21,895,277

Steffi Graf is the Greatest Female Tennis Player of all Time, Nobody can deny This Universal Truth,
Although Margaret Court won more majors, Graf is the only player (male or female) to win every Grand Slam event at least four times in singles. Her incomparable forehand, her extraordinary coordination and an unmatched zest for competition lifted Graf to her preeminent level. Graf broke quite a few records many of which are still unbeaten to this day, including the record for the highest number of weeks with a number one ranking (an incredible 377 weeks), at one stage staying at the top spot for 186 consecutive weeks. greatest player of all time by numerous publications and polls. it is her ability to triumph on all surfaces. Whereas other players had their favorite surfaces, for example Margaret Court was a hard court specialist and Martina Navratilova always excelled on grass court , Steffi Graf was a true all-rounder of all time, regardless of surface.

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Serena Williams

Greatest Female Tennis Players

One of the Greatest Female Tennis Players, who has 21 Grand Slams, 69 WTA titles, 732–122 (85.71%) win Prize money $73,293,424

Serena Williams is currently ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis. Williams holds the most Major singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles combined amongst active players, male or female.

A prodigious athlete universally admired for her unshakable drive and immense, mental strength, and continued longevity as one of the world’s top female players, Serena Williams is undoubtedly up their with the best of all time. All she has lacked is consistency, but who knows precisely what is in store for Serena in the years ahead?
The younger Williams sister may be closer to the top of this list when her career ends, but as of now she doesn’t have the resume to compare with the four players, Serena at her peak may have been the greatest who ever stepped onto the court. But this exercise was to rank the greatest careers, not who had the most talent.

So what are your thoughts about list of Greatest Female Tennis Players; do share with us in the comments section below.

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  • ranthony1903

    Monica Seles had Steffi Graf’s number, and if Graf’s camp had not hired some psycho to stab Monica in the back, Monica would be the one with 25 to 30 Grand Slams.
    Un-stabbed Monica would have beaten Graf 9 out 10 times.

    • david95

      Agreed 100%.

    • Reika Tachyon

      Except that un-stabbed Monica only beat Graf 4 out of 10 times. Fact.

      • david95

        First. Stefi started as a pro in 1982, Monica didn’t until 1989. You first three in 1989 are irreverent. As your 8 year pro beat an amateur Seles.

        FAST FORWARD. IN 1990, Seles was 2-0 against Graf.

        1991 – Graf run their only meeting.

        1992 – Split – 1 win a piece.

        1993 – The year of the stabbing. They only met once before the stabbing, and Seles win that one.

        Anything AFTER the stabbing is IRRELEVANT to this “topic”.

      • GwenKillerby

        actually, it’s

        Graf–Seles 1989–1999


        Slams: 6–4

        Slam finals.3–3
        So, when the stakes got higher, Seles was equal to Graf.

    • al

      Would have? Monica is great but she was the type where the person came out of nowhere and put all their eggs in one basket – meaning putting almost all of her victories in her early part of her career. The reason was because her game was unfamiliar. This happens with many phenoms when they come around, and Monica was amazing. But Monica was also the type of athlete who was so great but also by just being so young, fresh and naturally fast at the start. However, it is a fact that Nick Bolittieri and all who worked with Monica, had said that she NEVER did anything or other fitness/shape activities outside of tennis. She just did tennis and that was that. Diet was an issue too, and her conditioning would have suffered naturally with age. This would have caught up to her. Without the stabbing, Monica and her game would have naturally been found out and ADAPTED to by the rest of the women, because the 90s was the peak of modern tennis when it was all about super-fitness, power, but also executing technique and all the tricks. 1991-1993 you could already see the rest of the tour starting to inch closer and closer to Seles and challenging her, just as they did with Graf. This only shows how great Graf was because she kept finding new ways and dimensions to stay at the top and hold off the rest of the tour.

      • Jos Gro

        Absolutely, Seles might have won a few Slams more if she was not stabbed, but her game would also have been neutralized by the other players, not to mention she might also have suffered injuries



    • Dick

      But she was!! FACT!

  • Tom

    the record between Seles and Graf were 4-6 before the stabbing. Beside that tragic incident, it´s not how it could have been but how it is. And so I’m sure it’s correct to call Graf the GOAT of female tennis players.

    • Dick

      By that then it sounds like you are willing to give SW the prestigious Title of The G.O.A.T if/when she gets to Singles Grand Slam #23! Correct?

  • david95

    The only reason Steffi Graf would be number one, is that her fan stabbed her biggest rival who owned her, Monica Seles. Hate to be blunt, but that’s a fact.

    • al

      Graf would have naturally topped Seles without the stabbing, because she always had new dimensions and plan b, c, d, that it was scary! You see how Graf held off three or four different generations of players? Graf was also the perfectionist, even in conditioning, whereas it’s a fact that Seles did not do anything except tennis (Nick Bolittieri’s own statement and criticism of his former pupil). And though the stabbing was horrible, why didn’t Seles fight back like Thomas Muster did after being run over by a car and having his leg severely damaged?

      • david95

        I don’t like to get into the whatifs. But you would make it very interesting indeed if I did. 🙂

  • maryann26

    Martina Navratilova was a greater tennis player than Steffi Graf. Graf did not dominate in doubles play. Navatilova dominated singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Graf was a not significant doubles player at all.

  • Tom

    Women Tennis has evolved to such a large extent that it is difficult to compare yesterday’s tennis to today’s tennis. Players are fitter and more psychologically conditioned as well. Putting it bluntly players like Steffi, Margaret Court, Billie Jean, Chris Evert Lloyd, never reached the level of the tennis we see today. Infact all the current top ten players would easily beat these players, I am referring to players like Eugene Bouchard, Dominika Cibulkova, Angelique Kerber, Simona Halep, Agnieska Radswanska, Petra Kvitova, Ana Ivanovic , Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapora and Serena Williams. Even Venus at her current level would easily edge out these former players. But the truth is one’s competitor always bring out the best in a player. Someone like Martina Navratillova would likely prepare and rise to the occassion, So we would have to assume the others would at some time. Just as how other players have risen to the level of Serena Williams at the moment. But it would not be far-fetched to conclude that Serena Williams is currently the best ever. I dont even think tennis fans would enjoy watching what was played in the Margaret Court era. No disrespect.

  • Agreed.
    But Whenever We Will Compile A List We have To Follow The win/loss Records. and records of players mentioned above are absolutely fantastic. they dominated their eras. so we can’t ignore them.
    thanks for you comment.

    • GwenKillerby

      You could start by being transparent about how you weigh W-L records, Slams, prize money and GS matches towards your overall list.

      Williams at six is absolutely ridiculous.
      Dominating an era full of amateurs is very different from dominating an era of hardened professionals, who outnumber the amateurs several times over, and who all travel with teams.

  • Andy T.

    serena Williams…. 19 grand slams and at no. 6? I believe the elephant in the room has nothing to do with a stabbing and more to do with a sport riddled with ENDEMIC racism….

    • What

      Yeah, it is hard to believe. They explicitly say they are ranking career achievement because Serena may have the best game ever, then disregard her having won more majors than most of the white women ranked above her.

    • Dick

      Race maybe, maybe not!

      Fact is she is now at #21 Grand Slams!! In a little over a month she could finally reach #22 at the USO! This author is totally unmoved by these new developments. If she gets to #22 next month I am willing to go out on a limb and predict she will likely get to #25! I like the way she & her handlers are managing her health these days. They are ensuring she gets to pick match form at the right time, on the second week of a GS!! There is no point in doing anything else. It’s the GS’ that count.

      When are we going to see her at #1?!

  • Dick

    I see that Serena’ #19 had no effect on her ranking! Lol. Question: what does she need to do to be The Goat in your view? I mean put it out there. She is the only one of these players still in the game and competitive at the highest level. What will it take? What we dont want to see is the constant moving of goal posts each time she gets closer to the front of the queue. There was a time when she would not pass the 18 mark of MN & CE. Now she has but zero change. What happens when/if she gets to 22 Grand Slams in your view?

    Yes one can not compare players of different eras with each other but one can have a constant standard by which they all get judged! In my books it’s the number of singles grand slam titles!!! What’s yours?

    • GwenKillerby

      Court won her 7 [podunk hick slams by ALWAYS having a bye in the first round, and 2 of them she played just four matches, one of which was with a Walkover in the ….. FINAL.
      But sure, keep counting them towards her total …..

    • Dick

      She is now at #21!!! Closing in on the Big One!!! Are we ever going to move her to her well deserved spot? Does she have to get to #25 first?! Because this is also possible!!! :~).

  • Callum M

    Probably because she has only won the French open 2 times, but i agree see should be at least fifth.

    • Dreám Bongo

      Chris Evert won Australia Open only twice, and she’s ranked multiple spots above Serena

      • al

        No debate here. Besides amount of victories/titles and TECHNIQUE/skills being important factors (very very important to tennis), these are all women but Serena is not. She is off the list.

      • Burgress

        Evert also had 157 career titles compared to Williams 68 and Evert’s career record of 1309-146 is far superior to William’s record of 723-121. I think Williams should be above King, but Graf, Court, Evert, and Navratilova all have a solid case for being ranked higher than Williams. I also think all four of them played at a time when tennis was at it’s peak. Since 2008 tennis, especially women’s tennis has seen a massive decline in the level of talent and popularity. I think in terms of television viewership, tennis peaked in 1991. Conveniently for Williams this has also been the period of her greatest success. I think she has something like 13 grand slams over he grand slams since 2008. It is not that she is getting better with age, it’s that her competition has fallen off. If you look at the early part of her career when she had players like Henin, Clijsters, a healthy Venus, Vicario, and Hingis as competition, she was nearly as successful.

        • Medellin Money

          Lol Serena would dismantle every woman ever in tennis

          • Grey

            I agree! pit everyone one of these females at their prime and serena would still win.

  • Callum M

    Madison Keys will no doubt be on here one day.

  • generalfreeze

    Serena Williams in most people’s views is the greatest of all times….she has re-defined the women’s game with her power and poise…the women’s game is now at par as the men’s. She has broken more records than any other player living or dead, 19 grand slams, multiple Olympic medallist, double, mix doubles, highest prize money, oldest grand slam winner and still number one…

    • al

      “most people’s views”? You mean Americans, right? And POISE??? Comedian alert!

      • Temple

        “Don’t hate her cause you ain’t her”.

    • Medellin Money

      Serena the best there’s no point arguing with racist let’s be real here it’s simple she too powerful for any woman ever and too fast

  • GwenKillerby

    Really funny website! A couple of remarks why this is an dishonest website:
    Both Navritalova and Evert have fully acknowledged that Williams is ahead of them.
    Court won SEVEN GS before the open era, playing only farm girls

  • Sebastian Barcelone

    It almost seems that Graff should have an asterisk next to her name being that Seles, who was actually better was out of the picture for two years and was never the same afterwards.I can’t wait until Serena Williams’ career is over so we could have a new #1 instead of someone who doesn’t deserve it.

    • al

      No asterisk. It’s not Graf’s fault about the stabbing. Also, stabbing or not, Graf just evolved more and more and found/possessed new dimensions and plan in her game and FITNESS. Seles did not do much outside of tennis, and it would have caught up with her. Have some respect for people’s achievements and respect for what happened…..history. It’s also not just records and victories alone, but also about technique and the tricks. Conduct as well. That is why Graf and Federer ARE tennis. They both meet all aspects.

    • Bradley Jacob

      serena the best ever

  • al

    It’s not only the records and victories, but it’s also the TECHNIQUE. That is why Graf and Federer are THE definitions of tennis – the sport, its technicalities and the conduct/behaviour. Tennis is a culture too.

  • al

    You can’t say that about Court’s era, because that was actual tennis being played more than today’s “outhitting” goal on the court. “Putting it bluntly players like Steffi, Margaret Court, Billie Jean,
    Chris Evert Lloyd, never reached the level of the tennis we see today”. How old are you? Steffi does not belong on that list. Watching her in the 80s to the end of her career, she was ahead of her time and in fact, up-to-date. She is the reason why tennis is how it is now, although it has kind of lost its way this decade due to too overdone racquet and strings. And Steffi played and held off three or four eras of players, and most of her career was in the modern tennis. But again, even when she came out on tour, she was like something transplanted from the present time anyway. Watch some past videos and have some respect.

  • Kam Bains

    PLEASE, stop being so racist, serena would have wiped the floor with all these players. they wouldn’t have even won a game against her never mind a set, they would have not been able to deal with her physicality and fitness, ridiculous article

  • Kam Bains

    PLEASE, just stop your racism now, Serena would have wiped the floor with all these players all they would have seen was the ball fly past them, they would not have won a set against her, can’t deal with her physicality, fitness and skill, ridiculous article

  • MAZS

    They said the same thing about Martina N. Time for you to go back to your Jade Helm 15 sites.

    • Nothing Happens For A Reason

      al: these are all women but Serena is not. She is off the list.

      he claims she’s not a woman but keeps calling her ‘she’…… too ironic!

  • MJ

    “Steffi Graf is the Greatest Female Tennis Player of all Time, Nobody can deny This Universal Truth”

    Don’t think this is as clear cut as you make it – Steffi played during an era when the overall talent was weak (after Martina, before the Williams sisters). Additionally, Monica Seles owned her when she came onto the tour – had Monica not been stabbed in the back by a crazed fan, Steffi would likely have many fewer grand slam titles.

    Steffi was a great champion, to be sure – but Martina / Everett took a number of slams from each other, as did the Williams sisters. I would put Martina or S Williams (at 21 and counting) at #1.

  • Dr. Pradeep Jee

    It is scandalous to see Serena so low in this list.She is simply incomparable.How many have won 4 back to back GSs TWICE!! How many have done it at 33?How many females serve aces on the go? And thrice winning Grand Slams after saving match points!!
    Talent,skill,temperament,strength,fitness,longevity,achievements you name it,she has it. Truly matchless.I wonder if there will ever be another like her

  • Jim XXX

    its wrong. Check out Martina Navratilova’s numbers, people. It ain’t racism, it ain’t sexism, its the fact. Navratilova is number 1. footnote: From 1982-195, Martina’s match record was 337-11 a, wait for it, .968 winning percentage!! And the rest of the decade she was almost as good. The Best. Nothing against Serena, you could make the argument that SHE’S #1, but do some research about the history of female tennis before you just jump on the bandwagon people.

  • Gabri Gabri

    steffy graf best ever

  • Justin LeGross

    1. Steffi Graf
    2. Serena Williams
    3. Martina Navratilova
    4. Chris Evert
    5. Monika Seles
    6. Justine Henin
    7. Martina Hingis
    8. Venus Williams
    9. Margaret Court
    10. Billie Jean King

    • Jos Gro

      good ranking, specially because Sharapova is not in, can´t believe they placed her ahead of Hingis, Venus and all the others behind her in this strange ranking

  • Bradley Jacob


  • Bradley Jacob

    the serena the best ever

  • generalfreeze

    sharapova should not be on that list maybe kim clisjters or henin herden…BTW congrats Serena williams as GOAT!

  • Jos Gro

    Lol, I also thought that Sharapova was terribly overrated

  • Jos Gro

    Sharapova 6th?? ahead of Hingis, Venus and Seles?? If she should be in this ranking, then number 10 is more than good for her. Totally overrated here

  • Brian Sivell

    Chris Evert had the great percentage of success. So the numbers are between Chris Evert and Serena Williams. The sad part is Monica Seles numbers would certainly be higher if if wasn’t for a crazy person. Maria Sharapova should removed from the list for her cheating ways.