5 athletes who rejected their awards

Passion is what drives a sportsman into bracing the call of making an impossible a possible! And while an award awaits him at the end of the line, with the forbidding eyes of victory as an obligation, it certainly triggers the passion

more into him substantially! But what if an award isn’t the ultimate boon? What if events lead you to turn your back to an award that promised you glory otherwise? Interesting as it is, surprisingly, the examples are no less in existence!

Among the lot, we have handpicked top 5 Athletes who rejected their awards. Read on!

5 athletes who rejected their awards

 5. Ara Abrahamian

athletes who rejected their awards

Ara Abrahamian is probably the most striking name to be included in the list for athletes who rejected their awards. A representative for Sweden at the Beijing Games, Ara was defeated in his semifinal clash in Greco-Roman 84kg round of wrestling due to what he accused to be “blatant errors in judging.” Abrahamian had to be coaxed from wrestling officials following the incident and initially refused to take part in the bronze-medal match until he was convinced. Abrahamian had won the bronze, but took off the medal immediately from his neck while the award ceremony was on the run, chucked it in the midst of the mat and readily walked away. The IOC disqualified Abrahamian for such a conduct that humiliated the other athletes and also the Olympic movement and took away his medal. Well, he had already made a statement about that anyway, didn’t he?

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