10 Most Under-Rated Real Madrid Players

In its 113 years of journey, Real Madrid has seen some of the biggest stars in football history play for it. From Zinedine Zidane to David Beckham, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Roberto Carlos, from Luis Figo to Raúl González Blanco, this club has seem them all. Hundreds and hundreds of players of players have gone on to represent this club in international arena.

For many of them, playing for this club was the highlight of their career, for which they were applauded by fans worldwide. But, there are some who have not got their due even being a heck of a player. Today, let us take a moment away from the shining stars to countdown 10 of the most under-rated Real Madrid players.

10 Most Under-Rated Real Madrid Players

10. Raphael Varane

under-rated Real Madrid players
Raphael Varane – Under-Rated Real Madrid Player

Starting off the list at number 10 is none other than 22 year old French central defender Raphael Varane. He has so far made 65 appearances for the club since joining in 2011. In spite of British daily newspaper ‘The Guardian’ included him among the ten most promising young players in Europe in 2014, he still hasn’t made it ‘big’ among the league of players. He was part of the winning team who won the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup for the club in 2014.

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9. Jese

under-rated Real Madrid players
Jese Rodriguez – Under-Rated

The young 22 year old Spanish forward player comes at ninth place in our list of 10 of the most under-rated Real Madrid players. Beginning his journey with the club in 2011, so far he has made 35 appearances and 8 goals for the club, and we are just counting. Among his presence, the club won the 2013-14 Copa del Rey, the 2011-12 La Liga, the 2013-14 UEFA Champions League, etc. Oddly enough, still he is not seen as one of the bigger names from the club. And we are wondering why!

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8. Alvaro Morata

under-rated Real Madrid players
Alvaro Morata – The Under-Rated Madridista

Standing at 6’2”, number 8 on this list is 22 year old Spanish striker Alvaro Morata. His journey in the team lasted 4 years, from 2010 to 2014. He was one of the members of the club, when it won the 2011-12 La Liga, the 2012 Supercopa de Espana, the 2013-14 UEFA Champions League, among many others. This two times Under-19 and Under-21 Golden Boot winner has made 50 appearances and 11 goals for the club, before moving on to Juventus.

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