Greatest Wicket Keepers : Wicket Keeper in cricket means the player who stands behind the stumps wearing gloves and pads to catch the ball. Wicket Keeping is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks on the cricket field. There are a number of ways in which the wicket keeper can contribute towards the dismissal of a batsman with extreme Concentration.

There is Some “Greatest Wicket Keepers” in History of Cricket. Some of Them Leave their mark in the history. In List Below We Going To Discuss Those Who Are The Greatest About Talent, Sharpness, Flexibility, Aggressive Approach and presence of mind.

Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

Adam Gilchrist

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

Australian cricket was certainly blessed to have Adam Gilchrist with them.  Gilchrist was perfect when it came to wicket keeping. He followed the bowlers on either side of the wicket and even against the tricky Shan Warne, v was always up-to the mark. As a batsman, Gilchrist would open with M. Hayden  In ODI’s and provide that explosive ammo down the lower middle order at number seven in Test matches. Adam Gilchrist was Responsible for nearly 900 dismissals and more than 15,000 runs to his name, Gilchrist with 33 centuries and 81 half-centuries was a true asset for the side which dominated World Cricket for nearly 12 years. truly a Legend, No One can Touch His Greatness. He Is No 1 in our List of Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time.

MS Dhoni

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

Worldwide Famous Indian Skipper M.S Dhoni’s wicket keeping record is simply outstanding. The man is already nearing 600 dismissals With (248 in test, 287 in ODI’s and 29 dismissals in T20s). The style in which he stumps the batsman out is crunch time for photographers around the world. Athleticism and intelligence combine to give the Dhoni the extra advantage which he uses to dismiss batsmen in a flash. one of All Time Best Finisher in the Game and Hardest Hitter we Have Ever Seen in Cricket History.

Mark Boucher

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

From the time he replaced Dave Richardson until his retirement, Boucher was South Africa’s first-choice wicket-keeper, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest wicket-keepers South Africa has ever had. Boucher holds the World record for the most dismissals in Test cricket. He got the record originally when he overtook the former Australian wicket-keeper Ian Healy  on 3 October 2007.

Kumar Sangakkara

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

Very Stylish Srilankan Wicket-Keeper Batsmen, Kumar Sangakkara. He is at No 3 in Our List of Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time. More than 21,000 runs to his name in ODIs and Tests involving 47 centuries and 117 half-centuries. Above 600 dismissals including a world record 81 stumping.

Ian Healy

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

Ian Andrew Healy (nicknamed “Heals”) is a former cricketer who played for Queensland and Australia. Healy was a key member of the side as it enjoyed a sustained period of success. he is at No 4 in Our List With total of 628 dismissals to his name and more than 5,000 runs as well.

Rod Marsh

Greaetst Wicket-Keepers

One of the Famous Mustaches Player: Former Australian Wicket-Keeper Rod Marsh is at No 5 in Our List of Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keepers of All Time, Marsh was Responsible for More than 800 first-class dismissals, 355 Test dismissals and 124 ODI dismissals in His Amazing Career.

Moin Khan

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

The man Who Was Part of The World Cup Winning Pakistani Team in 1992. Moin had to compete with another Great wicket-keeper, Rashid Latif. he Shared Most of His Era With Rashid. he is at No 7, with 435 dismissals in his Career. Moin is mostly remembered as very Active Wicket-Keeper, Always Shouting Behind the Wickets Like “Sakki” ,”Mushi” etc.

Jeffrey Dujon

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

Peter Jeffrey (“Jeff”) Leroy Dujon  retired West Indian cricketer and current commentator. Dujon Served West Indian Team in 80’s. He Was an athletic presence behind the stumps as well as a competent lower-order batsman. with 476 dismissals in his Career, he is at No 8 in list of Greatest Wicket Keepers.

Alec Stewart

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

Alec James Stewart OBE is a retired English right-handed batsman-wicket-keeper and former captain of the England cricket team. He is the most capped English cricketer of all time in Test matches and 2nd most capped in One Day Internationals, having played in 133 Tests and 170 ODIs for England. with 451 Dismissals in His Career Stewart is the 9th in Greatest Wicket Keepers list.

Andrew Flower

Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

A True Legend, A Great Ambassador of the Game, Technically very Sound Batsmen and Wicket-Keeper. Andrew Flower was Zimbabwe’s wicket-keeper for more than 10 years and statistically by far the finest wicket-keeper the country has fielded. Flower is Responsible for 333 Dismissals Behind the Wickets (160 in tests, 173 in ODI’s). Deserved At-Least No 10 Spot in The List.

Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

# Player Name Career Dismissals
1 Adam Gilchrist 905
2 MS Dhoni 723
3 Mark Boucher 999
4 Kumar Sangakkara 748
5 Ian Healy 628
6 Rod Marsh 479
7 Moin Khan 435
8 Jeffrey Dujon 476
9 Alec Stewart 451
10 Andrew Flower 333

Is your favorite wicket-keeper included here in the list of Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time.

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  • Aidan Taylor

    Interesting list, but if by wicketkeeper you mean actual glove work and technical ability, there is no way I would put Gilchrist on top of the list. A great attacking wicketkeeper batsman for sure, but definitely not a great wicketkeeper. Ian Healey and Rod Marsh were technically much better Australian keepers. Would also have both England’s Alan Knott and the brilliant Jack Russell on the list too, they were fantastic specialist keepers. Alec Stewart was really a fine opening batsman who kept wicket in matches when England selectors were trying to ‘double-up’ with ‘all-rounders’ in one way or another, but his keeping was pretty ordinary at best. The modern trend is to only pick keepers who can score plenty of runs, but it’s almost inevitably at the expense of wicketkeeping ability, which is a shame, because great keepers are often worth more than the runs they actually score.

  • Nick Charles

    A lot of these would appear in a list of best batsmen/wicketkeepers but not pure keepers. No Alan Knott who is most often named as the greatest keeper of all-time, no Bob Taylor, no Jack Russell, no Wasim Bari, no Don Tallon, no Les Ames……………..all these should be in the top ten!

  • wicketkeeper

    This is nonsense. As wicketkeeper/batsmen, Alan Knott, Bob Taylor and Jack Russell should all be in the top ten. And have you heard of Bert Oldfield (check his stumpings record) Les Ames and Godfrey Evans?

  • phil

    This is an idiotic list. None of the above would make my top 5 keepers of all time. Wally Grout was the best keeper I ever saw although my old man said Don Tallon was just as good. History tells us Oldfield was a genius too. Marsh couldn;t keep to spin. Healy was good all round but prone to lapses. Gilly a freak with the bat but had to leave NSW to go to WA because Phil Emery was keeping well. Knott was a magnificent keeper and apparently Evans pretty close to him. And Bob Taylor was a great keeper of quality who stepped in when Knott went to WSC. Derek Murray was about the best of the Windies, better all round that ‘Dooj’. Engineer from india was a top gloveman, much better than Dhoni and a better bat too. Dhoni s a flat track bully, can’t bat away on a lively deck.

  • BALACHANDAR Venkataramani

    I would never consider Players like Rahul Dravid, Sangakkara, AB Deviliers as wicket keeper batsmen. Dravid was stop-gap arrangement in India’s quest to find keeper-batsmen. Both Sanga and ABD started as keepers but relinquished their keeping duties when they became established batsmen. They would be one of the best batsmen but not keeper-batsmen in my view. Players like Gilchrist, Boucher, Dhoni never gave up keeping even after establishing as a batsmen

  • sudip ghosh

    I heard a lot about wicket keepers allan Knott and derrick murray..But the problem is with numbers.. when we talk about batsmen n bowlers we go averages .. but whats the meter for Wicket keepers ? If bowling is good, they get good numbers like gilchrist/dujon/healy etc otherwise the numbers would be just average .But is there any testimony for wicket keeping skills? if there is no meter, the list will be one like this ..more about allround abilities ..
    So if you count on allround capabilities for a WK, lets add captaincy as well. I would rate Dhoni as the best wicket keeper ever walked in to cricketing world. His wicket keeping is unorthodox but, he is a street smart and could induce scalps on his own skills behind the wickets. He is probably best finisher of the game and sure to rank below 5 in great captains list. Dont forget that india never had a very good bowling attack..


    I think ms dhoni should on the top he has given all the things that the nation required from him and then too the people of the country are asking him to retire shame on those people the world should remember him as not only as a greatest player but also
    like a man too he was great is great and will be great i will always be his greatest fan
    Love u ms sir