Starting From 2004  Lionel Messi Has Scored 316 Goals in 347 La Liga Matches, and His Journey Not Stopped Yet. His Goal Scoring Ability Improving with Every game, at the moment he is the also all-time scorer for FC Barcelona. David Villa and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two other active players who could make this list of La Liga highest goal scorers.

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Top 10 La Liga highest goal scorers all-time

La Liga highest goal scorers: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the Only Active Players Among Hundreds of La Liga’s Players, Who are in This All Time List. Let’s check the others out !

  • 11. Carlos Santillana – 186 (Special mention)

Carlos Santillana is among best La Liga footballer
Carlos Santillana – 11th in list of top scorers la liga

Spanish retired footballer: he was known for his stellar heading ability despite not reaching 1.80m, and is widely regarded as one of the best strikers in the history of Spanish football. Carlos Santillana scored 186 goals in 461 La Liga appearances. with scoring ratio of 0.40 he is the 11th all time La Liga goal scorer.

  • 10. Edmundo Suárez – 195

Edmundo Suárez is among greatest goal scorers in La Liga
Edmundo Suárez – 10th in liga bbva top scorers

He was Spanish footballer and coach. He was born in Baracaldo. He played center-forward for Valencia CF for most of his career except for his last season where he played with CD Alcoyano. his 195 goals make him 10th top scorer in La Liga history.

  • 9. Pahiño – 210

Pahiño is among best goalscorers in La Liga
Pahiño – 9th in la liga top goal scorers

Commonly referred to as Pahiño, was a Galician footballer who played for Celta de Vigo, Real Madrid, Deportivo de La Coruña and Spain during the 1940s and 1950s. A prolific goalscorer, he twice won the Pichichi. with 210 goals in 278 appearances, he is the 8th in the list of Top 10 La Liga highest goal scorers all-time.

  • 8. Quini – 219

Quini is among La Liga football payers
Quini – 8th in la liga top scorers

Enrique Castro González, aka Quini, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a striker. he was widely regarded as one of the country’s best strikers, having won a total of seven Pichichi Trophy awards, five of those in La Liga. with 219 La Liga goals, he remains 7th highest goals scorer in La Liga.

  • 7. César Rodríguez – 223

César Rodríguez is among La Liga scorers
César Rodríguez – 7th in la liga top scorers list

#7 among the most goals scorers in La Liga: César Rodríguez known as just César, was a Spanish football forward and manager. During his career, which spanned more than two decades, he played mainly for FC Barcelona. he has scored 223 goals in his 353 La Liga appearances. The ratio of César Rodríguez’s scoring remains 0.63.

  • 6. Alfredo di Stéfano – 227

Alfredo di Stéfano is among La Liga players
Alfredo di Stéfano – 6th in la liga top scorers of all time

former Argentine footballer and coach, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He is most associated with Real Madrid and was instrumental in their domination of the European Champions’ Cup during the 1950s. with 227 goals in La Liga career, he is the 5th highest goal scorer in league history.

  • 5. Raúl – 228

 Raúl is among La Liga athletes
Raúl – 5th All Time Top Scorers in La Liga

Raúl is 4th in the list of Top 10 La Liga highest goal scorers all-time. He is regarded to be one of Spain’s greatest ever players. Raúl spent 16 years of his career playing for Real Madrid. He scored 228 goals in record 550 appearances. his scoring ratio is 0.41.

  • 4. Hugo Sánchez – 234

Hugo Sánchez is among best goalscorers in La Liga
Hugo Sánchez – 4th in La Liga All Time Scorers

Hugo Sánchez is the 3rd highest goal scorer in La Liga. He played for four European clubs, including Real Madrid. He was also a member of the Mexico national team and participated in three World Cups. Hugo Sánchez has scored 234 goals in 378 appearances. Has scoring ratio remain 0.67.

  • 3. Telmo Zarra – 251

Telmo Zarra is among La Liga top goal scorers
Telmo Zarra – 3rd in all time la liga scorers

Spanish Basque football forward. He was one of most prolific goalscorer of all time. He has scored 251 goals in 278 matches. Telmo Zarra’s scoring ratio per match is 0.91. He is the 2nd highest goalscorer in La Liga history now. because Messi surpassed him now.

  • 2. Cristiano Ronaldo – 285

Cristiano Ronaldo is among top goal scorers of La Liga
Cristiano Ronaldo – 2nd in list of la liga top scorer

The most complete players in this era: looking unstoppable in this la liga season. He is now top scorer for this la liga season and still scoring with great pace. His career Tully reached 285 goals with a respectful scoring ratio of 1.13 in 265 matches, which is most than anybody else in top 10 all time La Liga scorers. That includes his latest hat-trick against Espanyol.

  • 1. Lionel Messi – 349

Lionel Messi is among La Liga goal scorers
Lionel Messi – La Liga Top Scorer

One of the most popular La liga goalscorers in the world: Argentine & FC Barcelona Pride. Messi has the also record for Most goals in La Liga Season (50). in has La Liga Career, he scored 349 goals in 382 appearances. with the scoring ratio of 0.90 he is the highest scorers in la liga. after his 242nd goal in La Liga, Messi became the all-time top scorer for Barcelona. watch video of Messi Hat Trick vs Real Madrid. now he is near to complete 500 goals Tully for FC Barcelona, so well done Messi.

These were the highest La Liga highest goal scorers. Check them out and comment below your favourite one !

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