Soccer is a world’s most famous and One of Most Paying sport and the soccer players are also world famous. Their fan following is huge and with that they have great fame attached with them. This sport has seen some greatest players who dominated the sport during their Careers, and definitely there are top 10 list of greatest soccer players of all time who are just the best. lets have a look at Top 10 Soccer Players of All Time and see who is the who is the best soccer player in the world.

Top 10 Greatest Soccer Players of All Time

#1. Pele

Next on Greatest Soccer Players, Pele is a retired Brazilian football player. He was born on 21 October in the year 1940. Many football critics, experts and former players regard him as the best soccer players of all time.  During his time, he was the athlete who was paid best in the world. Pele was voted World Player of the Century by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics. so he has deserved 2nd place in our list of Top 10 Greatest Soccer Players of All Time.

#2. Lionel Messi

Next on Greatest Soccer Players, The first in the list is Lionel Messi who is a Argentine footballer born on 24 June 1987. He plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona as a forward, Argentina national team.  He is the captain of the national football team of Argentine. most of the commentators, players and soccer guru considers him as best striker in history of the game.

Messi is the only player to top-scorer in four consecutive Champions League campaigns.

Messi is the first football player in history to win Five FIFA/Ballons d’Or, four of them he won consecutively.

Youngest Player to Score 200 La Liga goals, and all time goal scorer in the competition. and most consecutive goals in La Liga.

all time goals scorer for Barcelona, in all official club competitions.

Currently the 2nd  Highest Paid Soccer Player in the World.

he is only 30 years old, but he has achieved what others can just think about.  keeping in mind his career records, nobody can doubt that he is the finest soccer player of all time.

#3. Diego Maradona

Next on Greatest Soccer Players, Diego Maradona is a manager for Argentine football as well a coach and a former player. He is the only who have set the transfer fees record twice. Meradona has played and outshined in many tournaments during his lifetime. He was born on 30 October in the year 1960. his infamous “hand of god” goal was one of the biggest sports scandal in history. he was  jointly FIFA Player of the 20th Century with Pele. one of the all time best footballer deserve a top place in the list, so he has.

#4. Zinedine Zidane

Next on Greatest Soccer Players, one of the greatest muslim athlete: Born on 23 June 1972, Zinedine Zidane is a legendary retired footballer who used to play as a midfielder for the France team. He was crowned as the finest European footballer of all times as well. he is the winner of FIFA World Player of the Year  three times. also won the Ballons d’Or once. no hesitation whatsoever to include this super-star into Best Soccer Players list. his head-butt to Italy’s Marco Materazzi in Worldcup 2006 considered to be one of most spacial/remembered moment in football history. Zidane was the Best Soccer Player when he was active in football arena.

#5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Next on Greatest Soccer Players, Cristiano Ronaldo is a forward player for Spanish La Liga Club Real Madrid. he is also captain of the national team of Portuguese. He was born on 5 February on 1985. He was the most expensive football player in the year 2009 when he moved from Manchester united to Real Madrid. in 2013 Gareth Bale breaks the record, when he transfer to Real Madrid in €100. for sure he is one of the best footballer of all time. at the moment he is ranked as 5th in All Time Best Soccer Players List, i am sure he will be among top 3 of Best Soccer Players at the end of his career.

Visit: for more detail about Cristiano Ronaldo.

#6. Johan Cruyff

one of all time greatest footballer John Cruyff: The outspoken Dutchman excelled for Ajax and Barcelona in the 1960s and 1970s and is considered by many experts to be Europe’s best player of all time. He was also named in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players by Pelé in 2004. He was included on the World Team of the 20th Century in 1998, and the FIFA World Cup Dream Team in 2002.

His name was synonymous with Rinus Michels’ “Total Football” movement where by players interchanged the positions. Cruyff was equally effective in both wide and central positions, and was famous for his ability to turn players. Winner of three Ballon D’Ors (European Player of the Year awards), Cruyff won 8 Dutch titles and also three European Cups with Ajax. Cruyff also made a controversial move to bitter rivals Feyenoord. Sadly never fell agonizingly short of winning the World Cup.

#7. Alfredo Di Stéfano

One of best soccer player in the world: Born in Argentina to Italian immigrants, but playing internationally for three different teams, Di Stéfano’s achievement of scoring in 5 consecutive European Cup finals is unlikely to ever be matched. Di Stéfano’s career was nothing if not cosmopolitan. A player with exceptional fitness levels, the Saeta rubia (blond arrow) was instrumental in Real Madrid’s dominance in the 1950s, although the history books could defiantly tell a very different story if he had joined the Barcelona instead of the Merengues in 1943.


#8. Franz Beckenbauer

One of Best Soccer Players ever Produced in Germany: He was born on 11 september 1945, is a coach for the Germany team and also the manager and the former player.  He is regarded as the best German football player of all times. He was a versatile player with the best soccer skills. he was selected the European Footballer of the Year twice in his career.

#9. Gerd Müller

one of most famous footballer Gerd Müller is the 11th on the list of Highest International Goal scorers of All Time despite playing lesser matches than others on the list. He was nicknamed Bomber der Nation due to his amazing scoring abilities. Müller was named European Footballer of the Year in 1970. He received the Golden Boot scoring 10 goals at the 1970 FIFA World Cup for West Germany. He also held the all-time highest goal-scoring record in the World Cup with 14 goals until it was broken by Ronaldo [Brazil] at 2006 World Cup. Müller was ranked 9th in the European player of the Century by the IFFHS in 1999 and voted thirteenth in the World Player of the Century by IFFHS in the same year. He was also inducted in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players by Pelé in 2004. Gerd Müller is at 9th position in best soccer players in the world List.

#10. Eusebio

One of All Time Best Footballer from Portugal: He was born on 25 January in the year 1942 and is a retired Portuguese football forward player.  He is also considered as the best football players of all times. he has scored 53 goals in UEFA club competitions, which is the 9th most goals in these competitions. also the 8th highest goal scorer in UEFA champions league history. so he is well deserved to be in the list of best soccer players of all time.

Honorable Mentions:

Ferenc Puskas, Garrincha, Lothar Matthäus, Michel Platini, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho.

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  • alex

    platini ? Thierry Henry ?

    • Johnny Walker

      Maradona, Pele, Zidane, Romario, Henry, Van vasten, Johann C, Platini, Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho

  • Dakota

    Johan Cruyff

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  • Vinsanity Linsanity

    Who da fuck is Johan Cruyff??

    • Harshit

      A legendary Dutch football player who used to play for Ajax and FC Barcelona and was also the manager of the FC Barcelona ‘Dream Team’ of the 90’s

    • Abdullah Gök

      u dont know Johan Cruyff? Sry but u shouldnt discuss in this area if u dont know him.

    • marketed sport

      Whattttt……lol……..remember not too long ago hair gel was not part of the game……lol…..Well mentioned Dakota.

  • Mike Graham

    Thierry Henry?

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      no, its beckham ;D

    • Dinho

      Big ups for mentioning Ronaldinho..He’s definitely in my top 5 !

    • the bais

      What? No George best in a list of the top ten? And he didn’t even get an honourable mention? Sorry but your list is Bulls£&it

  • Peiman.R.

    The best 11 : Yashine / F. Beckenbauer / B.Moore / P.Maldini / D.A.Maradona / J.Cruyff / Z.Zidane / Pele / A. Di Stefano / Eusebio
    sub.: L.Messi / C.R./ M.F.Bastenn / J.Facetti / M.Pelatini /G.Muller / D.Zoff

    • Pure24

      This team can get CREAMED! No defensive midfielder? No defenders in the subs??? How in the world can this team stand against a team like say, Chelsea? Park the bus, hit on the counter, goal!!! Classic mistake to base team strength on individual strength – the right dynamics is essential too (think Busquests+Mascherano in the current Barca squad)

  • Marioluiggi

    Anyone that puts Maradona above Pele is being 100% biased or based on subjective opinions. There are absolutely no basis on statistics to even consider that: Pele scored 1281 goals – Maradona 345 (less than 1/3). Pele won 3 world cups – Maradona 1. Pele won 40 club titles (!) Maradona won 9. Per game, Maradona had a lower scoring ratio than Pele. Maradona could only kick with one leg (Pele scored with either leg) and Pele was also the reserve Goalie and caught 2 penalties in official games for Santos (!). Pele joined the Brazilian National team at 16 years of age and was 2nd top scorer in 1958 World Cup at age 17 when he also scored 2 goals in the final. Pele was the most complete, skilled and successful player for all time. Maradona is nothing but a long distant second best that impressed the most recent generation and that is the only reason why some sites even dare to mention Maradona in the same level as Pele.


      football is not only about statistic….. there’s also the fact that diego never played with superstars on his team and still he was able to conduct any MEDIOCRE team to victory in any kind of tournament :):):):):):):)

      • Luis Gutierrez

        False, Maradona played 14 international matches and won two.
        He played 21 tournaments and won two national championships !!!!!
        His achievements are very small compared with Pele.

    • Julian Thatuser

      Well, first off, Pele didn’t win 3 World Cups. He won 2. In 1962, he couldn’t play past the group stage because of injuries. It was Garrincha who led Brazil to win in 1962. Anyway, Pele never got to show his true talent outside of the World Cup, where he had a very talented squad to back him up with players such as Garrincha and Jairzinho. Maradonna pretty much single-handedly won the 1986 World World Cup for Argentina. Additionally, we can be sure of his talent, because he went to play in Europe, where he won the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Cup, having consistently showed his skill on the field. On the other hand, we won’t know how well Pele would have fared had he gone to Europe. I’m not here to suggest that Maradona is better than Pele, or the other way around, I am just suggesting that the comparisons you are drawing aren’t particularly accurate.

      • Joseph Moore

        Additionally, Maradona used drugs to perform his best skills and had to use his hand to win a world cup. Maradona is a cheating, hand-balling, cocaine sniffing. Pele is the best player ever, at 17 he did stuff that is way beyond and in the world cup as well, Maradonnas name does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence. 1- Pele won 3 World Cups during his career and was in possibly the greatest ever Brazil team. Maradona on the other hand has only won 1 World Cup. It does not matter if he was injuried or not. 2- Pele’s goal scoring record. Pele scored a rather sensational 1282 goals in 1366 games. Pele averaged a goal every 0.94 games.. 3- He helped Santos become World Champions in the 1960’s. 4- Maradona’s scoring ability was nowhere near Pele’s. 5- Messi is better than Maradona, but not Pele.

        Most goals: Pele
        Sportsmanship: Pele
        Not cheating: Pele
        Not using drugs: Pele

    • rye relb

      Not really. I have watched old football extensively. Diego Maradona had a much nicer style and dynamics. His attitude and conduct was terrible but the show he used to put was like what Messi does today and what brazillian ronaldo did before. Pele was a great scorer just like cristiano ronaldo is. It is not only about scoring goals….

    • wisam

      pele never played in euorpe if pele played in eorope he would of been on the bench, will never be another diego look at the skills maradona have vision ball control speed, he owned the ball, maradona was a midfielder not a stricker, if pele played for teams like napoli and argentina he wont even be able to take them to 10th place, dont ever compare anyone to the greatest soccer player of all time god of footbal like italians say diego armando maradona was better then a game of soccer

    • rats123

      You make some good points but Messi is better than both. Mess is the greatest football player of all time.

    • K Shriv

      Football is never ever about an individual. Please don’t use cups won by their respective teams to compare two individuals. The ability to change game or orchestrate moves against high order teams is what really counts, not the number of times they found the net. And true, world cups are grand and important events but the difficulty level is much higher in competitions like UEFA because it’s a match between giant clubs with best players from the entire globe gathered in each club. So the gameplay of each individual needs to be analyzed in tight situations and their approach before declaring any player as world’s best.

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    Beckham never played for Chelsea you fucking wanker.

  • shit, it was Los Angeles Galaxy.. but his son will play for chelsea 🙂

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    Rather poorly done, Beckham!!! And no Cryuff says it all.

  • Fernanda

    Worst list ever – please

    • Jack welch

      What abt beckham? U have zero knowledge abt football

      • Nicholas Chow

        Its a super old comment, but I really do think that Beckham shouldn’t be on the list. The list in itself is called “Top 10 Greatest Soccer Players”, we aren’t talking about “Top 10 Best-Looking Soccer players” or “Top 10 Soccer Players Who Became Great Entreprenuers”. Sure, Beckham is definitely one of the best players of all time…but in top 10? Not likely. He had an eye for amazing (No, brilliant.) shots and passes, something you should be keen for as a midfielder, but that is really all there is to Beckham in terms of on-field strengths. The only other “pro” would be that he holds appearance records on multiple stages, but that really isn’t as important. The only reason, IMO, that people adore David Beckham really isn’t his on-field play or extreme shots, but because of his global image. Long before his retirement he has already been acknowledged as potentially the most marketable soccer player of all time, striking outrageous deals with companies and his good looks only bolstered it. His wife is a global sensation, his children are also becoming global sensations, HE is a global sensation…but for how he markets himself (and his looks, obviously), and not his on-field play.

  • Levan7

    I think the person who created the list has no idea what football is

  • Kern Jeremiah

    You know this all time top ten is a joke when David Beckham is in it.They did not even list what Pele and Maradona did. They were the Messi’s of there era’s, if I may insult them in that way. Messi has one more step to make to truly stand in the top three debate.

  • Kern Jeremiah

    Thank you. These people know nothing about football.

    • ebola

      you know teach them

  • No Thierry Henry or Ronaldinho???

    • Sascha Krebs

      no, but beckham ;D

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    How dare u spell it wrong? :O

  • Sascha Krebs

    beckham in the top 10 of the best soccer players? are you kidding me? this is the biggest joke of all times 😀

  • Ricardo

    David Beckam?????

    What about…..
    Alfredo di Stefano?
    Johan Cruyff?

    A top 10 list not talking about Cruyff or Di Stefano can only be considered a joke!


    this is a absolute shit!!!

    where is “THE BOMBER” ie GERD MULLER..,

  • nauj

    Worst list ever Beckam better than Ronaldinho, Puskas, DiStefano, Maldini, Franco Barezzi and hundred more?????….. don’t make me laugh

  • rye relb

    Excellent list. I only disagree with Cr7 being before Brazillian Ronaldo though. It would have been great to have : Messi-Pele/Maradona-zidan-brazil ronaldo-cr7-etc…
    Also I think Beckham has absolutely no place in this list! Common hehe

  • rye relb

    You just do not get it do you 🙂

    Sniffing cocaine does not make you play better football. Trust me!.. in fact, it might have slowed him down.

    Pele won 2 world cups not 3. Read what the gentlemen wrote before and if still in doubt, do some research.

    • Worky

      Look at the famous maradona dribble you will find big terry butcher knocked that one in sorry to spoil the party for all you maradona fans watch it closely big t slides in Og not such a good goal after all heeeee

    • Pelé won 3 world cups. 58, 62 and 70.

      • lol in 58 Pele head 17 yers and play 5 min and in 62 he was injured 0 min for real he won 1 title 70 .

        • Nicholas Chow

          Yet Brazil still won, and if I remember correctly, Pele was on the team. Representing Brazil?

          Come on people, there are no such rules that determines that a player on the winning team does not get a trophy to his/her name because he was injured or subbed.

          You can ssay he did not contribute very much, but in reality and statistically, he has won 3 World Cups whether you like it or not.

  • Sarthak

    Cr7 is best since day 1

    • never mind

      CR7 is a great player in history, but ”BEST” i don’t think so.

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    messi is the best ever

  • Eric

    You put Messi as the best and then point that Zidane was voted best european player thereby being voted better than Messi.
    No one has ever matched the way Zidane elegantly and methodically controlled the ball.

    • zidanr

      Yeaa!!!Zidane all the way he’s my favorite football player

  • TheDudeAbides

    Who the F$ck are the Knutsens !!

  • Johnny Swoonara

    David Beckham……….no way, where is Zico and Platini?

  • Sokker1008 AD

    For god sake stop overrating Messi . I mean he is a great player but putting him above a players like Pele, Maradona, and Ronaldo is too much. They are those who won matches for their team by their attacking skills. I know football is not only about scoring goals but these players are lead their team as a striker. Many experts have been told that players like Pele and Ronaldo were capable enough to destroy any defense. Messi may be one of the most technically sound players who led his team but he is not in the same league a these players.

    Sorry if i made any grammatical mistake . I am not an English.

  • rye relb

    -Messi (There will never be anyone better than Messi I think)
    -Maradona (Legend)
    -Brazilian Ronaldo (Excellent player.. Almost as good as the 2 before him)
    -Pele (Not a big fan of his style because the sport was very different)
    -Johan Cruyff
    -Cristiano Ronaldo (Speed, strength, goal scoring)


    This is my list. Nothing to do with statistics and goals. It is based on pure style.





  • Abdullah Gök

    1. Johan Cruyff
    2. George Best
    3. Garrincha
    4. Pele
    5. Puskas
    6. di Stefano
    7. Ronaldo de Lima
    8. Ronaldinho
    9. Maradonna
    10. Zidane

    • never mind

      no MESSI? u should be kidding. owww i get it , it’s the best retired players

  • vava

    Messi at the top! !?

  • Flip MM

    Just a wondering question, if there was such a thing as the Ballon D’Or during Pele years, how many would he win? Consecutively?
    C’mon, Messi is very good, but in comparison, the Brazilian squad alone had many other stars that could win such prize…
    Not to mention the rest of the world!
    Placing anyone above Pele is not knowing anything about soccer history!


      How many goals do you think Messi would have scored in Pele’s time how bout that. How many Balon D ors do you think he would win. Don’t get me wrong Pele’s great, a legend, just amazing, but if you put Pele in this time, where football players are better and more fit, Pele would not score as many goals as he did. He definitely would not win a World Cup.

  • redi

    i support c.ronaldo but pele has 1280 career goal ,so we clearly know who is the best one

  • orlando acosta

    lionel messi is the best!!!

  • lagger

    Where is Hristo Stoichkov ??

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  • Hans Jürgen

    I think the writer of this list never joined a soccer match,so I will help…nr.1 Pele 2 . Maradona 3 Beckenbauer 4.Eusebio 5 . Bobby Charlton 6.Johann cruyff 7.Gerd Müller 8.Messi 9.Dino Zoff 10.Platini


      Good list but Messi, number 8, seriously, really? He’s number 2 at least if not 1.To me he is the greatest of all time. He has done things no other great has other then a World Cup. Yeah that Is a big loss but there are too many positives about him. If you want I can go off and prove he is. Oh and btw to all you Pele fans that say he scored more than Messi and Maradona so he is better, imagine you put Messi in Pele’s time how many goals do you think he would score? How well do you think he would have played? Excellent. Also, during Pele’s time period the players weren’t nearly as good as they are now, or at least the majority. Football wasn’t that complex back then, now it is. Players back then weren’t able to run 90 min constantly( besides Pele). You know what I mean. I could write paragraphs if I want but I wont. Anyway I think Messi is number 1, but you still had a good list. By the way dude it’s football.

      • Andy75

        Messi is great , no doubt. But He always palyed for Barcelona, the best team in the world over the last decade,along side to great masters like Xavi, Iniesta,Ronaldinho,Eto’o,Piquet,Puyol,etc without him Barcelona would have won titles and cups the same way…If Messi wants to be the greatest of all time he must go playing for a mediocre team and take it to the victory like Maradona did in the 80’s when he came to Italy in Napoli (the team of the city of Naples), that was a mid-chart team struggling to remain in Serie A. And i’m not a Napoli fan , I’m a Juventus fan, but he was without discussion the greatest, he won a Serie A title against our team that was plenty of ’82 world champions plus Platini, Boniek ,etc and another title against the great Milan of Arrigo Sacchi….Plus Maradona won a World Cup with a not so great Argentina in ’86 and got to the final in ’90…. Other reason Messi can’t be the greatest is that rules changed in late ’90 making the game more favourable for the strikers, gollkeepers can’t take the ball with hands when a team mate pass him the ball (at Maradona ‘s time this was possible) and hard playing by the defenders is more punished with red and yellows cards ….

  • Leo

    WTF? David Beckham? For real?

  • Roc

    Spent a lot of time watching new and old football matches…. Pele barely edges out the super talented Zidane…. 3 would be the Brazilian Ronaldo…. Then Ronaldinho… Cr7/Messi depending on your view followed by Maradona… Old Mueller, Beckenbauer and Platini completes the list… Beckham, Mathaus and Garrinchar are definitely honorable mentions….

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  • Sam

    Maradona and pele had 2 different styles of play,one cannot really choose who was the better player but one can say pele is still the ambassador to soccer and made soccer what it is today,just like Jordan did for basketball,in regards to play by play garincha will probably be at the top of the list,his unfortunate downfall with alcohol deprived the world of the greatest to ever play the sport

  • GrumpyOldTroll

    paulino alcantara?!?

  • sir you have a great knowledge about the football great article want to read again thanks for this article and keep it up

  • Nickyboy

    I am amazed at how many comments here from some people is beyond a joke with their claims, yet some surely know their football. Statistics do not form an outcome to who surely is the best player ever, yes they help in terms of achievements as do winning trophies, but lets talk pure football here, people will always be influence by the genius of players, so the list can be more then 10, but in terms of greatness, this is always measured by the influence of an individual to change a game or result, his contribution his to get the best out of a team that most probably don’t match his own level of performance, an example of this has been mentioned Maradona no matter what you think of him, I’m not a fan, but he had everything in his locker, genius, skill, influence, desire and a winner, a average National team became World champions and Napoli a mediocre serie A team champions, this is how greatness is determined, on this basis my top 10 are:
    3.George Best
    4.Johan Cruyff
    5.Michel Platini
    6.Paolo Rossi
    7.Sir Stanley Matthews
    8.Alfredo di Stefano
    9.Marco Van basten
    10.Luis Figo

    Yes no messi and ronaldo they play with a team of stars and can’t match the list on National level, remember what greatness is without the stats.

  • Waw, Unique analysis :p

  • cameleon

    previously the list included beckham instead of muller. I guess the writer of this article must have seen that comment from fernanda and removed beckham from the list.

    PS beckham is the most overated footballer of all time.

    • Ken Ken Loves Brissy


      • Johnny Livett

        haha beckham is not even in the top 1000



  • football_algeria

    Who ever made that know shit about football, Messi should’nt be in this lliste in thé first, just tell me when Messi win thé world cup, in my perssonal opinion i thing Zidane is Best player ever then pelé then Ronaldo ( thé brazilian) then Maradona :–)

  • Cr7 is at least the 2nd best because zidane is the real best

  • Russian guy

    Are f)&$&ing kidding me
    1) Pele
    2) Ronaldinho
    How could you forget about Ronaldiniho????!!!
    Yo author go kill yourself

  • Gabriel Díaz

    You cant put Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and not put Ronaldinho, your list sucks

  • Nix

    It’s 2015 Pele is kinda history many have pasted him and plus he didn’t have any competition

  • ebo

    no one ever heard of George Best? or is he too obvious?

  • Bruno

    No Ronaldo? The Brazilian Ronaldo? Arguably the greatest footballer that ever played the game …if it wasant for his injury he’d be greatest than overrated Pele …. Top 3 – Pele Maradona Ronaldo in no particular order.

  • mivico

    Cristiano Ronaldo-The best all times.

  • Ali Chaudhry

    Ronaldo over Cruyf??? messi at 2?? i disagree..

    my top 5

  • MitchDeKid

    First off all, pele is a great player with fluent talent, but I think that we can all agree that Bobby Moore is the is the best player of all time. He captained England to the World Cup and won the competition with England. Also led England to the World Cup semi-finals when they played argentina but obviously to the doupy ref, maradona hand balled the back of the net. He weren’t the most well know for pace but if you were to look at him, he has the most amazing ball control and his reading of th game was exellent. Now what has pele done to compete with that, recieved loads of threw balls and scored.

  • Pure24

    Honorable Mentions: (20). Gerd Muller (19). George Best (18). Sir Stanley Matthews (17). Xavi Hernandez (16). Sir Bobby Charlton (15). Marco Van Basten (14). Ronaldo de Lima (13). Eusebio (12). Michel Platini (11). Zinedine Zidane

    10. Lev Yashin – 2 YEARS without conceding? 150 penalty saves? Ballon d’Ór for a GOALKEEPER? Come on, this position not only deserves recognition, but also because he is one of the most absolutely underrated best players ever!

    9. Ferenc Puskas – Commanding leader, outstanding player. He led Hungary to the World Cup FINAL. Yes, the scene was different back then, but we see FIFA recognizing him by naming the best goal of the year award after him. Not many people have influenced the scene enough to be granted this honor.

    8. Paolo Maldini – Can I name a better defender? Well, yes I can!!! Beckenbauer. Can I name another? Definitely not! While many good defenders have a great year or so. . . a decade if he is great, Maldini won the UEFA Champions League as a teenager and was still featuring in UEFA’s best squad at the age of THIRTY NINE. Enough said.

    7. Johan Cruyff – Isn’t the name alone sufficient? Alright, what about ‘Total Football’? ‘Three Ballon d’Ors’? Or maybe you know of a player who has dribbling moves named after him – Messi? He graced Ajax Football Club and won UEFA. Then went to Barca and, that’s right, won UEFA. Then after retiring he gave management a go and – yep, won the UEFA freaking Champions League!

    6. Alfredo di Stefano – This was a close one with Cruyff. You could interchange them and I’d never mind. The only factor that turned this guy in my favor is FIVE UEFA Champions League trophies. In a row. If it wasn’t for the great Eusebio’s Benfica, di Stefano’s Madrid would have gotten La Decima on their own. Oh, and he was captaining the side. He makes Luka Modric look like – well, like a Liverpool midfielder!

    5. Cristiano Ronaldo – Ah, I must be nuts! Don’t care what you think, its my opinion. And in my opinion, a player who can score 63 goals/season in an era where we celebrate 20 goals/season (like Hazard etc. . .) is just outstanding. A maestro, and anybody would be crazy to say that Ronaldo is overrated. When he has a bad game, the entire Portugal has a bad game. And he is their top scorer. You know a player is good when he drags his entire national team into the top ten FIFA rankings. Add an inaugural Puskas Goal award *wink* and THREE Ballon d’Ors, jointly the second highest EVER. Plus nobody has scored more goals than CR7 in the 21st Century – I don’t see how any player below him can compare

    4. Franz Beckenbauer – Yes, a defender in the top five. A defender is actually ranking higher than CR7. Gerd Muller is a German World Cup winner, and yet Beckenbauer is considered EASILY better than him. He is the greatest German to ever grace the game, east or west. Even the legendary Karl-Heinz pales in comparison. He captained the squad which was the only one to successfully stop Puskas’ team; guess who was the main defender responsible for halting the Magyar’s march? He not only won the World Cup TWICE, but came back as Germany manager and won it yet again!!! I could rumble on and on. . . #4

    3. Lionel Messi – maybe they are right, but whoever thinks Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi is clutching at straws. At best, what makes Ronaldo better than Messi is because he is a DIFFERENT kind of player. Let’s put this into perspective: I am a Man Utd fan. My second favorite club is Real Madrid. My best player of ALL TIME is Cristiano Ronaldo. But nah man, this guy is another one. You just MIGHT argue that Ronaldo benefits from his team. The second you do that with Messi, he goes ahead and dribbles half the opposition on his own. FOUR Ballon d’Ors, three Champions League trophies and like 7 league titles or so. . . surely one of the greatest ever. If only he could find a way of deceiving today’s UHD camera’s for a hand-of-God kind of goal, maybe he could win the World Cup too. . .

    2. Diego Maradona – Maradona managed the only thing Messi has failed to do; score with his hand in a World Cup semi final. Oh, and win a World Cup too, but that’s not really important. Hehehe, but what many forget is that it was in the exact same match that Maradona went on to score what FIFA has awarded as the GOAL OF THE CENTURY. Messi copied the exact same goal. You know, the same way Messi copied Maradona’s style. Seriously, get any videos of the two side-by-side and see. Messi refined, but Maradona created. Messi’s football, regardless of how mesmerising, is but an image of Maradona’s: it can’t get much more epic than that.
    Okay, let’s try it from another angle – Maradona has no Ballon d’Ors. WHAT??? Yeah, for two reasons (1). Racism. Name me South American’s to have ever won the Ballon d’Or prior to the 90s? Maradona started his game in an era when Zimbabwe was still colonialized, Apartheid was at its climax, Falklands War in Argentina etc. . . but more importantly (2). The Ballon d’Or was for EUROPEAN PLAYERS ONLY until recently when the rules changed. Yet, it still stayed an award for players playing in Europe only until 2008 when it was combined with the FIFA World Player of the Year award to become the FIFA Ballon d’Or. But what Maradona had was Cristiano’s ability to drag a mediocre team to the finish line coupled with Messi’s ability to cross the finish line. Maradona is the only player of note in in the 1986 World Cup winning squad (unless you can name me another without Googling). Today, even without Messi, Argentina are easily favorites in any tournament.
    Okay, a third angle? Alright: Diego Maradona DID play in Europe for a little club known as Napoli. Napoli has only won Serie A once and it was in the year that Maradona joined. Do you see the Cristiano Ronaldo-esque ability to win no matter where he’s playing in? When he left – well, Higuain is still trying to win another Scudetto with Napoli. Ha! As if. . . not even drugs can diminish Maradona’s stock. Firstly, those were narcotics, not performance enhancing. Secondly, performance enhancing drugs don’t actually enhance SKILL (this is why many football players don’t bother to dope. That’s for, say, athletics and cycling sportsmen who don’t use as much finesse. Oh, and also American sportsmen because American sports are dumb and American’s are dumb).
    Goals and yada yada. Yeah yeah yeah, of course. Of course. You can’t expect Maradona to beat Messi in EVERY field possible. Peter Crouch has more headed goals than Messi – see what I mean?

    1. Pele. Even though he has never been eligible for the award, he was considered to be so good he was given an honorary Ballon dÓr. He is the FIFA Ambassador to FOOTBALL. Recipient of the Football Player of the 20th Century. KickTV, Sky, BBC, ESPN and FIFA itself named him the greatest football player of all time. He is often compared to the likes of Mohammad Ali (Boxing), Jesse Owens (Athletics), Jack Nicklaus (Golf), Ayrton Senna (Motorsport) and even the stars of dumb sports (Babe Ruth – Baseball, Michael Jordan – Basketball). Messi is compared to Maradona. Maradona is compared to Pele. Pele is compared to OTHER sports; can you get higher than that? I haven’t even gone on to the stats.
    Pele could give a World Cup medal to Ronaldo and another one to Messi and still remain with one more! When Messi was 17, he was setting records at La Masia (since broken by Bojan Krkic) and playing in the Barcelona C team; Ronaldo was a skinny kid who had recovered from heart problems and was attempting to break into the Sporting Lisbon first team. Pele was winning his first WORLD CUP.
    Ronaldo has around 14 major trophies. Messi has 19. Pele has THIRTY SEVEN major titles, and thats minus the international trophies Copa America and World Cup. Neither Messi nor Ronaldo have an International trophy to their name (well, Messi has Olympic gold at least. Football was not an Olympic sport in Pele’s time). Pele came out of retired at the age of 36 and was the top goal scorer, leading New York Cosmos to the league title. Will Messi and Ronaldo be high flyers in the MLS at the age of 36?
    Goals then – Messi has a total league tally of 286 (46 international goals). Ronaldo has 225 (55 international goals). Maradona has 259 league goals (and 34 international goals). Pele scored 650 goals, with 77 International goals. Come on guys, this is not even a competition! Pele wipes the floor with the backside of almost every other player.
    You could argue that Pele played in an easy league blah blah blah. . . then why is he the ONLY player with such high stats? If defenders were so easy to score against, then why didn’t strikers score more goals? How can players TODAY break records (BPL record is 34 goals set in the 1990s)?

    Doesn’t matter your excuse: on a personal level, it wasn’t easy to recognize Messi above Ronaldo – but because stats don’t lie, I had to. And surely the history books are pretty clear that Pele is simply on another level. It’s like comparing Anthony Martial to Arjen Robben. Who is Martial? Exactly!!!

  • Jackson

    No Ronaldinho or Henry, I think not

  • a real football watcher

    best player of the football is definatly lionel messi
    no one can play as messi beetwin this tactical nowdays football
    if pele playin nowdays he never can do anything
    and in the best situations he play as suarez or david villa
    this football is so deferent from previuse
    dont forget this
    in that times there was no tactical team
    if yoou see old worldcup games you will laughing

  • a real football watcher

    the best football player in the history is diffinatlly lionel messi
    he play unbleliveable in this tactical football nowdays . no player could play as him if he was in this situation of football
    this football is so tactical and different teams have defferent defence tactic but messi break
    this impossible defences by his beautiful dribbles teams as bayern munich . real madrid . manchester united and …
    if pele . bekham . and other old players was in nowdays fottball in the best situations they was as villa or suarez or naymar .not better
    you have to belive this
    now days have so tactical teams
    messi is the best in history

  • callmeshortyy

    bruuuuuuuuuuuh. what is this list? brazil players could make a top 10 list alone, atleast include ronaldinho, ronaldo, cafu, roberto carlos, kaka, robinho, romario, rivaldo, or dunga. smh

  • Yoshi Maeshiro

    The text says Messi is # 1 and Pelé # 2, but the arrow keys say Pelé is # 1 and Messi is # 2. Make up your minds!

  • Justin LeGross

    1. Pele
    2. Maradona
    3. Romario
    4. Zidane
    5. Garrincha
    6. Cruyff
    7. Ronaldo O Fenomeno Luis Nazario Da Lima
    8. Puskas
    9. Di Stefano
    10. Ronaldinho
    11. Socrates
    12. Zico
    13. Kempes
    14. Eusebio
    15. Messi
    16. Ibrahimovic
    17. Ronaldo CR7

  • Ken Ken Loves Brissy

    The God of football is in 2nd place???

  • the bais

    A list of the top ten football players of all time without George best is like a list of top ten supercars without a Ferrari in it! What was he banned or something? Lol your lack of knowledge on this subject is frightening.

  • Really !! really?????? who ever composed the list should be sent to some far away planet for re-evaluation. Ronaldo??? really seriously??? ever heard Jay Jay Okocha????

  • Am surprise Pele is on the list ” HE IS BLACKKKKKKK PEOPLE”

  • Samuel Lee

    Poor List. Fat Ronaldo should be there just behind Zidane who should be there behind Cristiano, who should be much higher on that list

  • Bobby Menus

    Beckham! haha good 1! Although I will say he worked his ass off even when he played in the MLS which says a lot about his attitude and passion for the game and why he’s the richest footballer ever. Attitude isn’t everything but it’s sure means A LOT!

    Anyway I’d like to chime in. I believe Zidane is #1 because of the way he controlled the game (ball). Let’s not forget he had 2 header goals in the World Cup final against Brazil and went on to another World Cup final which would’ve been his second if it wasn’t for a fantastic save by Buffon in extra time. The team player’s play on should be a HUGE factor. That France team frankly didn’t deserve to be there. As is evident by their crash right after he retired.

    As an example, Messi is certainly the best player in the world (Far better than Ronaldo who isn’t even top 5 currently – please don’t say he scores a lot because most of his goals are pks and pointless cushion goals) today but let’s not forget that he played with arguably the greatest midfield duo ever in Xavi and Iniesta in their primes. With Argentina, he is consistently failing so he’ll have to win a World Cup if he is to ever surpass Maradona, Pele and ZZ.

  • Johnny Livett

    lot of better players missing what about Best, Baresi, Maldini, Banks, Yeshin, Charlton, Chalmers, Edwards, De Stefano, but the top 3 are Maradonna, Pele and Messi by far

  • Vinay Aditya

    But this list includes only attack minded players (Attacking Midfielders and Forwards)…

  • Sports Mania

    Hahaha admin make this big post of top 10 greatest soccer player and he not even think about ” Ronaldo Fenomeno “

  • imalka chalith Loku Liyanage

    Hah ha. some guys make crazy comments. They try to be pundits of soccer… All the 10 guys in this list were magnificent. But any one else can tell few other names, purely depending on their point of view… so just enjoy the list and be more polite….

  • fx2012

    Messi #2??? He has never anything at the international level. He is not even the best Argentinian player. He chokes everytime he plays for Argentina