“Greatest Wicket-Keeper Batsmen” Modern day cricket has redefined the role of a wicket-keeper. An Inclusion into the Team as a Wicket-keeper is much difficult now. Wicket-Keepers Have to perform the Dual Role for their Team, both Behind the Stumps and Front of the Stumps. We have already published a list of All Time Best Wicket Keepers. Here we are going to make a List of Top 10 Finest Wicket-Keeper Batsmen of All Time, Who Are Superb especially with bat in their hands. it’s very tough to make this list, Because we have to choose from a long list of Greatest Wicket-Keeper Batsmen. Lets Start with the list.

Top 10 Greatest Wicket-Keeper Batsmen of All Time

1Kumar Sangakara

At 1 of Greatest Wicket-Keeper Batsmen, Sangakkara is described as one of the “most polished and prudent of batsmen” in cricket.  With 8 double centuries, he is the third in the list of Test double century-makers, behind Donald Bradman (12) and Brian Lara (9). He is also the first cricketer ever to score 150+ scores in four consecutive Test matches. As the wicket keeper, he has contributed to the 3rd highest number of dismissals in ODIs—382. It includes 81 stumpings, which is the highest for a wicket keeper in one-day international cricket. in 2011he was named the ODI Cricketer of the Year at the ICC awards ceremony. In 2012, he was honored as one of the top-five Wisden Cricketers of the Year.

Kumar Sangakara Career Statistics in All Three Formates

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 134 12400 319 57.40 54.19 38 52 182 20
ODIs 404 14234 169 41.98 78.86 25 93 402 99
T20Is 56 1382 78 31.40 119.55 0 8 25 20

2AB de Villiers

At 2 of Greatest Wicket-Keeper Batsmen, Stylish South African Wicket-Keeper batsmen is 2nd in the List of “Greatest Wicket-Keeper batsmen”. De Villiers was occasional wicket-keeper for South Africa Until 2012 After the retirement of their regular Keeper “Mark Boucher” started to regularly keep wicket for the national side in Tests, ODIs and T20Is. AB de Villiers topped the ICC Batting Ranking for several Times.

AB de Villiers Career Statistics in All Three Formates

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 106 8074 278* 50.46 53.74 21 39 197 5
ODIs 222 9319 162* 53.55 100.25 24 53 173 5
T20Is 76 1603 79* 25.85 134.14 0 10 63 7

3Adam Gilchrist

One of the Most (if not most) Destructive Batsmen World of Cricket Ever Seen. Only Player Who Hits 100 Sixes In Test Career. Record Holder For 2nd Fastest Century. Gilly Also holds the unique record of scoring at least 50 runs in successive World Cup finals (in 1999, 2003 and 2007)

Adam Gilchrist Career Statistics in All Three Formats

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 96 5570 204* 47.60 81.95 17 26 379 37
ODIs 287 9619 172 35.89 96.94 16 55 417 55
T20Is 13 272 48 22.66 141.66 0 0 17 0

4MS Dhoni

The First Indian player to Receive ICC ODI Player of the Year award for Two Successive Years (2008, 2009). Dhoni is The Most Destructive Batsmen in Indian Team, named as the Best Finisher in Cricket History after M Bevan. His Career Statistics Will Tell the Whole Story.

MS Dhoni Career Statistics in All Three Formats

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 90 4876 224 38.09 59.11 6 33 256 38
ODIs 296 9496 183* 51.32 88.69 10 64 278 97
T20Is 77 1211 56 35.61 123.31 0 1 43 23

5Andrew Flower

South African born Great Zimbabwean Wicket-Keeper Batsmen, The Only Player From His Country in ICC’s Top 100 All-time Test Batting rankings. Flower was so phenomenally consistent that he has no rival as the best player in Zimbabwe’s history. He made his place at No.5 in Our List.

Andrew Flower Career Statistics in All Three Formats

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 63 4794 232* 51.54 45.07 12 27 151 9
ODIs 213 6786 145 35.34 74.59 4 55 141 32

6Alec Stewart

Stylish Right handed English Player, Very Classy at Cover Drive and Pull Shot on His Day. Stevart Played 133 Test matches, Which is 2nd Highest Number of Matches for Any Wicket-Keeper Batsmen in History of the Game.

Alec Stewart Career Statistics in All Three Formats

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 133 8463 190 39.54 48.66 15 45 263 14
ODIs 170 4677 116 31.60 68.36 4 28 159 15

7Mark Boucher

From the time he replaced Dave Richardson until his retirement, Boucher was South Africa’s first-choice wicket-keeper, and is widely regarded as one of the, if not the, greatest wicket-keepers South Africa has ever had. With The Bat, A Real Fighter Low Down The Order For South Africa.

Mark Boucher Career Statistics in All Three Formats

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 147 5515 125 30.30 50.11 5 35 532 23
ODIs 295 4686 147* 28.57 84.76 1 26 403 22
T20Is 25 268 36* 17.86 97.45 0 0 18 1

8Brendon McCullum

Current Captain of New Zealand in all Three Forms of the International Game. Brendon McCullum can bruise bowling attacks like few other men in international cricket. Very Aggressive in His Approach, Leading Runs Scorer in T20 Format.

Brendon McCullum Career Statistics in All Three Formats

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 101 6453 302 38.64 64.60 12 31 198 11
ODIs 260 6083 166 30.41 96.37 4 25 262 15
T20Is 71 2140 123 35.66 136.21 2 13 36 8

9Matt Prior

First Ever England Wicket-keeper to Score a Century on Debut With an unbeaten 126 at Lord’s. Dashing Lower Order Test Batsmen in Test, and his Aggressive Right-Handed Batting Enables him to Open the Innings in ODI Matches.

Mat Prior Career Statistics in All Three Formats

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 79 4099 131* 40.18 61.66 7 28 243 13
ODIs 68 1282 87 24.18 76.76 0 3 71 8
T20Is 10 127 32 21.16 127.00 0 0 6 3

10Kamran Akmal

Kamran Akmal is a Very Talented Wicket-Keeper Batsmen For Pakistan. With Quick-Scoring Ability He Could Change the Game Any Time Against Any Team. his 109 From the Number Eight Position at Mohali, was The Very Vital Innings From Pakistan Prospective.

Kamran Akmal Career Statistics in All Three Formats

Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St 
Tests 53 2648 158* 30.79 63.10 6 12 184 22
ODIs 157 3236 124 26.09 83.94 5 10 157 31
T20Is 58 987 73 21.00 119.63 0 5 28 32
Top 10 Greatest Wicket-Keeper Batsmen of All Time.

1. Kumar Sangakara
2. Ab Devilliars
3. Adam Gilchrist
4. MS Dhoni
5. Andrew Flower
6. Alec Stevart
7. Mark Boucher
8. Brendon McCullum
9. Mat Prior
10. Kamran Akmal

who is your favorite among these Greatest Wicket-Keeper Batsmen .?

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  • Magnum Clore

    Dhoni is the no.1 keeper in One day format and Gilchrist is the No.1 in Test cricket, Sangakarra will come 2nd in both things.

    • Have You Checked the Record Book or this is a just your Favoritism ?

      • Magnum Clore

        Its not my favoritism , its a well known fact, how many matches did Gilchrist win for Australia? and how many matches did Sangakarra win for Sri Lanka in Test?

        Coming back to One Day, Dhoni’s record speaks for itself, he has a 100 + average on chasing matches, how many match winning knocks he has played? Dhoni’s impact to the shorter version of the game is simply un-paralled.

        Finally Sangakarra didn’t play all matches as Keeper batsman, in both version he has been replaced by another player as Keeper several times, which actually meant Sanga’s wicket keeping ability suffered by dual role, which is not the case with Dhoni or Gilchrist, while India had exceptional keeper batsman on domestic circuit of late like Dinesh Karthik, Parthiv Patel, Deep Das Gupta, W Saha, N Ojha, none got a chance got of Dhoni’s super heroics performance as a 3 in 1 in the team.

        One cannot just go by stats to compile this list, you have to see other factors like the impact they left on the game, but even by stats and record books Brendon McCullan will never feature in top 10 Wicket Keeper batsman list, he is highly consistent in both aspect, how can you miss players like Ian Healy, Nayan Mongia etc,.. is beyond my imagination.

        Go through other good reports of top 10 wicket keeper batsman and you will find most rate Adam Gilchrist as the No.1

        You need to do more research before compiling reports like this.

        • Hmmmmm, good point, firs of all this is my own list, and i have made this for those who are equally greats in all formats. dhoni is great in shorter formats, like ODI, T2o and Sanga’s records in all format is brilliant. AB’s Choice Was not Great I Know.

  • Mopples

    I think you have the right players, if not in the right order. Gilly, Dhoni and Boucher are the top 3 for me. It’s tough balancing out the two disciplines though, so I wouldn’t call your picks bad, just not how I rate them.

    I do question Akmal in there as at times he can be an atrocious keeper. Also, taking all 3 forms of the game into account I would be hesitant about including Prior, but given that they have at least played all 3 forms it’s certainly not unreasonable they are included in the top 10.

    • this is about their keeping+batting, akmal’s batting got him in the list otherwise mr Akmal is not a good keeper so far.

  • pragu

    this rating is not fair because sangakkara ,ab and gilly are basically good batsman and bat at no3,3 and 1 actually you should rate player like dhoni ,boucher,brendon mccullum at top spot.because they are really meant for keeping wicket and usually bats at lower order for ex dhoni bats at no 7 or 8 basically ab de villiers is a part time keeper and sanga too.

  • Hasan Saeed

    Nice Listed greatest wicketkeeper batsmen of all time. I love SangaKara from Sri Lanka among all wicketkeeper of present time.

  • Historian

    Article should be titled “Best keeper/batsmen since 1990”. Alan Knott, Denis Lindsay and possibly Les Ames were as good as any than any of those listed. But I doubt that the author has even heard of them

  • Gopal

    Sanga deserves it One of the greatest batsmen of all time

  • Rajni Kant Kumar

    Dhoni is the no.1 wicketkeeper in fixed format.