Top 10 Last Minute Goals In Soccer History

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Soccer has always been an interesting game with ample amount of exciting moments that have caught the attention of the fans watching the game and allowing them to remember those moments throughout their life. The best moments in a soccer game are the last minute goals that have just been the best every moment in the history of Soccer.

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Manchester United was 1-0 down following the free kick of Mario Basler. Manchester United thought of rescuing the game, they took the possession of the ball since the kickoff, and then Sheringham passed the ball to Ole Gunnar who scored the goal at 92:17. The goal was so surprising to the other team that they could not restart the game.

West Ham Vs Liverpool, the FA cup final in 2006

here is the Last Minute Goals video of the match (youtube embedded )

This game had been considered the greatest final in the history of the FA Cup. Liverpool was 2-0 down in the first half and they leveled the game in the second half. However, Paul Konchesky of West Ham put the team into leads again. Steven Gerrard started suffering from cramps with only a few minutes. He managed to score the goal from 37 yards and leveled the game again in the 91st minute. The goal shocked the West Ham players and Liverpool won the game on penalties.

Greece Vs England World Cup qualifiers in 2001

here is the Last Minute Goals video of the match (youtube embedded )

England was 2-1 down after 69 minutes and all was needed was a draw because Germany was even struggling in their game. However, Becham’s goal in the  93rd minute secured the place of England in the world Cup finals.

Arsenal Vs Liverpool in 1989 in the Premier League Champions Finals

here is the Last Minute Goals video of match (youtube embedded )

Arsenal had to win 2-0 against Liverpool to claim the title and prevent Liverpool to win the league.  The game was in the last minute and Arsenal was leading with 1-0 and after that Michael Thomas got the ball and scored another goal making 2-0 for Arsenal helping them won the league.

Real Zaragoza Vs Arsenal in 1995 in the UEFA Cup Final

here is the Last Minute Goals video of match (youtube embedded )

Both the teams were 1-1 and the extra time was taken. Just before the extra time was about to end, the midfielder of Zaragoza named as Nayim picked the ball and scored the goal helping Zaragoza win the game.

Barcelona Vs Chelsea in the year 2009

here is the Last Minute Goals video of the match (youtube embedded )

Barcelona had only 10 men in the field and then  Andres Iniesta shot a goal from the edge and equalized Barcelona sending off Chelsea out of the competition.

Olympiakos Vs Liverpool in 2004

here is the Last Minute Goals video of the match (youtube embedded )

The liver pool was leading with 2-1 and needed another goal badly. In the 86th minute of the match, Stevan Gerrard scored another goal in favor of Liverpool helping the team secure the progression in the competition.

Machester City Vs Tottenham in 2004

here is the Last Minute Goals video of the match (youtube embedded )

Manchester was down 3-0 and seemed to lose the game completely. However, Manchester City managed to get 3-3. The game seemed to go to extra time until in the 90th minute John Macken scored the fourth goal for the Manchester City.

Tottenham Vs Arsenal in 2008

here is the Last Minute Goals video of the match (youtube embedded )

Tottenham was down 4-2 and in the 89th minute, Jermaine Jenas scored one goal that created some hope for Tottenham. Then in the last extra four minutes, Aaron Lennon scored one more goal and brought Tottenham back in the game.

Arsenal Vs Liverpool in 2001

here is the Last Minute Goals video of the match (youtube embedded )

Liverpool won the cup in this FA cup final when in the last 5 minutes Michael Owen scored his another goal and secured the cup for his team, Liverpool.

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