Top 10 Best Goal Celebrations in Soccer History

In football, the main objective of the competing teams on the field is to score goals. The entire process of playing each game includes a lot of thrill, and excitement, and also gives the opportunity to the players to display their technique of gameplay which makes football what it is: 90 minutes of pure fun […]

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Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players 2018 – Footballers Salaries 2018 (UPDATED)

Soccer is among the most followed sports in the world, which is counted among the best-paid sports of modern days. Because of its 250 million worldwide viewership, the famous soccer players get massive attention from the crowd especially from the football fans besides their extremely high yearly income. The clubs and national teams pay their player a tremendous amount of salary as they […]

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Top 10 Best Football Agents in the World

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and football players are celebrated like any Hollywood star. The youth gets deeply influenced by footballers, and in quest of similar fame through a fun sport, they, too, take up the sport. That is how talent is born in football. But, it is not […]

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10 All Time Top Scorers of Premier League

In soccer, the Premier League is the major professional English professional league. It has 20 clubs contesting against each other, with English and Welsh clubs taking part in it. Soccer fans go totally crazy for the rich history of Premier League, and they not only reach the field to watch the matches, but also stick […]

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cover of 10 Best Football Trios

10 Best Football Trios – The Best Ones Of All Time

There have been many occasions when a trio of great players clicked together to take their status to legendary heights. So here we look into the annals of footballing history for the 10 Best Football Trios. 10 Best Football Trios – The Ultimate Ranking Ever since Neymar, Messi, and Suarez last came together to form […]

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Top 10 Richest Female Soccer Players 2017 cover

Top 10 Richest Female Soccer Players 2018

Feminism is roaring through this generation and we all know why. With people being extremely sensitive towards feminist issues these days, there also has been huge empowerment. However, the ladies in this following list do not require any kind of introduction as they always have been aiding to this feminist issue.  They are strong, bold […]

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