Virat Kohli may marry Anushka Sharma

Indian Cricket’s current batting sensation Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma to take a lead in their relationship after dating from several years.The World’s Second ODI batsman Virat had a great rumour during the tour to England with his girlfriend.With his struggling form ...Read More

MS Dhoni should quit test captaincy: Steve Waugh

Former Australian captain Steve Waugh has recommended that India’s skipper MS Dhoni should consider on his leadership skills before the Australia tour starting from December. India’s Test record in overseas soil over the last three years had been hilarious. Steve Waugh felt that Dhoni ...Read More

Shahid Afridi Foundation – A Hope!

Shahid Afridi Foundation – A Hope! Shahid Afridi being a famous name in the cricket industry of Pakistan has delivered his best throughout his career to make his country a shining star. However, apart from his professional ethics this individual has a philanthropist feeling ...Read More

South Africa thrashed New Zealand in the ODI opener

AB de Villiers and JP Duminy starred in South Africa’s comfortable six wickets victory over New Zealand in the ODI series opener at the Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui. New Zealand: 230 in 45.1 overs (Luke Ronchi 99,Tom Latham 29;Imran Tahir 2 for 37) lost ...Read More

Sergio Aguero: The Current Underrated Star

Sergio Aguero is the English Premier League’s best player at this time,he is sure to win any awards very soon.Does he deserve to be appreciated. “Who are better than me? The two extra-terrestrials, Ronaldo and Messi, Ibrahimovic, Ribéry and Robben. They make the difference ...Read More

Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in the World

Best Cricket Bats Cricket is the sport of the gentlemen, and the players are extremely meticulous about everything in the game. From the rules in the game to the kits used by the players. There are many things at play when it comes to ...Read More

David Moyes said “Manchester United Let Me Down”

David Moyes claims Manchester United did not do the correct thing  when they made him out before 10 months. Moyes was axed towards the top of last term once but a season responsible at Old Trafford. The Scotchman oversaw United’s dismal slide from champions ...Read More

10 Game Ideas for Halloween Party

10 Game Ideas for Halloween Party is making Halloween week along with their amazing users who are sharing goals for Halloween Ideas 2014. Halloween is an occasion that arrives once a year and is being celebrated all over the world with numerous themes ...Read More

Top 10 ICC World Cup Venues in Cricket World

ICC World Cup Venues The ICC Cricket World Cup is the highest championship of national teams of One Day International cricket. It is stated as the “flagship event of the international cricket calendar” by the ICC and world’s third most viewed sports competition after ...Read More

10 Brilliant World Records in Sports

10 Brilliant World Records in Sports Most of us have an idea of what a human being can seemingly achieve and very few times, do we get to see an astounding act pulled off by a human. In the world of sports, we have ...Read More

Every Cricket Nation’s first centurions

Every Cricket Nation’s first centurions   From 15 March 1877, when the inaugural test match was played to till now, Cricket world has witnessed 2139 Test matches and more than 2100000 runs. Everybody knows who has scored highest number of centuries or double centuries ...Read More

10 Best Cricket Coaches in the World

10 Best Cricket Coaches The key to success is to be skillful, but, it is equally important to hone the skill and be able to perform well. For that, one needs a guide, a teacher to hold the hand and take the person down ...Read More

10 Best Tennis Courts Around The World

Best Tennis Courts Starting from Wimbledon to ATP tours throughout the world, the Tennis tournaments always attract huge crowds. The world always applauds when Nadal plays a stunning backhand on the clay court or when Federer plays his spectacular smashes in grass. These days, ...Read More

10 Athletes with Terrible Criminal Records

10 Athletes with Terrible Criminal Records Tax manipulation, betting, drug peddling, sexual assault, child trafficking, burglary, murder – these are some of the crimes which were committed by star athletes. Many of the reputed sports stars had already spent their nights behind the bar, ...Read More

Top 10 Debunked Sports Myths

Debunked Sports Myths The world of sports is an age-old source of great entertainment for people. It has always harvested some great talents, as a result of which, athletes have managed to snatch the place of stars. They are out of reach, and the ...Read More

10 Most Expensive Purchases of Sports Clubs

Expensive Purchases of Sports Clubs The sports universe has seen the transaction worth huge amounts of money during any player transfer. Starting from Football to the Baseball, the players generate an enormous amount of media attention, along with a beneficial remuneration for the clubs. ...Read More

Top 10 Richest Tennis Players of All Time

Richest Tennis Players Tennis is widely considered as one of the most popular and top class huge earning games of modern sports. Starting from tournaments earning till the sponsorships and endorsement of big brands such as Puma, Adidas and Nike, tennis stars used to, ...Read More

10 Fittest male Athletes in the world

Fittest male Athletes Starting from the very early time in Greek-Roman period till the modern days, the trend of being the strongest and the fittest person has always made people happy and proud. From the ancient records, we get to know that Spartans and ...Read More

Top 10 Athletes Who Retired Too Early

Athletes Who Retired Too Early Many famous athletes have shattered their fans’ heart by their early retirement from professional athletic career. According to some surveys, many players retired early just to ensure they don’t meet a poor record or form at the end of ...Read More

10 Chillingly Violent and Bloody Sports from the Past

Violent and Bloody Sports There is no surprise to the fact that sports are often violent and bloody. Even the gentleman’s game cricket is prone to occasional scuffles. Some of the ancient counterparts are simply terrifying. Take a look yourself – at  List of ...Read More


GREAT SPORT MOVIES Who doesn’t love movies? Abundant of sport movies are available out there. Here we are going to try to list 10 great sport movies that are a must-see for all sports fans as well as people-who-are-not-into-sports. . . . You May ...Read More

10 Ways Sports Help You Become Healthier

Sports Help You Become Healthier You must have heard of the saying, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Well, that’s true. A life lacking mental or physical activities is a dull life. Playing sports can bring differences in people’s lives. ...Read More

15 Greatest Test Matches of All Time

Greatest Test Matches It is understood that Test cricket is the apex form of cricket and a Test victory implies so much more than any victory in limited overs cricket. From 1877 to 2014, Cricket world has witnessed more than 2100 Test matches, yet the question remains; “What is ...Read More

10 Athletes Who Are Known By Different Names

Athletes Who Are Known By Different Names “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” — Juliet. That may be true for William Shakespeare, but not always when it comes to athletes. Changing the ...Read More

30 Legendary Athletes who played Multiple Sports

Athletes who played Multiple Sports The world loves and adores those athletes who are fantastic at one sport, but not many give the appreciation deserved to those who play multiple sports very well. According to medical experts, taking part in a variety of sports ...Read More

10 Richest Wrestlers of All Time

10 Richest Wrestlers From Sachin Tendulkar to Tiger Woods or Leo Messi, name any big star and they are filthy rich. According to Forbes, Boxer Floyd “TBE” Mayweather heads 2014 List of the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes with an income of 105 million a year. ...Read More

10 Interesting Things About Usain Bolt You Ought Know

10 Interesting Things About Usain Bolt Usain St. Leo Bolt, the Jamaican athlete doesn’t really require any introduction. Even if you are not a sports fanatic, you can still be sure you’ve heard of him because he is ‘the ultimate human running machine’. Born ...Read More

10 Most Controversial Athletes of All Time

Controversial Athletes Controversies are and will be everywhere, from the silver screen to politics, from industry to the industrialists. Even the sports world is not out of the box. Many fans believe that their favorite sports star came out of god’s hand with a ...Read More

10 Most Expensive Mansion of Sports Stars

Expensive Mansion of Sports Stars Buying cars to build a huge collection or buying lavish luxury mansions, sports stars are always a top buyer all around the world. As we know, famous sports stars are also super rich and never hesitate to spend money ...Read More

Kites- The History Attached With It

Kites- The History Attached With It Kites are spread throughout the history and culture of mankind as it was used in strategically fought warfare or sometimes for the recreational purpose in early days. According to NASA, it is an aircraft consisting of multiple wings, ...Read More

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Athletes

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Athletes It is always amazing to look at the screen while our heroes fight with villains or flirt with their heroines or even when they rush their cars through busy streets chasing the culprit. Having a blood rush ...Read More

10 Best Cricket Umpires of All Time in History

10 Best Cricket Umpires Declaring anyone out of the pitch or giving him a ‘sixer': it is all in the hand of the man who stands behind the wickets at bowler’s end. Without having any doubt, they are the ones maintaining peace and gameplay ...Read More

C.K Nayudu- The First Indian Captain

C.K Nayudu- The First Indian Captain. Cottari Kanakaiya Nayudualso known as C. K. Nayadu or just‘CK’ was a Right-hand batsman and off-break bowler of Indian Team. He is the first captain of the Indian cricket team for Test matches. CKregularly played first-class cricket till ...Read More

Nelson- A Legendary Myth of Cricket

Nelson- A Legendary Myth of Cricket Myths and superstitions are everywhere in Cricket. For instance, an amazing fact is that, Sachin Tendulkar always wore his left pad first, and still uses the old buckle type pads while Steve Waugh always carried a handkerchief given ...Read More

Top 10 Oldest Sports in the World

Oldest Sports in the World Sporting has been part of human lifestyle from his early days. Although it was done as a way of enjoying and entertaining people, today it has been turned into a full time career by many sportsmen all over the ...Read More

Sri Lanka Vs South Africa, 2nd Test- REPORT

The first test did produce something unexpected. The pace dependant line up of the mighty Proteas came up with golden colours on a flat track in the first test to cruise them to a victory over the spin-oriented Sri Lankan line up. It was ...Read More

Top 10 Best Opening Pairs in Cricket History

Cricket is a game in which the start is the most important and vital part of the innings. It’s obvious that opening gives a clear idea about how the later part will shape. Always a team requires a solid partnership in the beginning to ...Read More