Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2017 – Footballers Salaries 2017 (UPDATED)

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Highest Paid Soccer Players 2017: Soccer is among the Most followed sports in the world, which is counted among the best paid sports of modern days. Because of its 250 million worldwide viewership, the famous soccer players get huge attention from the crowd especially from the football fans besides their extremely high yearly income. The clubs and national teams pay their players huge amount of salary as they also earn big bucks from the jersey sponsorships and television rights fees.

Elite soccer players of various famous clubs also boost their yearly income besides their salary from the national teams and the clubs, with their huge endorsements and advertisement fees from megabrands. Recent FIFA 2014 World Cup has proved itself as one of the best platforms for the players to get a huge contract for the advertisements of various brands such as Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, Volvo and various other companies. And here is the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2017. Navigate Full List Below Through Next Previous Buttons.

Highest Paid Soccer Players 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo

Earnings: $93 Million
Salary & Bonus: $58 Million

Highest Paid Soccer Players 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the top highest paid football star. he is the one of all time greatest and liked footballers on the Social Media and also most popular athlete on the face of earth. He signed a gigantic money deal agreement with world’s richest football club name Real Madrid.It is a large salary for any league team in the world, but Real Madrid can afford it as it has been rated the greatest worthy team of soccer at $3.4 billion. His club has earned income of $675 million in year 2013 and gained an income of $172 million. Main sponsors like Nike, Tag Heuer, Samsung, Herbalife and Emirates have large contracts with him and his total endorsements are $24 million. Ronaldo is the Highest Paid Soccer Player 2017

Lionel Messi

Total Earnings: $80 Million
Salary & Bonus: $53 Million

Highest Paid Soccer Players 2016

Lionel Messi is world most expensive soccer player ranked in the 2nd position from top 10 highest paid soccer players 2017. He is earning $77 million per annum along with his massive salary of $51 million. His major sponsors are Turkish Airline, Adidas, Herbalife and Pepsi. His complete endorsements are worth $26 million. Messi is currently playing for Barcelona club that is the second worthiest club at $3.2 billion. Profit of $154 million has been received by Barcelona out of its income of $672 million.

Neymar Jr.


Total Earnings: $37 Million
Salary & Bonus: $15 Million

Brazilian national soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is widely known just as Neymar and currently plays for Barcelona in the Spanish Liga BBVA. According to the recent years’ salary statistics, Neymar Jr. earns a total of $36 million per year out of which $14 million comes as the salary from the club and he also earns $22 million from his endorsements each year. His current major sponsors are Nike, Castrol, Panasonic, L’Oreal and Volkswagen for which he appeared in numerous ad campaigns throughout the world. He entered into a contract worth of $124 million with the Spanish club Barcelona in 2013. He received a total of $13 million signing bonus which included in his net transfer fees from Brazilian club Santos.

Gareth Bale

Total Earnings: $34 Million
Salary & Bonus: $23 Million

Highest Paid Soccer Players 2016

The sum of $118 million is expended by Real Madrid in September 2013 for signing polish soccer player from the English Premier League. Gareth Bale has yearly earning on $34 million that includes $24 million of his salary and $10 million endorsements. His endorsements are mostly from Adidas, Lucozade and EA Sports. Garth Bale is counted on 4th position from Top 10 highest paid soccer players 2017.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Total Earning: $32 Million
Salary & Bonus: $27 Million

Highest Paid Soccer Players 2016

He is believed to be the strongest footballer in the world and is presented by “the player of the year 2013 for PSG” for scoring 30 goals in the season. His earnings improved he get some popular endorsement deals in 2015. He was rewarded with a delay of one year in his 2 year agreement with PSG. His current earning is $37 million along with a salary of $30 million and has earned $7 million through endorsements.

Wayne Rooney

Total Earnings: $23.6 Million
Salary & Bonus: $17.6 Million

Highest Paid Soccer Players 2016

Rooney is earning $26 million per annum that also includes his $20 Million in Salary and endorsements of $6 million. He has sponsorship contracts with Nike, Harper Collins and Samsung. Manchester United has rewarded him at four years contract expansion that worth $104 million. Rooney is the 6th in most earning footballers list.

Luis Suarez

Total Earnings: $23.3 Million
Salary & Bonus: $17.3 Million

Highest Paid Soccer Players

Barcelona’s Star Footballer and one of Most controversial footballer.  Luis Suarez shining big time after moving to Barcelona FC. he was one of top scorers in la liga 2015. Luis Suarez is making $23 Million in Total. $18 million through his Salary. and $5 Million from endorsements and commercials for different top companies from around the world.

Sergio Aguero

Total Earnings: $22.6 Million
Salary & Bonus: $14.6 Million

Highest Paid Soccer Players 2016

Sergio Aguero, one of the most gossiped players in the football world for his finishing and goal scoring aptitudes. Manchester City is one of the most valued football club given him a healthy contract. At present, he is receiving $5 million from his sponsors Pepsi, Gillette and Puma. His yearly salary is $18.3 million. Both salary and endorsements accounts for his entire earning of $23.3 million. He is ranked in the 8th most highest paid soccer players 2017.

Eden Hazard

Total Earning: $20 Million
Salary & Bonus: $16 Million

 Highest Paid Soccer Players

Belgium sensation playing for Chelsea at the moment. he was picked up by Chelsea in January 2015. Eden Hazard is making handsome amount of $23 Million per year. he has $18 Million salary for playing Chelsea. and also he has some commercial deals with some well known companies, so he is earning $4 million from these endorsements. just 1 Million below from Luis Suarez he Hazard is the 9th Highest Earning Footballer in the World.

Cese Fabregas

Total Earnings: $18 Million
Salary & Bonus: $14 Million

Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players in the World

Spanish midfielder, currently playing for Chelsea. won premier league just after moving to Chelsea from Barcelona FC in 2014. Fabregas has the 5 year contract with Chelsea. at the moment he is making reasonable amount of $23 million annually. Fabregas getting $18 million per year salary from Chelsea. he is also getting $5 million through endorsements.

These players are pretty motivating and also superb strikers while they are in the field for 90 minutes. They are like a vigor cracker throughout the game. So who is your favourite soccer player from the above list of Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2017-2018?

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